Chapter 003 – Little Kitten

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The two of them left behind a holographic photograph of themselves together, as well as the details from their premarital checkup. Just like that, the two were now a couple in name.

They didn’t even have a physical copy of their marriage certificate, only the marriage registration number that was given by the robot. This number could be stored on a communicator, or any other kind of device that could store data. When shown as needed, it would prove the person’s married status, and could also bring up some basic information about their partner. If it were to be lost, another could be collected for free by going to the marriage registration centre again.

It was quite convenient. Lei Jue closed his personal information page and asked Xiao Lingyu, “Do we go back now?”

Xiao Lingyu fell lazily into a seat. “I’d need to send you back first, but I’ll only send you to the doorstep. I don’t want to eat with the elders.” With that, he looked at Lei Jue thoughtfully. “Say, did you really forget about Feng Gu?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Feng Gu was a double B-rank water element user. A year ago, he met Lei Jue by chance and fell for Lei Jue’s beauty. However, upon knowing that Lei Jue was not beloved by the Lei family, and that his talent was too mediocre, so the only thing worthwhile about him was his face, he changed his goals with zero hesitation. Instead, he pursued Lei Haige first. Lei Jue didn’t understand Xiao Lingyu’s reason for bringing this up after the registration, but it wasn’t the right time yet to let more people in on his failed brainwashing incident, so he did not say more.

“Alright, let’s not talk about him.” Xiao Lingyu edged closer. “Do you want to go out with me for fun in a while? I’ll take you to a nice place.”

“This….” Lei Jue did have some interest in this proposition. Since he wanted to quickly familiarize himself with this world, going out to explore was of course a decent choice. However, when he opened the banking terminal on his communicator and saw the information on it, he immediately gave up on this notion. “I’m not going; Uncle and Auntie won’t be pleased.”

Twenty galactic dollars was only enough for two lollipops, even he himself wouldn’t be pleased!

“Are you that afraid of your uncle and aunt?” Xiao Lingyu asked Lei Jue. Lei Jue got the feeling that if he had more words to say, it would be ‘Are you an adult or not?!’

Lei Jue did not answer Xiao Lingyu’s question.

Xiao Lingyu probably felt that this was too boring, since he did not make a sound after he have the Lei family home address to the computer. The two of them were once again like they’d been when they came, silent blockheads.

In actuality, the unified city was only so large anyway, and the flight was indeed very short, about three to five minutes, including the time taken for takeoff and landing. It was perfectly normal to not speak during such a short period. However, Lei Jue still got the feeling that that Xiao Lingyu didn’t quite take him seriously. Although, on the surface it seemed as if Xiao Lingyu really wanted to possess him, he couldn’t shake the feeling that Xiao Lingyu didn’t actually like him and had only married him for the sake of marrying, and nothing else.

At that moment, the fighter craft landed by the main entrance of the Lei family home. As Lei Jue was about to descend, Xiao Lingyu seemed as if he’d suddenly thought of something and suddenly said, “Xiao Jue, you’re actually quite beautiful. You should be more confident.”

Lei Jue stopped his descent upon hearing those words. At first, he thought of begrudgingly thanking him, but then Xiao Lingyu smiled and followed up with, “It’s because you aren’t provocative or wild enough. Had you been more romantic than your cousin, Feng Gu would have definitely chosen you over him.”

Lei Jue’s face flushed as he looked at Xiao Lingyu. The fingers in his pockets were being squeezed together until they made loud crackling noises, but thankfully the sound was covered up by the sound of the machine.

Xiao Lingyu waved a hand and said, “I’m being serious. Besides that, tell my parents that I won’t be coming home tonight. Thanks.”

Lei Jue watched the rapidly ascending S-15, the corners of his lips slowly lifting into a smile. “Ah, you’re welcome.”

An empress butterfly floated over right at that moment and rested on Lei Jue’s shoulder for a short while, then left with a light flap of its wings. No one knew that when it left, a tiny wound on its abdomen had already healed.

“Aren’t you disappointed?” It was unknown when Lei Haige had walked over with an air of smugness and ridicule. “You don’t have to be so surprised. The moment you and Xiao Lingyu registered, the marriage registration centre sent a message to my father. Now everyone knows that you’re a plant ability user. However, it’s such a pity; if only your power level were higher, you might have been able to receive the Xiao family’s attention, but you’re only E rank. That’s no different from having no power at all.”

“If you have no expectations, you won’t have disappointments.” Lei Jue laughed. “I’ve never had any expectations. Since there’s no difference between having them and not having them, what is there to be disappointed about?”

