IPC Chapter 48: Scared into Behaving Themselves

Interstellar Power Couple

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Chapter 48: Scared into Behaving Themselves

“It’s overloaded, right?” Xiao Lingyu carefully walked up to Lei Jue, even lowering his voice to a whisper in fear that the crack in the Primary Fruit would become bigger if he didn’t control the volume of his voice. “Can this still be fixed?”

“Uhm… I’ll try.” Lei Jue was shaking a little. The thing was, this Primary Fruit was just way too f*cking important for Xiao Lingyu and him. Without it, it would be impossible for them to have children, or even a real sex life, and the chances of Xiao Zhicheng’s poison being completely eliminated would be lowered as well.

Lei Jue felt chills running down his spine just by thinking about it, so he carefully placed his fingers on the Primary Fruit. He had healed a big tree when he was on Mount Rikalun last time and he could even make plant roots more developed, so it should be fine, right?!

Lei Jue carefully infused just a tiny amount of his life energy…

Creak —

The crack became even longer!

Lei Jue’s face turned green.

Without an ounce of hesitation, Xiao Lingyu pulled him to the side. “Babe, if you touch it one more time, my heart will stop. Let’s not touch it anymore.”

This was even more nerve-wracking than going to war!

“There’s still no news from uncle?” Lei Jue patted his chest. This was too horrifying! He had better ask properly first.

Then again, in the photo given by uncle, it seemed that just a few drops of blood were shed, right? But he had clearly watered it in that way just now.

Was this what they meant by the saying ‘haste does not bring success’?

Xiao Lingyu nodded, and exchanged glances with Lei Jue. Then, with their hands intertwined, they crouched down at the side, carefully looking at the Primary Fruit without even daring to breathe loudly.

At this moment, the two people who would always reprimand the others twice as much if they were chided turned into wimps. 

Both of them crouched at a distance of about four meters from Little Odd Flower, staring at it. Lei Jue even wondered whether he should try the plant adhesive, but this idea was quickly rejected by Xiao Lingyu. “Let it grow naturally, otherwise it might snap and die by ‘spitting blood’ again if it didn’t like the smell of the plant adhesive…”

Lei Jue threw a dirty glance at Xiao Lingyu.

Xiao Lingyu quickly shut his mouth. The two of them crouched for about an hour before finally getting up, only returning to the taichi board after making sure that the Primary Fruit wouldn’t fall.

Lei Jue was still anxious when he entered the house. After undressing himself and laying down, he said, “I don’t want to touch that fruit anymore for the time being.”

Xiao Lingyu laid back on his spot on the bed. “Say, do you think it’s possible that this crack is the entrance?”

Since they were going to have sex in the fruit in the future, there must be an entrance somewhere, right? Otherwise, how were they going to get into something that was this solid?

“No, I don’t remember the Primary Fruit cracking before it has grown up, otherwise, how was it possible for me to stop watering it?” Lei Jue shook his head, negating Xiao Lingyu’s idea. If it really was as Xiao Lingyu had said, he wouldn’t have been startled before. He reckoned it must be because the Primary Fruit was over-nourished.

After an unknown amount of time had passed, Xiao Lingyu let out a long breath. “Let’s sleep.”

“Goodnight,” Lei Jue replied and closed his eyes, beginning to recall the information about the mecha that he had seen in the communicator earlier. Despite that, he still didn’t feel sleepy. At this time, he felt a little regretful that he had used his skills during the entire journey before this, otherwise he could have slept well because of his exhaustion. Now, he was so energetic that he could barely sleep, with an occasional snap! that resonated in his ears from time to time. It was like the sound of the Primary Fruit cracking had been deeply engraved in his mind.

Xiao Lingyu was no better than him. Soon after he had shut his eyes, the cracks on the Primary Fruit played about behind his eyelids, swaying so hard that it almost made him go crazy. 

Even so, neither of them made a sound until they finally fell asleep.

They woke up at about the same time the next day, and the first thing they did after waking up was to look at the Primary Fruit through the monitoring system. Instead of opening the three layers of protection, they just sat in the house watching it. Even though there was still a crack on Primary Fruit, the fruit was slightly larger than it was yesterday when they had left, giving some comfort to their hearts.

The Holy Eagles Mecha Corps woke up at 5:30 in the morning to start putting their rooms in order, ate at 6:00, and started training at 6:30. There were mechas here, but no robot helpers, so they had to do many things by themselves.

Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue woke up at 5:05 in the morning and had plenty of time to make their preparations.

After the two of them came out from freshening up, they happened to see Lu Xian and Qi Yu coming out as well, both of them full of spirit.

The duty arrangements and tasks had been released in the communicator. After the usual training today, Lu Xian, Qi Yu, and Che Heng would guard the ‘weapon depot’ and would be exempted from participating in special training. Lei Jue, on the other hand, also received a special task within his own job scope in addition to the necessary training.

“I’ll take you to the infirmary after dinner,” Xiao Lingyu informed him.

Lei Jue’s special task today was to treat a few soldiers in the corps. As an elite group, the Holy Eagles Mecha Corps had heavier tasks than that of the soldiers in other regiments and faced higher risk factors and greater difficulty in their missions. A team of thirty mech soldiers went to the planet KT4 to arrest the planetary thief gang named Starkill not long ago, and though they had completed their mission, several soldiers had been bitten by a unique local poisonous insect. They were treated when they came back, but some troublesome after-effects still lingered ever since then.

It was okay when they slept at night, but when day broke, their body would itch all over, making it especially agonizing for them. These people could withstand intense levels of pain, but the grievous itchiness was completely unbearable for them.

Before this morning, these people had been waiting in line at the military hospital to be treated by people with elemental abilities, but Cheng He had called them all here.

He was initially wondering if he could contact Xiao Zhicheng through Si Wannian to borrow Lei Jue to take a look at them. After all, these soldiers were elites that he had spent a lot of energy training, so he couldn’t help but feel bothered when he saw them suffering. Now that Lei Jue was here, he could just ask him to take a look at them and see whether or not they could be cured.

“If the damage only affects several parts of the body, then we could use a cloned body to replace their body parts, but this method won’t work if the damage is all over the body,” the babyfaced instructor said. “You’re their only hope.”

“You make it sound so serious. I’ll do my best.” Lei Jue turned and looked at Xiao Lingyu.

“Then I’ll go for my training.” Xiao Lingyu turned to leave with a chuckle. Not long after that, he ran back again and planted a kiss on Lei Jue’s face.

The instructor was bereft of speech.

The five soldiers who came over from afar for their treatment were speechless too.

Loquat, who was being cuddled in Lei Jue’s arms, meowed, while Curly, who had been curled around his neck, jumped excitedly on Lei Jue’s shoulder. Xiao Lei, on the other hand, gave a light roar at this moment. At once, the couple pulled apart and left some space in between.

Lei Jue smiled, then continued walking away like nothing had happened.

With Xiao Lei’s huge body as a comparison, Lei Jue’s body appeared to be much more petite. Still, it was strange that Xiao Lei could never rob his charismatic energy from him.

After the five soldiers arrived, they saluted the instructor and looked at Lei Jue with a look of expectation before greeting in unison, “Hello, Dr. Lei!”

This was the first time Lei Jue was addressed like this. Finding it to be quite a new experience, he nodded. “Hi everyone. You guys can go in first.”

The group of soldiers entered the infirmary. Lei Jue didn’t notice any abnormality on their bodies, but upon closer inspection, he found that these people had their fists clenched extremely tightly. It was apparent that the itch was incredibly unbearable, but they still forcefully held it in.

There were five of them in total. According to the babyfaced instructor, they were all from Team A, but Lei Jue didn’t know their names, nor did the babyfaced instructor elaborate.

“Do you all have the same symptoms?” Lei Jue asked.

The five soldiers nodded in unison.

Upon seeing this, Lei Jue signaled them to sit closer. “Sit in a row, or stand, as you prefer. Hold your hands together.”

The five soldiers didn’t quite understand what he meant, but they did as he said. When Lei Jue saw that all of them had linked their hands together, he asked the person closest to him to stretch out his hand. Then he put his hand onto this person’s wrist. He used to treat his patients one by one, but he just found out yesterday when he was correcting Che Heng and Lu Xian’s vision that he could actually heal people in a group, as long as they were connected.

The few of them had their eyes wide open as they looked at Lei Jue’s hand. They saw a gush of powerful healing energy slowly being released through the joined hands of the doctor and soldier. This green luminous energy looked like a net weaved on the spot, enveloping all of them one by one, starting from the first person and spreading to the last of them.

