IPC Chapter 15: Embroidery Needle

Interstellar Power Couple

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Chapter 15: Embroidery Needle

After the gifts of gratitude had been given, it was time for the “mountain hike” segment, which was also the second-to-last event at the public wedding venue, and one of the important reasons why everyone stood while watching the wedding proceedings.  After ‘gratitude’, everyone needed to walk around Suspension Mountain with the newlyweds, which represented the cheer accompanying them as they breathed in the purest, cleanest natural air. Picking the wild fruits of the mountain that they chanced upon, they could share in the most beautiful and pure blessings that the God of Nature bestowed upon the newlyweds.

This segment was one that all the children liked—not only would they be able to see many uncommon little animals, they would also be able to look for fruit to pick. Furthermore, when they came upon natural springs, they could also see the really beautiful fish within!

Normally, the adults would also be very happy, but today’s atmosphere was unspeakably peculiar.

It was tolerable for friends and family, but for the Feng and Lei family members themselves, they couldn’t be cheery at all.

Lei Jianying’s smile was as stiff as it could be; whenever he thought about how he had given Lei Jue to the Xiao family for free, he would feel like a fist-sized blood clot was stuck in his chest.  Yu Fenglai was also gloomy to the point of almost digging her nails into her palms—not to mention Lei Haige, who was already very prone to jealousy. He could almost imagine what Feng Gu, who already had the word ‘regret’ written on his face, would be like in the future.

In the beginning, he’d fancied Feng Gu’s family background and element ability. Feng Gu was about the same, so although the feelings between the two of them weren’t deep, he had always thought they would grow to love each other if they continued to cultivate their feelings after marriage. But now, Lei Jue actually had a wood element ability! This suddenly made him look like an imbecile for wanting to marry Feng Gu so urgently!

By contrast, Lei Jue and Xiao Lingyu were surrounded by a merry atmosphere. Xiao Lingyu had an arm hooked over Lei Jue’s shoulder, while Lei Jue was hugging Xiao Lingyu’s waist.  Although the family members all knew that the two youngsters were putting on a show, their acting skills were really too amazing. Anyhow, this affectionate ambience had been wafting about from the foot of the mountain all the way to the top.

Wearing a light gold skirt with a flower print, Kong Xiaoxiao tagged along after Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue. After walking for a while, she saw a butterfly and, remembering that unforgettable scene from earlier, spoke with a look of yearning, “Little Uncle Jue, do you think the butterflies will also fly around me like that when I grow up and get married? It’d be great if they did.”

Lei Jue smiled. “Yes, they definitely will.” 

Not long after, another butterfly flew over and landed on one of the little flowers on Kong Xiaoxiao’s skirt.

Kong Xiaoxiao was immediately amazed, but was afraid that shouting out loud would scare the butterfly away. She carefully scooted to where Xiao Lingqin and Kong Fangyu were. “Mom, Dad, look—” she spoke quietly, “—this butterfly definitely likes me!”

Both Xiao Lingqin and Kong Fangyu immediately thought of the scene of Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue in the aircraft, and still felt that it was amazing. Although they knew that wood element ability users attracted many kinds of lifeforms, it really was the first time that they’d met one like Lei Jue.

“Really pretty, right?” Kong Fangyu smiled as she spoke to her daughter. “Xiaoxiao, remember to thank your Uncle Jue and don’t injure the little butterfly by touching it. It will fly away once it’s rested.”

“Okay, Dad.” Kong Xiaoxiao nodded, taking a few more affectionate glances at it as the group of children behind her looked on in admiration.

“You really hid it well; not a single person detected it.” Xiao Lingyu still felt that it was incredible.

“It would be impossible for me to leave the Lei family if it could be easily detected,” Lei Jue said with a smile as he appreciated the scenery.

“That’s true. Did you notice Feng Gu and Lei Haige’s expressions, though? Spectacular.” Xiao Lingyu couldn’t hold back a laugh.

