Chapter 77: Having Fun?

Interstellar Power Couple

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Chapter 77: Having Fun?

Lei Jue and Xiao Lingyu quickly realised that Uncle’s messages were completely unable to get through now. In addition to feeling sympathetic, they also worried for his safety; but if they tried anything now it might make Zuo Feng suspicious. In the end, Lei Jue and Xiao Lingyu decided that they should stay put. 

The good news was that Xiao Lingyu was the one who helped Zuo Feng upgrade his AI assistant, so he could use that to get some information on Uncle’s current situation. 

After observing Uncle for a few days, Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue came to the realisation that Uncle was actually doing quite well. When someone else was present, Uncle would either turn into a silent tree and pose handsomely in the flower pot, or stay in Zuo Feng’s pocket acting like a sleepy pet. If no one was around, he would throw frequent little fits here and there, all but tyrannizing over Zuo Feng. 

While Zuo Feng…well, Zuo Feng seemed to spoil Uncle very much. 

Although he often spoke impatiently and acted like he was sick of Uncle, in the end, he would be the first to give in to Uncle’s antics. 

And it was then that Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue realised how good their Uncle was at pretending he was harmless, despite being such a beast in reality. 

The moment Zuo Feng was even slightly mean to Uncle, he would act like he’d just suffered through the worst form of humiliation there was and sit in the corner, ignoring Zuo Feng. He would let his small leaves droop like he was the saddest victim, and he looked as pitiful as if the entire world had wronged him. Zuo Feng would be pretty stubborn at first, but as time went by, his stubbornness would fail, and in the end he would always be the first to surrender. 

So in saying that Zuo Feng ‘spoiled Uncle’, they had used the perfect descriptor. 

“Look at this tree, doesn’t it look just like the one Zuo Feng had brought with him last time?” Lei Jue found a picture and showed it to Xiao Lingyu. Uncle had killed off the tree Zuo Feng brought over, saying it was poisonous, so Lei Jue had been looking into it this whole time. However, everything he found had been of the shilah tree and not the nearly identical balai tree he was looking at right now   

“Yes, that’s the type. Isn’t that the shilah tree?”

“No, this one’s called ‘balai tree’. It looks exactly like the shilah tree, except it’s poisonous; prolonged contact with it will affect the victim’s personality. It does quite the damage.” Lei Jue closed the image. “Don’t you think it’s strange though? Zuo Feng’s growing a poisonous tree but no one in the Zuo family knows. If Uncle had not gone over to play, who knows when they would find out.”

“It’s not impossible.” Xiao Lingyu answered. “I saw some data when I was upgrading Enoch; Zuo Feng had been growing that tree since eight years ago. The tree had most likely been given to him by his first love. He wasn’t very old back then, only sixteen, right in his rebellious period. He could have done anything back then.”

“Was he such a loyal person?” Lei Jue felt his respect for Zuo Feng growing. “Then why is he still not married?”

“Because his first love died.” Xiao Lingyu frowned. “I think his passive aggressive and violent personality might have started from around back then. How could someone who had just lost their lover be in a good mood? He’s always been suspicious that Zuo Yan was the cause of his first love’s death too, so you can imagine his rage back then. I think that’s the reason why the Zuo family never suspected the tree, because no matter how angry Zuo Feng got back then, it was logical. So everyone thought that his anger was just a normal display of emotions. While that may have been true at first, they didn’t know that his later mood swings were the result of being influenced by the balai tree…what are you looking at me like that for?” 

“Is it okay for you to analyze someone else’s secrets like that?” Lei Jue asked, grinning. 

“It’s not my fault he’s not good at deleting documents and hiding stuff. It’d be harder for me not to see the data.” Xiao Lingyu put up his hands in helplessness. “I really didn’t see it on purpose.”

“Okay but seriously, with Uncle and Zuo Feng continuing like this, I feel it’s quite…” Lei Jue pushed the candy he had in his mouth around with his tongue, and one side of his face puffed out. He said vaguely, “It’s really quite like fate.”

Xiao Lingyu watched the way Lei Jue ate the candy for a bit, and then turned around to peek at the three pudgy bundles by the window. Seeing them fast asleep, he quickly put his hand on Lei Jue’s head and went in for a deep, passionate kiss, before stealing the candy from Lei Jue’s mouth into his own. 

Lei Jue was speechless; he’d lost not only his breath from the kiss, but his candy too. 

“Tastes good.” Xiao Lingyu licked his lips, his grin sly. 

“Is it because stolen goods taste sweeter?” Lei Jue put his hands in his pocket, looking for candy, but there was no more left. 

“Goods stolen from you taste sweeter.” Xiao Lingyu corrected, then gave Lei Jue a light peck, his voice husky as he said to him, “The feeling of sharing things with you is sweet too.” 

The elders had all gone out today; their patriarch had gone off to work, while Grandma had gone to attend one of her close girlfriends’ relatives’ wedding and taken her daughter-in-law along. The one getting married was one of the girlfriend’s grandchildren; they had come to Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue’s wedding too. 

Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue didn’t need to go, so aside from the robot guards, they and the children were the only ones at home today; even Uncle Fu, the butler, had gone out. Xiao Lingyu did not hold back, and got up close and intimate with Lei Jue in broad daylight. He was one step away from pawing Lei Jue’s clothes off right in their yard. 

