IPC Chapter 53: A Golden Fruit Wrapped ‘Barbecue’ 

Interstellar Power Couple

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Chapter 53: A Golden Fruit Wrapped ‘Barbeque’ 

With a faint tone of urgency in his voice, Lei Jue’s warm breath sent soft waves of pleasure along Xiao Lingyu’s nerves. Xiao Lingyu held his face, holding himself back with a might so tremendous that his fingers began to tremble ever-so-softly.

“Are you sure?” Fire brewed in Xiao Lingyu’s eyes, as though he would burn everything around them to ashes with just a word from Lei Jue.

“Why are asking so many questions? Are we going in or not?” Lei Jue wrapped his arms around Xiao Lingyu’s neck, but in the next second, he was lifted up by Xiao Lingyu.

Xiao Lingyu held Lei Jue with his hands on his buttocks, while Lei Jue wrapped his legs around Xiao Lingyu’s waist. Using the fact that Lu Xian and the other were not back yet, the two of them exited the multifunctional room with shamelessly, then opened the three layers of barriers to head straight for the lowest level.

The Primary Fruit had a diameter of close to two meters after this period of time, having had a relatively normal level of growth. Not only that, but it had also grown such that it happened to be stuck between several main branches, making it look very secure. Just like what they had seen from the communicator, there was an arc on the surface of the fruit with an edge that curled up slightly, like how the leaf on the outermost layer of cabbage was slightly rolled up, making it convenient for them to peel it off.

Xiao Lingyu jumped up on the trunk, still holding Lei Jue. “How do we get in?” 

Lei Jue went to grab the curled edge, pulling at it gently. The seemingly stiff shell of the golden fruit immediately gave way. It was unexpectedly tough, so Lei Jue used a little more force. When the curled edge had been lifted about 30 centimetres upward, he could see a warm white light radiating from the inside. It would seem that the insides of the fruit were white. 

Xiao Lingyu also saw it. The layer of fruit was almost ten centimetres thick. It was a bit like a white sponge inside, not particularly flat, but appearing very comfortable.

Lei Jue uncovered it a bit more, took off his shoes and sat in. Reaching out to touch it, he realized that the fruit wall was soft, and had a very familiar aroma.

Xiao Lingyu also took off his shoes and climbed in. Although they had just moments ago been filled with a burning desire, curiosity now filled their eyes instead. After sitting down, Xiao Lingyu realized that the fruit’s curled edge had rolled back once again. There was another curled flap inside, except this time it was white. The could exit easily with a gentle tug from within.

“It’s a good thing we didn’t continue to drop my blood on it when it cracked last time, otherwise it would have been destroyed.” Lei Jue was sat opposite of Xiao Lingyu. Despite the seriousness in his tone, his legs were already reaching out mischievously teasing Xiao Lingyu’s manhood.

The fire that had died down a little was once again ignited. Xiao Lingyu grabbed his ankle. “Is there anything special here? Why did you say that we can do it as long as we’re inside?”

Lei Jue tried to release his energy. He showed Xiao Lingyu his unchanged fingertips. “See? Absolutely nothing,” he said. “I can’t release my energy here, so I’m sure it’ll be fine.”

Despite his words, Xiao Lingyu still felt very worried. “You can only be sure that your energy isn’t working here, but that’s not necessarily the case with me. I can’t release metal elemental power now but what if—while we’re doing it… Moreover, in here, you can’t even use your elemental power to heal yourself, so what should we do if that happens?”

He was going crazy just by thinking about it.

Lei Jue gently leaned in Xiao Lingyu’s arms. Licking his lips, he gazed up at Xiao Lingyu through his lashes. “Don’t you think uncle would have warned us about that in advance?” 

He took Xiao Lingyu’s hand and placed it against his face, rubbing his head against it. “Don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll be fine.”

Xiao Lingyu stared intently at the pale face lying on his leg. Lei Jue’s gaze was still unwavering, a faint, almost imperceptible desire flickering within. Even just looking at him made Xiao Lingyu feel like an inferno was blazing in his heart.

Lei Jue saw the small beads of sweat on Xiao Lingyu’s forehead, and the slight hesitation in his eyes. In the end, unable to hold himself back, Xiao Lingyu still pulled open his shirt.

Pop! The thin silk threads snapped. At last, Xiao Lingyu still ended up pressing Lei Jue beneath him as he hovering over Lei Jue. Holding Lei Jue’s face with one hand, he kissed him, while his other hand reached into Lei Jue’s clothes, kneading his flesh. The silky sensation on his hand was like a fan to his lust, causing his manhood to swell once more.

