Chapter 023.2 – Cold (Part 2)

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The atmosphere at the dinner table was somewhat strange. The conversation was lacking and everyone would occasionally sink into silence, making the sound of dining especially obvious. It felt like the air was suffused with solemnity. 

Out of ideas, in the end, Xiao Zhicheng could only bring up the news that he was only supposed to announce after he received the new letter of appointment. “I can extend my term for five more years.”

Everyone raised their heads and looked toward the family head.  Xiao Linghua was like a robot that had suddenly been turned on and stood up to say, “Then we have to drink a toast in celebration! I’ll go get the wine!”

Lei Jue also smiled. “Congratulations, Uncle.”

Xiao Zhicheng said, “Thank you, Little Jue. A huge part of this is thanks to you.”

Xiao Linghua brought back the wine. He didn’t have the air of a famous celebrity at home at all and filled everyone’s wine glasses as if he was a little waiter, only stopping when he reached Lei Jue to say, “Do you want some, Little Jue? If you do, I’ll change it to one that isn’t as strong.”

“No need, Third Brother. I sober up fast, so this is okay.” Lei Jue nudged the glass in Xiao Linghua’s direction.

Xiao Linghua filled all of the glasses, then returned to his own seat. “Come, let’s have a toast to celebrate our Boss’ re-election!”

“Cheers!” Lei Jue drained the glass in one go, then suddenly fanned at his tongue, hissing in pain. “Spicy, so spicy! Third Brother, this isn’t the same wine as last time?”

“No, this is a bit stronger.”

“Mhm, but it smells quite good.” Lei Jue poured more for himself after he finished speaking and slowly sampled it.

“You like the taste of Drifter Fruit?” Xiao Lingyu asked.

“Yes, I do.” Lei Jue had really liked the taste of blueberries in his past life. He felt that the so-called Drifter Fruit of this world was like a much larger blueberry.

“How about I take you out to play tomorrow,”  XIao Lingyu said. “I just happen to have a few friends who want to meet you, we can all go to a Drifter fruit plantation together.”

“Okay.” After speaking, Lei Jue saw that Xiao Lingyu’s glass was empty and asked, “Do you want more?”


Lei Jue helped Xiao Lingyu top up his glass, then poured another for himself.

It was rare for the Xiao family members to drink until they were drunk, but everyone seemed to have had a bit too much to drink tonight. However, in comparison, it was still the Lei Jue who wasn’t as good at drinking that fell first.

Although Xiao Lingyu was also a bit tipsy—it wasn’t like the Blue Ghost he had before after all—he still maintained some clarity. He saw Lei Jue laying sprawled on the table, so he went and picked him up without regard for the others. “I’ll send him up to rest.”

“Go, then,” Luo Yuling said drily.

The door to Lei Jue’s room was closed, and Xiao Lingyu opened it with a light push. He carefully laid Lei Jue onto the bed, pulled up the covers, then stood by the bed and just stared for a bit.

Lei Jue’s eyes always held this vague slyness when open, making him appear very lively. But with them closed, it made that exquisite, perfect face seem very obedient and quiet. 

His appearance and personality really were polar opposites. 

Xiao Lingyu couldn’t help but smile, and, as if possessed, reached out to stroke Lei Jue’s eyelashes. However, just before he made contact, he suddenly lowered his hand. He tucked in the edges of Lei Jue’s comforter and turned to return to his own room. 


When Lei Jue opened his eyes, he was a bit surprised that he’d slept until sunrise like this without waking at all during the night. 

He took a shower, then changed his clothes and went out. Xiao Lingyu just happened to come out of his room at that time as well. 

Both of them were slightly surprised, as they had unintentionally put on matching clothes. They looked a lot like they were wearing couples’ outfits. 

Their gazes were undoubtedly on each other’s apparel, but, as if they had agreed on it beforehand, neither spoke of it. 

The chef made an invigorating soup, which both Lei Jue and Xiao Lingyu drank along with some breakfast pastries. After that, Lei Jue carried out Xiao Zhicheng’s usual treatment and prepared to go out with Xiao Lingyu. 

“Is this really okay?” Luo Yuling worriedly glanced at Xiao Zhicheng. “How about we send a few people with them?”

“No need, it’ll be fine like this.” Xiao Zhicheng patted Lei Jue’s shoulder. “But you still have to be very careful.”

“Don’t worry, Uncle.” Lei Jue smiled. “Que Sera, Sera.”

“But don’t go to places that are too crowded, do you hear me?” Luo Yuling acted as if she had no faith in her son. “Also, bring Little Jue back before it gets dark!”