“Oho, you haven’t even entered the Xiao family yet, and you dare to talk back to me? Don’t say I didn’t remind you that Xiao Lingyu is a well-known playboy. I don’t see how you will have a pleasant life with him.”

“Heh, Cousin, you’re so funny. You’re talking as if I ever had a good life under the Lei family.” Having spoken, Lei Jue returned to the house without looking back.

He had already registered with Xiao Lingyu anyway, what did Lei Haige think he could do to him before he went to the Xiao residence?!

“Su Erman!” Lei Haige cried out loudly in anger, calling Su Erman over. Without any extra thought, he asked, “Are you sure that he has only undergone the first stage of the restoration scheme, and that there were no other additional treatments?”

“Yes, Young Master, may I ask if there is a problem?”

“Why is this little mongrel speaking so insolently since his return!”

“This… this might be because Young Master Lei Jue still feels some discomfort in his subconscious about marrying Xiao Lingyu, so he has some rebellious feelings. Why don’t you test the effects of Project A3 right now?”

“No! We should only utilize it after he has gone to the Xiao home, we can’t let him discover it so soon.” Lei Haige glared at his confidant. “In the future, this should be mentioned as little as possible.”


By this time, Lei Jue had already gone back inside. Neither partiy’s parents showed overly-surprised expressions upon seeing him return alone. Only the Xiao family expressed their apologies. Xiao Zhicheng sighed as he said, “Lingyu has been spoiled since he was young, you will need to be patient with him.”

Yu Fenglai laughed and spoke, “Big Brother Xiao, what are you talking about? He’s still a child, of course it’s normal that he would still want to have fun.”

Luo Yuling grasped Lei Jue’s hand. “Little Jue, don’t be upset. I’ll give him a talking-to when we get back. I’ll make sure that he’ll bring you wherever he goes in the future.”

Lei Jue internally said no please don’t, but on his face, he displayed an understanding smile. “Actually, Big Brother Lingyu did ask me to go, it’s just that I didn’t bring any money with me. I thought I would be a bother otherwise, so I came back first.”

Everyone in the house was stunned upon hearing that. Once they got over their shock, Lei Jianying and Yu Fenglai’s faces couldn’t hide their anger and humiliation. In this world, the only difference that existed was ‘wealthy’ and ‘not wealthy’. There was no such thing as ‘did not bring any money’, because even without a communicator people could still use their biometrics, such as fingerprint or iris scans. There was also a certain credit limit with this method. So when someone says that they ‘did not bring any money’, there could only be one reason, and that was because they really had no money at all.

Lei Jianying glanced at Lei Jue. “It seems like Little Jue is still blaming Uncle for managing your inheritance from your parents for you, despite you already being married, right?””

Lei Jue said in a rush, “Uncle, you’re mistaken, I didn’t mean that.”

In all actuality, they had wanted to prevent Lei Jue from making his escape, so they controlled all of Lei Jue’s finances and used any and every method in the book to force him to wed into the Xiao family. As for his inheritance, those two had spent more or less all of it eight hundred years ago.

Yu Fenglai smiled as she spoke, “Little Jue, don’t think too much about it. Uncle and Aunty will definitely give you whatever is rightfully yours.”

Lei Jue smiled, but didn’t make a peep. Just then, Emily came over and announced that dinner was ready. All of them headed over to the dining hall to eat, eliminating some of the awkwardness.

Neither Xiao Zhicheng nor Luo Yuling had big appetites, especially Xiao Zhicheng. It seemed like the rumours about his bad health weren’t fake; after he had eaten a bit of food, his face had turned even paler than when he arrived and he mentioned that his stomach felt unwell. If it wasn’t for the fact that he said it was a recurring problem, Lei Jue would have suspected Lei Jianying of poisoning him.

Lei Jue didn’t eat much himself either, because he suddenly remembered that during his time in the Regeneration Capsule, the doctor outside of the capsule had mentioned Plan A3 to Su Erman. Exactly what this plan entailed, he wasn’t sure, but it was like a bomb. Even if it didn’t explode, it still weighed on him ‘til it was somewhat difficult to breathe.

The two families chatted for a while. The sky outside gradually darkened, and Xiao Zhicheng and Luo Yuling were about to take their leave. Lei Jue had thought that he would still need to stay at the Lei residence for a while, at least until the wedding between him and Xiao Lingyu was carried out, then he would be allowed to move out. However, he hadn’t thought that the S-15 fighter jet would fly over again just as Xiao Zhicheng and Luo Yuling walked outside. Xiao Lingyu descended from the jet.

“You brat, didn’t you say that you weren’t returning tonight?” Luo Yuling said in anger.

