IPC Chapter 50 Part 2: Heavenly Tribulation

Interstellar Power Couple

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Chapter 50 Part 2: Heavenly Tribulation

As Lei Jue had said, those who injured an elemental ability user would have to undergo divine retribution. This wasn’t quite a secret on Casweir, because similar events had happened several times before in the history of Casweir. Among them, one of the most widely circulated stories was the one about a politician having his eyes on a wood elemental ability user and trying to get him by force. However, the price was, on the day of their wedding, a bolt of lightning struck from the clear, sunny sky, straight out turning him into a heap of ashes right in front of Lord Lyniel.

Because of this, ‘being revered by everybody’ wasn’t something that was formed overnight, or even in a few words. It was a warning and a lesson that had accumulated over hundreds of years.

But apparently, since this had happened too long ago, some people no longer took these matters seriously, or in other words, greed and desire had blinded their hearts.

Perhaps divine retribution should be exacted these days, so as to refresh the memory of those who did not respect nature and life.

After Lei Jue got into the aircraft, he looked at his left palm for a while. He had treated so many people recently, and all of them had relatively serious injuries, allowing him to accumulate quite an enormous amount of wisdom. Now his line of wisdom was a dazzling gold color, which was completely unlike before. If he were to use these to tame new pets, he would have to tame at least ten Godzillas for him to deplete the wisdom line. Then again, just where would he come across a Godzilla here?

When the aircraft flew across Lin City, it was dark; the people here must still be resting.

Xiao Lingyu asked Lei Jue’s opinion and didn’t check into a hotel. Instead, the couple went to the floating mountain where they had their wedding, and only returned almost two hours later.

The members of the Elemental User Council only started work at 8:30 in the morning. Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue had also gone somewhere to wash up and change their clothes before coming to the door, refreshed.

Chairman Chen had heard from Zuo Zhihuan that both Xiao Lingyu and Lei were very opposed to the reexamination of Lei Jue’s elemental power. For this reason, she wasn’t surprised by their visit, and even took the two of them directly to the party leader’s office.

The party leader was surnamed Yu, and he was a lean old man. At first glance, one could tell that he didn’t have a good temperament, but he had always been very protective of elemental ability users. Therefore, he didn’t refuse Lei Jue and Xiao Lingyu’s question. “I heard from Chairman Chen that the two of you are against the Parliament’s decision, and refuse to undergo the reexamination?”

“Yes, Party Leader Yu,” replied Lei. “Since the original intention was to help more people after having my ability examined, I could just help out directly, so why the need for the reexamination? My consent was not asked for when this matter was decided, and this leaves an extremely bad taste in my mouth. And so far, the reason I offer my treatment has been completely out of gratitude, for I was grateful that I could get away from the Lei family and regain my freedom. However, if this freedom wasn’t there, I don’t think I would be in any mood to heal anyone. Perhaps some of you might feel that you could force me into doing this, but I’m not afraid, for I used to live a dark, gloomy life with a total lack of justice.”

“You used to live a ‘dark, gloomy life with a total lack of justice’?” Party Leader Yu frowned. “What do you mean?”

“I mean that quite literally, and this is also the second reason I came here,” replied Lei Jue. “I want to file a report against Lei Jianying.”

“File a report against who?” Despite his usual calm demeanor, Party Leader Yu could not help but be stunned.

“File a report against Lei Jianying! He used to condone his son’s abuse of me, and even erased my memory without permission. I had left the Lei family and no longer wanted to make a fuss about this matter, but he actually conspired with other people to try taking my biological samples for an experiment? I want to file a report against him, on the basis that he’s abusing his power!” Lei Jue burned with indignation as he spoke, his fair face turning slightly ruddy. Had it been another usual situation, most people would have been distracted by his face, but now, everyone in the room could only see the burning rage in his eyes.

“Little Lei, you can be indiscriminate with what you eat, but not what you say. You must have evidence if you want to file a report against a state official,” Chairman Chen, who was standing on the side, interjected.

“Of course I have evidence.” Lei Jue broadcasted a video from his communicator of how Lei Haige ordered Emily to attack him, then he showed the records of the hospital that had erased his memory when he had transmigrated; all of these were obtained by Xiao Lingyu in the past. Even though it couldn’t be said to be new evidence, it was still fact. Before this, they hadn’t reported it to the Elemental User Council because they didn’t want to act rashly and alert the suspect, thus nobody from the council deliberately paid any attention to this matter. However, now that he had reported it, would they still pretend to be unaware of it?

“Party Leader, I hope that while the country asks us to contribute to the country, it will also give us the care we deserve,” Xiao Lingyu chimed in. “Little Jue is an A-rank wood elemental ability user, and so far, he has the most powerful healing ability among all wood elemental ability users. Tell me, don’t you think that he should receive special protection?”

Party Leader Yu instructed Lei Jue to pass the information to the secretary. “Of course we hope he can get the best protection, but it’s not a difficult thing for him to undergo the reexamination of his elemental power and to provide us with his bio-samples. In our opinion, forcing Lei Jue to give out treatment is the most serious violation of human rights, so in this regard, we’ve already fought for and won him the freedom to make his own choices.”

“Look, you just said that the hardest matter has been resolved,” Lei Jue challenged. “So why can’t the simple one be resolved when the hardest one could? It’s because some unscrupulous people have their eyes on my bio-samples, isn’t it?”

“Sometimes, in order to achieve a goal, we have to make suitable concessions. This is inevitable.” Party Leader Yu pinched the spot between his brows. “Besides, hasn’t your father already fought for the most notarized examination method for you?”

“But that’s not what we want,” replied Xiao Lingyu. “Don’t you think it just doesn’t make sense? We’ve already agreed to let Lei Jue have the right to give treatment freely, so why is he still required to go for this new examination?”