“Hey! Hey! Hey! Look at you two enjoying yourselves, bet you’ve already forgotten about the people behind you, right?” Xiao Linghua prodded Xiao Lingyu with a tree branch, then poked Lei Jue. “What were you talking about while acting so intimately?” From behind, it looked as if the two youngsters were continuously whispering amongst themselves, seeming exceptionally close, but it also made it impossible for other people to make out what they were talking about.

“Just chatting casually. Third Brother, you shouldn’t arbitrarily break off tree branches.” Lei Jue seized Xiao Linghua’s tree branch and held it in his hand. A moment later, the branch recovered its vitality, and thin roots even sprouted from the bottom. Lie Jue asked Xiao Lingyu, “Can you plant it?”

“Of course.” Xiao Lingyu took the branch and, with a light flick, a portion of the “sapling” had entered the ground.

“Marvelous!” Lei Jue was reminded of the figure of chivalrous heroes from ancient times throwing darts.

“I also have an S level physique, though.” Xiao Linghua said mournfully. “I can jab the twig into the ground, too.”

“That’s right, I can as well.” Xiao Lingshu also came to join in the fun.

Lei Jue looked behind him and even Luo Yuling and Xiao Lingqi raised their hands as well. “We can too!”

“Does sticking a twig in the ground require an S-rank physique?” Xiao Lingyu was speechless.

“Indeed.” Lei Jue nodded.

The two had an appearance of being especially in sync no matter what they did, and, coupled with their handsome visages, their popularity shot up. Not only was it the youths that couldn’t help but take a few more glances, even their elders wanted to come and chat a bit. Although there were a few people who were secretly envious and felt that it was a shame that a wood element ability user like Lei Jue was paired with someone as infamous and lecherous as Xiao Lingyu—and was certain that the pair would split up in the future—the majority gave their blessings.

People like wood element ability users were loved by the heavens and would definitely be blessed and happy!

Everyone chatted and laughed, or forced themselves to at least pretend to be happy as they completed a circle around Suspension Mountain before returning to the starting point in front of the God of Nature, Lord Lyniel.

The wedding officiant then had the honor to announce that the newlyweds may kiss their lover!

The applause was deafening, and, as if planned in advance, all the adults formed a large circle with the newlyweds and the children, who were tossing petals while running around in the centre.

If there wasn’t the matter of Lei Jue, Feng Gu and Lei Haige would definitely have kissed fiercely, as if they were in their own world. But now it was apparent that they weren’t in the mood, and although they kissed, with Feng Gu holding Lei Haige in his embrace it seemed very absent-minded. Lei Haige even seemed as if he were forced to bear with it without any feeling, and many of the people present could see their passionlessness.

In comparison, Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue faced each other and embraced, almost ferociously scrambling to kiss the other’s lips. Entwining and sucking, there was a trace of roughness that seemed like each wanted nothing more than to devour the other, as if retaliating for when Lei Jue kissed him without warning as they were trying on wedding suits the other day.

Lei Jue froze for a moment, then responded by hooking his arm around Xiao Lingyu’s neck as he tried to seize back control.

As a young man who hadn’t even masturbated before, this body was incomparably stifled and got worked up easily.

Perhaps it was just for show at the beginning, but after kissing for a bit something seemed a bit off. Lei Jue discovered that Xiao Lingyu’s kissing skills were terrible; there were several times where Xiao Lingyu had bumped into his front teeth! It angered him so much that he impulsively bit Xiao Lingyu’s lip!

“Ow!” Xiao Lingyu leaned his head back and hissed, covering his mouth with one hand as the other continued holding Lei Jue. “It’s not even lunchtime and you’re already hungry?”

“You…” Lei Jue said in a low, breathless voice as he ground his teeth. “You can’t be for real, right?” Why did he get a reaction after a kiss that seemed more like a fight than an actual kiss?!