“Yep. I said that I’m not going back home, but I didn’t say that I wouldn’t come over and pick you up.” Xiao Lingyu looked towards Lei Jue rakishly, the smell of alcohol and face powder clearly rolling off him. “Besides, my beautiful newly-wed husband is here as well. Even if I’m not going home, I should also bring him with me, lest I miss him too much.” Xiao Lingyu walked to Lei Jue’s side and pulled him into an embrace with one arm. “Let’s go, babe, I’ll take you to see our wedding room. Let’s stay there tonight, hm?”

“What is this child saying!” Luo Yuling’s eyes had clear disagreement within them.

“Can’t I even tell the truth now?” Xiao Lingyu asked Lei Jianying, “Uncle Lei, tell me, can I take Little Jue with me? Huh?”

“Yes, of course you can—you two are legal partners now. If you can’t take Little Jue, then no one else has the power to.” Lei Jianying was all smiles as he finished his words before shooting a look towards Lei Jue, signalling that he wasn’t allowed to protest.

Lei Jue mulled it over. Once he had gotten Lei Jianying’s approval, he took the kitten that Lei Haige had stepped on earlier with him, and nothing else. After that, he followed Xiao Lingyu and the others up onto the S-15 fighter jet.

The day had gone by practically like a movie. In the morning, he had transmigrated to this place. By the afternoon, he had a legal partner. By nightfall, he was about to stay at his partner’s place.

Even so, it was still better than staying with the Lei family and being tormented to death. Once you were dead, it was all over. It was only by living that hope could still be had.

“Little Jue, you don’t have to be so nervous,” Xiao Zhicheng spoke after the S15 had taken off. “Your father and I were once posted to the same fleet. When it comes down to it, I was also originally his captain. Not only that, your father had also guided your Big Brother Lingyu. You could say that he was Lingyu’s teacher, so I will take good care of you to repay your father.”

“Thank you Uncle Xiao, I just… I just don’t know what I can do after going to the Xiao family, and I’ve never went too far from home.” Judging from their GPS location on the main console, they would need to travel a quarter of the way across Casweir, so although the travel time wasn’t long, it could definitely still be counted as ‘long distance’.

“You’ve only become of age this year. According to your age, you should still be studying. However, you can also make your own choice. As long as it’s reasonable, we will support you. Didn’t the marriage report say that you’re a plant type user? Although raising your ranking is difficult, if you were to agree, we could send you to a school specifically for training plant type users.” Luo Yuling carressed Lei Jue’s head gently. “Or you can just do whatever you want at home. After all, it isn’t a problem for the Xiao family to support your living expenses.”

“Thank you, Aunty, I will think it over carefully.” He only had twenty galactic dollars, he couldn’t not consider things carefully. Besides, while the Xiao family may treat him kindly now, what if they were to have a falling-out with the Lei family one day?

“Alright, the escorts are here.” Xiao Lingyu stood up abruptly and pointed at the ten mechas on the main console’s screen. “Now that my objective has been accomplished, I won’t stay any longer. You guys can chat, I’ll leave first.”

“You child, didn’t you say that you’re going to take Little Jue to see the new house?” It was obvious that Luo Yuling did not want to let him leave.

“I already said that I’m not going home tonight.” Xiao Lingyu boarded another aircraft through a passenger connecting bridge and waved his hand. “See you, mum and dad. And Little Jue. I hope that, by the next time we meet, you will have some improvement.”

“What kind of improvement?” Lei Jue asked.

“Of course it’s the kind of…” Xiao Lingyu grinned seductively, “improvement that I told you about when I sent you back to the Lei residence.”

“…” For him to be a little more provocative, a little sexier? Dammit Xiao Lingyu, can’t you contain yourself?

“You two, what riddle are you kids speaking about?” Luo Yuling looked at her son, but the bridge entrance was gradually closing, cutting off the docking.

Aboard Xiao Lingyu’s aircraft, a voice asked impatiently, “How was it, sir? Was your husband good looking? Do you like him?”

“I can’t quite say that I like him.” Xiao Lingyu faced the empty night sky as he answered Carrera, his AI assistant who was everywhere at once. “But he is quite a looker. Unfortunately, he’s too weak, he’s only a double E rank kitten.”

“A kitten?” Carrera thought for a bit. “Then wouldn’t it be alright to keep him at home?”

“That’s right, he can only be kept at home as a beautiful flower, and I can’t drag him into bed to wage war between the sheets.” Xiao Lingyu flopped into the pilot’s seat somewhat dejectedly. “As it is now, if things were to continue like this, your master will die as a virgin.”

“…do you need me to order a highly realistic sex doll for you?”

“There’s no need.” He paused, then frowned as he said, “I don’t like the smell of burnt things.”