Lei Jue nodded. “Party Leader, I can take a step back and accept the test on the limitations of my elemental power. I’ll also help the wounded in other areas under reasonable circumstances. However, please forgive me, but I will not provide my bio-samples. At the very least, I won’t provide any until the matter of the Lei family’s abuse of me ends. If Parliament is unhappy with my attitude, you can come and arrest me, since I’ve also said before that I’m not afraid, for I’m used to living a dark, gloomy life with a total lack of justice, anyway.” The corner of Lei Jue’s mouth coldly curled upward. “Besides, I also wanted to see if one would really suffer divine retribution for forcing an elemental ability user.”

“What divine retribution?! That’s too serious!” Dissatisfaction rolled off of Party Leader Yu. If there really was such divine retribution, didn’t that mean that the Elemental User Council didn’t protect the elemental ability user well? After heaving a long sigh, he said, “I’ll pay attention to this matter.”

“Thank you.” Lei Jue stood up and solemnly bowed to the old man in front of him. “Also, while you’re paying attention to this matter, please help me convey an important point: I have reasons to believe that the people supporting the collection of my bio-samples are Lei Jianying’s accomplices, so it is best for them—or anyone related to them—to not come look for me when they’re injured. I’d rather be killed than treat them!”

Party Leader Yu was bereft of speech.

Such a meeting at the Parliament did not take place every day. Usually, each member would work in their own office and would only convene on a last-minute notice when there was an urgent matter. However, even though Lei Jue and Xiao Lingyu’s resistant attitude was resolute, and that this matter was of great importance, it wasn’t an urgent matter. For this reason, it was two days later when Party Leader Yu finally brought up their feedback to the Parliament.

When Lei Jianying saw Lei Jue, he had a smile on his face, his heart overjoyed. He thought Lei Jue had finally come to ‘donate his blood’.

Lei Jue also flashed a smile at him.

Due to his objection to the provision of biological samples, along with the Elemental User Council’s adamant attitude in not forcing an elemental ability user, he must personally agree to this matter, so he was able to come to the Parliament for the second time in life.

Xiao Lingyu had also come with him.

Both of them secretly talked to each other through a communicator in the waiting room, and were only invited to enter the room after the heads had finished talking about important things.

At this time, Lei Jianying was probably aware of Lei Jue’s intentions, and his expression turned grave.

He hadn’t expected this lad would dare to openly resist the decision of the Parliament! Not only that, Lei Jue had even dared to bite him in return.

Lei Jue and Xiao Lingyu were signaled to sit down.

The leader of the examination team said at this time, “Lei Jue, can you tell us the reason why you object to the provision of your bio-samples? We heard from Party Leader Yu that you’ve agreed to the limitation test of your elemental power, but not to the provision of your bio-samples.”

Lei Jue nodded. “The reason I agreed to do the test on the limitations of my elemental power is because many elemental ability users do that, too. In that case, I don’t object letting everyone know where my current ability limit is. As for the provision of my bio-samples, no matter what they’re used for, shouldn’t my consent be asked beforehand? Those belong to me, and I believe only I have the right to determine their fate. Besides, I don’t think I need to provide them now.”

Lei Jianying had a grave face. “You’re already serving in the military, so you should fully obey the orders of your superiors, not to mention that providing bio-sample is only a trivial matter. Don’t you think it’s odd that you’re so resolute in opposing it?”

Lei Jue smiled. “Party Leader Yu has clearly conveyed my message that I’ll help the wounded in various districts, within my ability, but there are still people who want to get my bio-samples so deliberately. In that case, shouldn’t I also be suspicious as to why these people are acting so weird? Besides, is this matter that trivial just because you said so? It’s my blood, my hair, my nails, and my semen… If one day I suddenly had several children—or clones—popping out of nowhere, who should I hold accountable?”

The leader of the examination team smiled and said, “How can such problems arise if we have several units supervising it together?”

Looking back at him, Lei Jue also smiled. “Then let me change to another reason—I just don’t like it.”

The team leader of the examination team was rendered speechless. The Vice Party Leader weighed in in all sincerity. “Lei Jue, it’s indeed ill-considered of us to take it upon ourselves to have you provide a bio-sample, but as a high-level rare elemental ability user, isn’t it reasonable for you to make more contributions to the country? Your ability is special, so just let the relevant institutions learn more about it. Perhaps it would be helpful to the development of elemental ability users in the future. We can also assure you that your bio-samples will never be used to conceive offspring, nor clones.”

Lei Jue looked at the old man with creases across his face who spoke slowly, yet with a clear mind, and shook his head. “I still disagree.”

At this time, a member of the review team interjected, “Lei Jue, actually, another reason why we want to get your bio-samples is because, until now, Colonel Xiao and you have no children yet. You can ask everyone here how soon two elemental ability users should have children after they get married.”

Right now, what Lei Jue hated the most was people asking him and Xiao Lingyu about kids. He took a look at Lei Jianying. “Do Lei Haige and Feng Gu have any kids? No, right? We should let nature take its course when it comes to such matters. We’re not baby factories, so why should examiners care if we have children?”

Lei Jianying smiled. “You aren’t a ‘baby factory’, but as an elemental ability user, you have the obligation to have more children in order to increase the number of elemental ability users. This is the consensus, not to mention that Lei Haige and Feng Gu already have one of their own, despite having just conceived.”

Xiao Lingyu coldly replied, “What a coincidence! It looks like we have to postpone the punishment for Lei Haige for attacking my Little Jue now.”

At once, Lei Jianying’s smile froze.

The people on the vice party leader’s side continued giving pretty, flowery speeches, but Lei Jue stood firmly on his stance.