IPC Chapter 49 Part 2: Someone’s asking for a beating

Interstellar Power Couple

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Chapter 49 Part 2: Someone’s asking for a beating

Xiao Lingyu rode on the aircraft with Lei Jue. Now that they didn’t have Little Odd Flower next to them, they didn’t have to worry about Little Odd Flower’s insane rapid growth whenever they got even the slightest bit intimate. Xiao Lingyu held Lei Jue’s hand, the two of them pressed against each other as they watched the recording of them from earlier. Carrera had helped them to record everything with her flawless omni-directional tracking abilities.

Lei Jue was absorbed in his viewing. Whether it was a slip-up on his part, or a special technique that Xiao Lingyu had pulled off, he would note it down and analyze it.

“Babe, you’re fast, but attacking head-on with an offense mech isn’t quite the same. Different types of mechs have different weak points,” Xiao Lingyu said, bringing up some pictures of mechas. “For example, a mech like this has its battery stored in this area of its abdomen. If you want to completely cripple the opponent so that they can’t continue fighting in their mech, you’ll have to find a way to hit that point. However, since there’s a battery here, this spot will be sturdier than other areas. These are all last generation mechs. Current mechs have smaller batteries, but larger capacities. These are placed in the head. You weren’t wrong in attacking my mech’s head today, but you shouldn’t have used your own head to attack me.”

“Alright, I’ll use my fists next time,” said Lei Jue. “Then what about this moment? Was it wrong to go for the neck?”

“For the neck and shoulders, you have to pay attention to the design of the shoulders. Did you notice that the mechs we were using have slightly different shoulder designs? They don’t have conical spikes; they’re more like sickles. They have a clamping function, so when there’s a kick or punch to the side of the neck, it’ll instantly activate and clamp the attacker. Even though it won’t clamp for long, as long as the operator responds fast enough, it’ll be enough for him to deliver a critical blow to severely damage the attacker’s hand or leg.

Lei Jue nodded. “I’ll try that next time we practice.”

Xiao Lingyu had no response for that.

Lei Jue laughed and flopped onto Xiao Lingyu’s belly, running a hand over his pectorals as he healed him. In truth, Xiao Lingyu’s combat skills were strong, and he hadn’t suffered any particularly obvious injuries. However, he still had a few bruises from their spar, so Lei Jue healed those.

Xiao Lingyu let out a long-suffering sigh as Lei Jue’s warm palm drifted over his body. “Babe, ever since we got Little Odd Flower, I’ve finally experienced what it’s like to live a day as if it were a year.”

Lei Jue took back his hand. “Same here.”

The two of them felt tortured, so they had Carrera project the monitoring video feed from Little Odd Flower’s enclosure. Although they saw that it had grown to 75 centimeters in diameter, they still weren’t satisfied. “It really does feel like it’s taking a long time,” they said as one.

After a brief moment, Lei Jue said, “Why don’t I spray some blood around Little Odd Flower’s roots again?”

“No go.” Xiao Lingyu didn’t even need to pause to think. “At least, you can’t right now. We should at least wait until after we’ve asked your uncle about it. Besides, if you really want to give it some blood, you can’t use a knife anymore. Use a syringe and extract the blood.”

“I already said that it’s useless to use a syringe.”

“How do you know it’s useless? I thought you haven’t tried that before?”

“I know even if I haven’t done it before, because back then—” Lei Jue suddenly froze before he could finish his words.

“What’s wrong?”

“Back then… when I was a really young kid, I think they took my blood a lot.” Lei Jue pinched his head, which had begun hurting a little again. “Many, many times.” 

“Who was it?”

“No idea. They wore white scrubs, and they had masks on,” said Lei Jue. “There were a lot of small animals. They gave my blood to those animals to drink…”

Seeing how Lei Jue’s face continued growing more and more pale as he spoke, Xiao Lingyu tightly held him. “Don’t think about it anymore.”

However, Lei Jue couldn’t control himself. His head was pounding terribly, and time seemed to have immediately rewound to when he was a child. Sometimes he was the original Lei Jue, and sometimes he was himself. However, no matter who he was, he was always alone; when he needed help, there was no one by his side. No one at all. That was why he wanted to become stronger… become even stronger….

But, what would come after he had become stronger?

A distant, spectral voice suddenly rang by his ears, fading in and out.

Little Jue, don’t be afraid. You are the bravest child ever…

Mum and dad will always be watching over you.

Always be watching over you…

Watching over you…

Lei Jue forcefully balled a hand into a fist and punched the storage box next to him. Fortunately, the box was sturdy enough to not break, but it was enough to make Xiao Lingyu worry.

“Did you recall something again?”

“No, but I feel terrible because I didn’t remember anything.” All of his important memories were clustered in his childhood, but the memories from that time were the least reliable ones. 

“Don’t be like that. You’ll definitely remember, one day.” Xiao Lingyu massaged Lei Jue’s head. “We’re almost home. If you still don’t feel that well, we can stop here for a while and let you rest first.”

“No need,” said Lei Jue. “I just have a feeling that something big is about to happen.”

Xiao Zhicheng and Zuo Zihuan were sipping tea in the Xiao residence’s guest hall, with security guards posted outside. When Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue entered the house, they didn’t catch sight of granny or mom. The two of them exchanged greetings with Zuo Zihuan, then sat on the couch at Xiao Zhicheng’s behest.

“Little Jue doesn’t look all that well. Is it because you’re not accustomed to military life?” Xiao Zhicheng asked, his disgruntled complaints transforming into concerned words. 

“Nope, they’re actually pretty good at whipping people into shape. I just watched a horror movie with Lingyu on the way here. Maybe I was a bit scared by it,” Lei Jue laughed.

“What horror movie? You’re being ridiculous.” Xiao Zhicheng looked at his youngest son in disapproval. Despite that, he did not buy the idea that Lei Jue would be this frightened by a horror movie.

“Since Little Jue doesn’t feel right, then he should leave the healing for another time.” Zuo Zihuan didn’t look like he urgently needed healing anyway. Right at that moment, he spoke, “Why don’t we talk about today’s happenings? We might as well use this as an opportunity to take a break. What do you think, Zhicheng?”

“That’s right.” Xiao Zhicheng nodded. “Little Jue, someone at the meeting today brought up the issue with your elemental power. The gist of it was, due to your outstanding power, you will need to be reevaluated. If there really is no limit to your healing, then you’ll have to help even more people.”

“Who brought this up? Was it Lei Jianying?” asked Xiao Lingyu.

“Nope,” said Zuo Zihuan. “It was the vice party leader.”

“The voting showed that there are more people who agree than those who don’t. However, the Elemental User Council chairman was insistent on opposing you being forced to heal others. That’s why the reevaluation is something that absolutely must be done. But no matter what the results are, the decision to treat people or not is for you alone, Lei Jue,” said Xiao Zhicheng. “Do you have any opinion about this?” 

“Is it going to be conducted like Lingyu’s elemental power assessment?” asked Lei Jue. If not, then how would they determine the limits of his power?

“More or less, but it isn’t completely the same. Apart from testing your elemental power, they still need some other materials.” Despite that, Xiao Zhicheng didn’t say what those other materials were; he simply sent the details to Lei Jue’s communicator.

Lei Jue ran his eyes over the content. Hair was listed, along with blood, nails, and… sperm?

Xiao Lingyu’s glee dissipated when he also read the list. He hadn’t even gotten a glimpse of his husband’s tadpoles yet, why should he let others study them? Just who was it that was looking for a pummeling?!