Chapter 010 – Mood?

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News of Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue’s marriage spread like wildfire all over the internet. Xiao Zhicheng and Luo Yuling had no idea how many congratulatory messages they had received. Under such circumstances, Lei Jianying and Yu Fenglai couldn’t possibly pretend to be ignorant, so after the two of them had discussed with each other, and the Feng family, they made a decision.

Three nights later, Xiao Zhicheng hurried home from the military base in the Northern Ling District and called all of the family into the living room.

Luo Yuling saw her husband’s pallor and asked, “Zhicheng, are you not feeling well?”

Xiao Zhicheng raised a hand. “Let’s talk about this later. The reason I called all of you here is because I want to hear your opinions about something. Today, Deputy Minister Lei contacted me. He meant for me to let Lingyu and Little Jue complete their marriage on the 26th of this month, along with Feng Gu and Lei Haige.”

Before Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue could speak, Luo Yuling was already beside herself with anger. “What right does he have? When Yu Fenglai talked to me, she didn’t mention anything about this. What do they mean by this!” 

They had still made such an arrangement despite knowing what happened between Lei Jue and Feng Gu. Were they purposely trying to stir people up?

Lei Jue thought about Feng Gu’s state when he saw him, then considered the personalities of the Lei family. “If it were my uncle and his wife, no doubt it would be because they want more people to know what kind of people the Lei’s in-laws are. As for Lei Haige and Feng Gu, I suppose they want to make it like a competition.”

Xiao Linghua did a spit take. “Are the two of them planning to compare who’s uglier? After all, that’s the only way they’ll be able to beat you two.”

Xiao Zhicheng frowned. “Can’t you be more serious!”

Xiao Lingyu laughed. “Of course it’ll be a contest of powers, of future prospects, etcetera, etcetera. That guy Feng Gu is the kind of person to have his thoughts written on his face the moment he has any.”  

“Then can’t we reject them?” Grandma was not particularly overjoyed upon hearing the news.

“The problem lies here.” Xiao Zhicheng rubbed his temples. “Deputy Minister Lei wasn’t the only one who contacted me in the last two days, the old man from the Feng family had contacted me too. The two of them wish for it to be done this way. Today, when we were discussing Resplendere’s problems with defense, President Zhong also specifically asked me about this. Old Feng and Deputy Minister Lei both agreed, saying that it’s all on my word now.” If he had rejected it at that moment, who knew what other people would think. “Of course, I did not immediately say anything concrete, but I want to hear everyone’s thoughts about this, especially Little Fifth and Little Jue. What do you two think?”

Lei Jue turned his head to glance at Xiao Lingyu when he heard those words, but Xiao Lingyu happened to be looking at him, too. Xiao Lingyu caught his eye and  laughed. “I’m fine with anything, so let’s hear Little Jue’s thoughts instead.”

Lei Jue mulled it over and said, “Let’s have the ceremony with them.”

“Little Jue, are those your true thoughts from the bottom of your heart?” Luo Yuling asked.

“They are, Auntie,” Lei Jue said. “If we wait for Lei Jianying to know that the Xiao family do not support him, it will be difficult for me to take anything from the Lei family.”

The moment those words left his mouth, everyone unanimously looked at Lei Jue. Even Xiao Zhicheng, who had made a rare return home to discuss the marriage matters, revealed an expression of surprise.

“Why do you think the Xiao family has no plans to support Lei Jianying?” Xiao Zhicheng’s gaze bored into Lei Jue for a few moments before he asked this.

“Auntie said that, in the future, if I don’t like being with Brother Lingyu then I should divorce.” Lei Jue looked as Luo Yuling and smiled. “If you all really are looking to the Lei family for protection, then why would Auntie say such a thing? Also, Uncle Xiao, when you were speaking earlier, you kept mentioning ‘Deputy Minister Lei’. If you really intended to support Lei Jianying and wished for him to protect the Xiao family in the future, would you have continued to call him that? Of course there are many more details that I picked up on, but I think that those two things are enough.”

“You weren’t drunk that day?” Xiao Lingshu said abruptly.

“I was drunk, but I snapped out of it soon enough.” Lei Jue had only gotten drunk once since coming to the Xiao residence, so he of course remembered which day it was.

“I know what you want to ask,” Lei Jue said after some thought. “I won’t lie to you—actually, I’ve been thinking it over and over ever since I first came to the Xiao residence. If, after the two families unite, the Xiao family begins to collapse like what the outside rumours say and the Lei family turn a blind eye to it, how should I handle myself?

“However, I no longer have such concerns anymore. Either way, all of you know what the Lei family is like. You took me in purely to repay my father, and not in the hope of seeking the protection of the Leis. So, why should I continue to be constantly cautious and mindful of even the smallest things to protect your impression of the Lei family? That’s why I don’t want to pretend anymore. That’s it.” 

Xiao Zhicheng laughed. He didn’t confirm or deny whether Lei Jue’s analysis was correct, simply saying, “Alright, we’ll hold a joint wedding.”

Xiao Linghua pursed his lips. “The Feng family will definitely wring their brains dry for a way to steal Little Fifth’s limelight when the time comes.”  

Xiao Zhicheng and Luo Yuling both shared a look and saw the helplessness in each others’ eyes.

In contrast, the Lei family and the Feng family were many times merrier. The old head of the Feng family at first had been worried that his eldest grandson would not be able to forget his feelings towards Lei Jue, that piece of trash who only had his looks going for him. This turn of events had shown otherwise; Feng Gu wanted to marry Deputy Minister Lei’s son of his own accord!