Lei Jue raised his head, his fingers stretching into Xiao Lingyu’s hair caressing them incessantly. The wide, warm palms behind him seemed to be filled with magic, making his breath hitch.

Xiao Lingyu finally let go of Lei Jue’s lips, and started kissing downward. He gently bit Lei Jue’s chin, like how Lei Jue occasionally did to him, before heading further downwards, sucking on Lei Jue’s neck. His hands also descended, grabbing that soft place that he had always wanted to touch but had never dared to.

His movements were a bit rough, to the point where he squeezed a little too hard and even hurt Lei Jue, but despite the pain, Lei Jue could feel a strange sensation swelling in his heart. Lei Jue lightly raised his waist, making it easier for Xiao Lingyu to proceed with his movements, and even licked Xiao Lingyu’s throat as he asked hoarsely, “Do you like touching it?”

Stimulated by the heated, wet touch, Xiao Lingyu felt like his entire body was tingling. He squeezed Lei Jue’s bottom, striping him off at the speed of light, and turned him over as he began to lick and plant kisses all over his smooth back. 

Lei Jue could not see what Xiao Lingyu was doing, but he felt as though electric currents were discharging from Xiao Lingyu’s tongue; his skin became numb in all the places he was licked.

“Mmm…” Lei Jue bit his lips, and a soft moan escaped. He turned around to look at Xiao Lingyu. His eyes looked moist, as though they were covered by a sheen of mist, heightening his partner’s lust with a glance.

Xiao Lingyu could no longer hold himself back, and soon, moans hovering between pain and pleasure began to drift in the white enclosure.

After Lu Xian and the others returned to the weapon depot, they didn’t see Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue, so they assumed that they must have gone down to the lower level. They did not head down themselves, merely returning to their multifunctional rooms after completing all the tasks they needed to do.

Even so, when Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue still had not emerged by late evening, worries began to gnaw at them, prompting them to attempt to communicate with Xiao Lingyu. However, there was no signal on Xiao Lingyu’s communicator.

Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue were still in the Primary Fruit at this time; Xiao Lingyu was hugging Lei Jue, who was completely drenched in sweat, while Lei Jue had his eyes shut in rest. Where their bodies touched the walls of the golden fruit, countless tiny octopus-like suckers were fastened to their skins, as if absorbing something.

Lei Jue was just tired; he didn’t feel any discomfort. He knew that the Tree of Life was collecting its owner’s genes. In layman’s terms, the reason the genes were being collected was so that the mother tree could create offspring that had the DNA of both its owner and its owner’s partner.

Every now and then, Xiao Lingyu would plant a kiss on Lei Jue’s forehead. “Shall I carry you back so you can sleep?”

Lei Jue opened his eyes. “I want to sleep here tonight.”

Xiao Lingyu smiled. “Then I’ll get you something to eat. You can’t go to sleep on an empty stomach.”

With a nod, Lei Jue turned sideways. After hurriedly putting on his clothes, Xiao Lingyu went out, and when he came back again, he brought with him an armful of food and some clean clothes for Lei Jue to change into.

Curiously enough, even though they had entered the fruit after a long day of work and messed around inside without even showering, the inside of the fruit was not the slightest bit dirty, as pristine as it had been when they’d entered. When Xiao Lingyu came back again from the outside though, he realized the external color of the fruit seemed to have changed a little.

Halfway through his meal, Lei Jue suddenly asked, “Oh, that’s right, did you see any changes to Little Odd Flower when you went out?”

Xiao Lingyu replied, “The color of the Primary Fruit seems to have changed a bit, but it’s not very obvious. I didn’t see any other thing other than that. Was there anything wrong?”

Lei Jue shook his head.

He was just curious. He had done it so many times with Xiao Lingyu, so he wondered if maybe several fruits would pop up. If that were to happen, it would create quite a commotion; after all, all elemental ability users could only conceive one child at a time; not even twins have ever appeared before.

Xiao Lingyu saw through Lei Jue’s thoughts. “Let’s just let nature take its course when it comes to children.”

Lei Jue made an affirmative sound and placed all the remaining food outside, unaware that, shortly after, all of the little yellow flowers left on Little Odd Flower began falling off. Before long, the surface of the ground was completely covered by a sea of yellow blossoms.