With these five people shrouded in the net, Lei Jue’s healing energy began flowing ceaselessly into the bodies of these people, lasting for a span of about three minutes before he finally shifted his hand away. After he did so, the green net began slowly disappearing again from the place where he removed his hand.

“How do you all feel now?” Lei Jue asked.

“Oh, the itch is gone!” Soldier A shook his hands and realized that his entire body was very light, finding it to be inconceivable.

“I think I can go out now and carry out all the missions in the regiment!” Soldier B suddenly saluted. “Thank you Dr. Lei!”

“Thank you Dr. Lei!” The others followed.

“It’s nothing,” Lei Jue replied. “You guys are welcome to come anytime if there is any recurrence.”

The five soldiers nodded together.

“Alright. Because all of you have made contributions this time, this is a special treatment given by the commander and Dr. Lei, but remember, don’t say a word of this when all of you leave this place. Understood?” The instructor had a solemn expression on. “Dr. Lei is a precious gem of our Northern Ling regiment, so none of you want him to be snatched away, right?”

“Yes, sir! Don’t worry, sir!”

“Sir, you don’t need to be so nervous.” Lei Jue watched them relax their excited expressions as they went out, then said to the instructor, “After treating Marshal Zuo, the higher-ups should already know about my special ability by now.” 

After all, Elder Ming’s treatment couldn’t last for a few days, but his could keep Zuo Zhihuan in good condition despite treating Xiao Zhicheng at the same time. Such an ability was one that Elder Ming didn’t possess, and anyone who wasn’t stupid could easily figure out that Lei Jue was special.

“Sigh, Little Lei, it’s your first time entering the army, so you don’t know just how jealous the outsiders are about our regiment because we have an A-rank wood ability user, let alone the fact that your healing ability is actually so powerful.” The babyfaced instructor had a difficult expression on his face, as if he had more to say. “Anyway, if it weren’t for the fact that our corps is the creme de la creme of the Northern Ling regiment, and most of the members in our regiments are composed of people directly descended from military personnel, the marshall wouldn’t have felt at ease letting you come over.”

“After I came to Northern Ling, the pressure on my father has indeed become greater.” Because there were many wars taking place on Casweir, the military power he was holding was of the highest caliber. Nevertheless, the Xiao family wasn’t a place where only one voice reigned supreme. On top of his special ability, there were definitely many people who coveted him.

Fortunately, even though this place was called an empire, the power of the emperor wasn’t limitless, just like that of the United Kingdom. Emperor Suron and his family enjoyed treatment like that of an emperor, but they didn’t interfere in politics, so the highest leadership body here should be the Parliament. If that weren’t the case, he would have been transferred to the emperor’s house a long, long time ago.

Of course, he also had to thank the laws of the country for respecting every ability user. Under the premise that they respected the law, no one could force them to do anything. Except for people like Lei Jianying, who didn’t know how to abide by the law.

Lei Jianying had been quiet for a few days, but Lei Jue didn’t think he would stop here, particularly when there were others behind him.

Sure enough, not long after Lei Jue had this thought, Lei Jianying began making his next move.

“You mean, let the audit panel reexamine Lei Jue’s elemental power?” In a hidden room, a male voice asked in displeasure. Opposite him was a holographic picture of Lei Jianying.

“Yes, Lei Jue can treat Zuo Zhihuan and Xiao Zhicheng simultaneously, which shows that his ability is much stronger than Elder Ming’s. Shouldn’t he be re-examined?” Lei Jianying asked sinisterly. “After he’s reexamined, if he really possesses such extraordinary healing ability, of course we couldn’t allow only the Northern Ling regiment to benefit from it. He needs to be responsible for treatment in other places too, so that we have more opportunities to make our moves in the future.”

“It’s not difficult for us to reexamine him, but even if his ability is extraordinary, it might not be easy for him to go elsewhere to heal others. The Elemental User Council would definitely object to it, unless Lei Jue himself agrees to it.” The person who spoke frowned. “And, if the case isn’t as you think, ‘he’ would surely be angry. Don’t forget that you once confidently told ‘him’ that you’ve found the secret of immortality, but what happened in the end?”

Lei Jianying’s expression turned grave as he recalled how Lei Jue hadn’t shown any special displays of power when he was in the Lei family all those years. In the end, he could only gloomily reply, “In short, we must find a way to get Lei Jue’s blood as soon as possible, and in huge amounts, too.”