The Lei family were overjoyed as well. They’d already been rejoicing because they could tie the knot with the Feng family. Now that Feng Gu had agreed to marry earlier, it was without a doubt the cherry on top. By confirming this event beforehand, it meant their chances of winning in the election increased even more! In addition, the Xiao family were also having their wedding on the same day. Who cared about what any outsiders thought? After all, the position of National Defense Minister was practically in the bag now. 

As for the wedding arrangements, even if there was only a day left for them instead of a week, as long as one had the determination, everything could be completed in time!

Lei Jianying and Yu Fenglai filled in all the necessary items the same night. To save face, they even made it so that Lei Jue’s portion wasn’t much smaller than Lei Haige’s. At least, it didn’t seem to have much difference on the surface, in order to prevent others’ tongues from wagging. The Xiao family began preparations, too. The suits had been ordered and tailored long ago, now there was only the issue of the wedding invitations, buying more things for Lei Jue, and furnishing the new house, then everything would be complete.

Xiao Lingyu had mentioned before that he would take Lei Jue to their new house, but he hadn’t brought Lei Jue in the end. Since he had nothing to do tonight, and he couldn’t do anything else during such an important time period, he told Lei Jue that he would take him to see the house. 

Lei Jue boarded the aircraft and silently looked at the night outside, his thoughts a mystery.

“Why did you give in so easily that time?” Xiao Lingyu asked abruptly. “If my memory is right, before you were sent to the regeneration capsule you were incredibly against the marriage between the Xiao and Lei families, right?”

“I wanted a change in lifestyle, or something along those lines,” Lei Jue said as he stretched his legs with one hand supporting his chin. “Actually, at that time I’d probably just have left with anyone, no matter who it was that came to take me away. Mainly, I wanted to leave the Leis as soon as possible.”

Xiao Lingyu turned his head to the side and glanced at Lei Jue. Just at that moment, Carrera announced that they had reached their destination, so Xiao Linyu pointed out of the window. “We’ve arrived. This was prepared by Eldest Sister and her husband, and a few of my brothers.”

Lei Jue peeked outside and stared in the direction of the floating villa with some shock.

Upon a small, bordering medium-sized hill that was about 60 or 70 meters in diameter sat a winter villa that was three stories high. The bottom of the hill wasn’t uniformly shaped, yet there was something there, emitting waves of soft light. 

Xiao Lingyu let Carrera fly the aircraft lower, and Lei Jue saw through the skylights that the light from beneath the floating building was actually from a gigantic lightning-shaped sign made of light-energy balls.

Lei Jue had only ever seen this in games and movies, and had never thought that he would ever get to feast his eyes on such a scene in real life, let alone actually enter such a place.

The aircraft slowly flew up and stopped by the entrance of the villa. Xiao Lingyu led Lei Jue in. “If you see anything you don’t like, you can change it.”

“It’s quite nice, there’s nothing really that I want to change.” Lei Jue actually had a few things that he wanted to change, but since this villa ultimately didn’t belong to him, he settled for just looking at it.

“It’s a pity,” Xiao Lingyu squatted by the bottom of the stairs, “that Feng Gu and Lei Haige won’t be here to visit during the wedding day, else it’d definitely make that cousin of yours sick with envy.”

“That’s true.” Lei Haige was the type of person who must have the very best. Whatever he owned had to be better than everyone else’s. He couldn’t stand others upstaging him.

“Speaking of that, could it be that the brat Feng Gu might have been provoked when he saw you with me that day, so he decided to wed Lei Haige this suddenly? How come I recall that he had claimed to the public that he’d wait a while before wanting to marry Lei Haige?” Xiao Lingyu gave a wicked laugh. “Hey babe, if this dude Feng Gu were to marry, suddenly regret it halfway through, and come to steal you away, what should I do?”

“What do you mean ‘what should I do’?” Lei Jue had been looking at one of the smart walls and turned his head when he heard Xiao Lingyu’s words. “You have S rank physical strength for goodness’ sake, don’t you feel embarrassed saying those kinds of things?”

“Are you complimenting me by insinuating that I’m stronger than him?” Xiao Lingyu was delighted upon hearing this. “If your Big Brother Feng Gu were to hear this, he’d anger himself to death.”

“Then just let him die,” Lei Jue said nonchalantly. After those words, he thought that they had stayed for long enough so he suggested they go back.

The people at home weren’t resting even now. Although it wasn’t entirely their decision, since it was a family member’s marriage, they put aside all unhappy thoughts. Everyone was quite cheerful as they busied themselves. 

“Little Fifth, Little Jue, do you two want to try the new suits?” Luo Yuling asked when she saw them both.

Lei Jue nodded. “Alright.”

So Xiao Lingyu followed him to try on the clothes. They actually looked quite like a couple when they wore matching couple’s clothes.

“Babe, do we need to practice kissing beforehand?” Xiao Lingyu asked, turning around and slinging an arm over Lei Jue’s shoulders.

“Shouldn’t your skill in this area have been refined long ago? Why do we even need to practice?” Lei Jue shook Xiao Lingyu’s arm off as if he was shaking off dust.

“You sure know how to spoil the mood.” Xiao Lingyu dejectedly took his arm away.

“Really now?” Lei Jue’s lips curved up as he took off his wedding jacket and hung it on the crook of his arm. Clad in only a white shirt, he looked at Xiao Lingyu. Then he abruptly stretched out an arm and pressed down on Xiao Lingyu’s head without warning to press a light peck against his lips.

It was as light as a butterfly’s kiss, but despite that, Xiao Lingyu was so utterly shocked that he stood rooted to the spot.

This was an experienced guy? Lei Jue mentally huffed as he slung the jacket over a shoulder. “There, is the mood back yet?”

Having said that, he patted Xiao Lingyu’s face and went upstairs as if nothing ever happened.

The entire household stared at his back, completely stunned into silence.

W-was this the Lei Jue that they knew???

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