Feng Gu and Lei Haige had finished kissing long before Lei Jue and Xiao Lingyu. Furthermore, they still refused to let go of each other. Some distance away, many people were watching this scene with a smile, and there was a friend who was of similar age as the happy couple who liked the excitement, calling out with a laugh, “Xiao Lingyu! Lei Jue! You guys aren’t planning on hugging until you bear fruit, right?”

The elders laughed with them. “These two younguns really have a good relationship, they’re almost glued to each other.”

Luo Yuling held Xiao Zhicheng’s hand and smiled. “Why don’t we leave first? Little Jue is probably tired from healing you earlier and needs to rest for a bit.”

Thus, the aircraft left the ground one by one as everyone began to leave. Because no one dared to litter in a place like this, there wasn’t any need for cleanup work, which was very convenient. 

“What do we do? Why haven’t those reporters left!” 

Lei Jue was speechless, the two of them actually gotten hard from kissing! Summer pants were thin, so it would definitely be very obvious, and would be really humiliating if someone caught it on camera.

“Can you get the little butterflies to come to our rescue?” Xiao Lingyu said after some deliberation, as the two of them couldn’t continue hugging like this.

“You think I don’t want to? They aren’t willing!” This was simply an accident! Lei Jue was going to go crazy; he’d tried many times but the butterflies wouldn’t come!

“Then we have no other choice.” Xiao Lingyu smiled mischievously and looked at Lei Jue. The hand around Lei Jue’s waist finally changed its angle and moved to his underarm! As if carrying a koala, he lifted Lei Jue in a burst of strength and used this method to shield Lingyu Junior with Lei Jue in a despicable manner!

Someone in the surrounding crowd whistled loudly.

Lei Jue was helpless and could only passively wrap his legs around Xiao Lingyu’s waist. This position was as painfully satisfying as it could be. Xiao Lingyu’s thing was extremely large and continuously rubbed against Lei Jue’s body as he walked—it was an indescribable feeling!

“Hey, aren’t you very experienced? Why is your self-control so bad? You’re not a virgin, are you?” Lei Jue said with a trace of disdain.

“Aren’t you also hard? And yet you have the nerve to question me?” Xiao Lingyu was vehement. Who knew if it was because he was too repressed, or if he’d had salt rubbed on his wounds.

“I just turned 18, an age where one wants to enter every hole one sees. Isn’t it normal to have a reaction from a kiss?”

“I’m 23, not that much older than you, okay?! Besides, you can tell at a glance that I’m more energetic than you.” Xiao Lingyu carried Lei Jue into the aircraft.

Thank fuck, they could finally separate!

After taking his seat, Lei Jue released a long breath and watched Xiao Lingyu turn the temperature down without saying anything. He also felt extremely warm—not from the flames of lust, though, but rather from anger. Although he felt it was a given that Xiao Lingyu was more energetic than him, he was still very displeased!

Wasn’t he just blessed by the heavens to have a Jin Gu Bang [1]?!

Lei Jue silently found a contact in his communicator labeled ‘Rogue’.

He’d come up with a nickname for every member of the Xiao family: Xiao Zhicheng was Lightning God, Luo Yuling was Queen, Xiao Lingqin was Psychologist, Xiao Lingqi was Scientist, while Xiao Lingshu and Xiao Linghua were Designer and Celebrity, respectively.  Originally, Xiao Lingyu was Rogue, but he’d decided to change it.

He glanced at the slight bulge on a certain location on Xiao Lingyu’s body, and, after some thought and jealousy, entered two words—Embroidery Needle.

[1]金箍棒- Jin Gu Bang. The Monkey King, Sun Wukong’s magical staff from Journey to the West.  Before it was taken by Wukong, it had been a huge heavy pillar in the Dragon King of the East Sea’s treasury that no one else could remove.  Has the ability to adjust its size according to Wukong’s will.