“Okay, Mom. We’re adults already, and you’re still giving us a curfew?” Xiao Lingyu grumped, then grabbed Lei Jue and left.

Lei Jue didn’t say anything either; he was indeed curious about what Xiao Lingyu’s friends were like.

Xiao Lingyu had too many secrets, and Lei Jue was already completely certain that this person was different from what he appeared to be. However, what he could ascertain from Xiao Lingyu himself was very limited, so he wanted to take a look at Xiao Lingyu’s circle of friends.

He still remembered that, on the day of the wedding, Feng Gu’s younger brother brought a number of friends over. All of them appeared to be reserved, but each of them concealed an ambition that was greater than the last. He wondered what kind of people Xiao Lingyu’s friends were.

The entertainment options of this age were similar to what Lei Jue had expected. Although it was advanced by a few centuries, there were always some things that were ever-changing, yet never strayed far from their roots. There was just more variety than before, and more advanced technologies.

Xiao Lingyu brought Lei Jue to the largest comprehensive entertainment city in Bulacca.  Inside, there were various ball games, virtual reality battle facilities, bars, gourmet restaurants, karaoke clubs, fellowship clubs, and more.

As soon as Lei Jue entered the entertainment city, he saw numerous guests with various bizarre animals and plants walk inside, as well as people carrying various stones and models and so forth.

“These people are generally heading to fellowship clubs. There’s a rock library called ‘Crystal Perfect’ that has quite a number of members.” Xiao Lingyu said to Lei Jue. “I really liked to collect all sorts of gems when I was little, so there was a period where I would come over here to play.”

“Then do they have Abyssal Comet Fire?” Lei Jue took out his own Abyssal Comet Fire and toyed with it as he spoke. 

“You could ask.” Xiao Lingyu led Lei Jue out of the aircraft and headed straight down the hall to the VIP section of the virtual reality battle area and said, “However, I think you’ll get a beating.”

“Beating? You sure?” Lei Jue seemed as if he couldn’t stand him anymore. “Xiao Lingyu, aren’t you embarrassed by your own words?”

“Tsk! What do I have to be embarrassed over this time?!”

“If I actually got beaten here, then your pride in the North Ling District must be deeply buried below ground, right?”

“That’s right. It is deeply buried, isn’t it? As it happens, I brought you here to help me save my image.” As he spoke, Xiao Lingyu wrapped his arm around Lei Jue’s shoulder. “Today, the people I’m bringing you to see are those who are closest to me, so you don’t need to be too reserved.”

“Alright, I won’t give you face.”

Just as Lei Jue finished speaking, two people—one tall, one short—quickly came to greet them. The tall person was about the same height as Xiao Lingyu, while the short one was about half a head shorter, but his figure was quite good. The shorter person said, “Xiao Lingyu, didn’t you say you weren’t going to bring your family’s national treasure to come play with us today? What’s this? You finally couldn’t contain your blazing desire to show off?”

“Yup. If I suppressed it any more, I’d get an internal injury.” Xiao Lingyu pointed at the short one and spoke to Lei Jue, “This is Qi Yu. We saw Uncle Qi at our wedding, this is his son.” He then pointed to the tall one. “He is Si Qing, Uncle Si’s second son. Do you still remember? We toasted the two uncles at our wedding.”

“Mhm, you can call me Lei Jue. Thank you for attending the ceremony the other day.” Lei Jue smiled, he still had some impression of these two. One was the son of the commander of the North Ling Military District’s Marines, Qi Min, and the other was the son of the commander of the North Ling Military District’s Ground forces, Si Wannian. That day, he had left early due to sudden dizziness, and adding on the time difference between the two locations, the relatives on their side were all exhausted so they didn’t really get together with the other young people. However, he could still remember the more important guests.

“There’s something I’ve repressed until now, and I can finally say it today,” Qi Yu said. “Lei Jue, what you did that day was really brilliant. Whenever I think about the situation that day, I really want to give you an award for ‘Best Face-Slapper’. My dad praised you as if you were out of this world when he got home.”

“It was indeed quite exhilarating.” Si Qing nodded. “Xiao Lingyu and we practically grew up wearing the same pair of pants, so you don’t need to treat us as outsiders.”

“Okay, thank you.” It seemed like Qi Yu was relatively lively while Si Qing was more reserved in comparison.

Looking around when they arrived at the VIP room, there were five or six men and women who came. While this was pretty normal, what made Lei Jue somewhat surprised was that He Yunshu was also present—the He family’s young lady who was secretly in love with Xiao Lingyu, and was also a metal element ability user.