Luckily, Lei Jue kept in mind that not only was the sun out, but they were outside. He pinched Xiao Lingyu’s waist, “Enough’s enough.”

His pinch failed, however, because of how sturdy Xiao Lingyu’s muscles were. Left with no choice, he poked Xiao Lingyu very hard instead. 

It wasn’t painful for Xiao Lingyu at all. He pulled Lei Jue’s hand to his waist, laughing in a low tone, “This is far from enough.”

Perhaps because he didn’t really share physical contact, especially intimate contact, with anyone before meeting Lei Jue, Xiao Lingyu had become addicted to it ever since getting together with Lei Jue. He touched him every chance he got. Lei Jue on the other hand had never liked being touched by other people, but he quite enjoyed the feeling of being affectionate with his lover, so the two of them ended up in a balanced relationship of mutual desire. 

Xiao Lingyu slipped his hand into Lei Jue’s clothes, massaging Lei Jue’s back just enough strength. Lei Jue retreated into the house a little, bringing Xiao Lingyu along with him, and Xiao Lingyu picked him up like one would pick up a koala. 

Lei Jue’s legs wrapped around Xiao Lingyu’s waist, his breath quickening and his lower half responding. But when he looked distractedly towards the bedroom, it was as if a bucket of  ice water had been poured over his desire, all hints of it disappearing.

“Where’s Kangkang?! Put me down.” Lei Jue quickly patted Xiao Lingyu, running for the bedroom as soon as his feet hit the ground. His son wasn’t on the bed. There were little clothes and nappies and blankets on the bed, but his son was missing!

“Wasn’t he here just a moment ago?!” Xiao Lingyu was at a loss too; he’d clearly seen his son just seconds before, when he’d looked at the window. The boy had left his line of sight for no more than three minutes total! So where was the child?!

Lei Jue lifted up the baby blanket but did not see his son. His eldest and his daughter were still sleeping, but his younger son was gone!

“Carrera, replay the recent recordings, two minutes and thirty seconds.” Xiao Lingyu looked at the wall after he spoke, and Carrera projected the recordings of the children onto there. 

It only took a blink of the eye, but cold sweat had already covered Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue. 

The video started playing from two minutes and thirty seconds ago. Kangkang had indeed been on the bed at the start, but then he had woken up and yawned, before he kicked his little feet and—

F*ck! The little brat turned into a tree-person

Kangkang, as a tree-person, was only about five to six centimetres long. He then crawled away!

Xiao Lingyu wanted to cry. He was so tiny, where could he have crawled off to?!

In the video, it looked like he had burrowed under the blanket, but when Lei Jue lifted the blanket he hadn’t seen anything. He had carefully searched three times already, but there was nothing, and the child wasn’t on the bed either. 

Had he crawled out then?!

If he had been crawling along the headboard, it would be hard to say where he went because there were gaps in the panels of the crib. If the kid had crawled away under the cover of the blanket, all that would show in the video would be a bump in the blanket. 

As they had predicted, Lei Jue and Xiao Lingyu witnessed the blanket bulging a few times before Kangkang’s form disappeared completely!

That brat!

“Curly, Loquat?” Lei Jue called towards the window. Not long after, two tiny figures rushed in, one meowing and the other chittering. 

“Lingyu, close the doors and windows and look for him outside. I’ll look for him inside the house with Loquat and Curly.” Lei Jue spread out his senses as far as he could, but the most he could detect was that the kid shouldn’t have gone too far yet. He couldn’t sense Kangkang’s precise location. 

“Be careful where you step.” With those  words, Xiao Lingyu went to close the doors and the windows, making sure that he didn’t crush his child with them in the process. Then, going in circles around the house, he began his search. He must be the first dad in the world to want to look for his son with a magnifying glass. 

“Loquat, Curly, help me search for Kangkang.” Lei Jue also began searching very carefully inside the house. It was a good thing that Pipi and Qiuqiu were sleeping; if they got rowdy at this time, Lei Jue wouldn’t have the energy to focus on looking for Kangkang. 

No wonder the saying ‘it was always the quiet ones’ existed. Kangkang would usually only cause a ruckus under the lead of Pipi, and he never started trouble on his own. Now that he did, he went big!

Carrera began scanning the insides of the house to see where her youngest master had leapt off to play, but there was no result even after a while. 

Lei Jue, too, felt like he would go blind from searching, but he still wasn’t able to locate his son. Even though he could clearly feel the boy wasn’t far, he just couldn’t find a clear target!

“Have you found him?” Xiao Lingyu had taken two loops around already to no avail, and had come in to ask Lei Jue. 

“No, but he’s definitely close.” Lei Jue scratched his head. Although he knew his child was nearby, he couldn’ help but worry. The kid was so small, and was the only one out of their children who didn’t have any healing powers, if he got hurt…

“Don’t worry. If you can feel that he’s still here, he should be fine.” Xiao Lingyu looked around him. “Oh right, should we look for a pot?” 

Since he had turned into a mini tree-person, he might need to grow roots just like his uncle, right? 

“That’s right, pots!” Lei Jue had planted small trees in all of the ten pots he used to train the ants, and they were currently lined up by the window. It was just that he didn’t think his son would be able to climb to such a high place when he was searching for him earlier. With how over-poweredly his children had been behaving so far though, nothing was impossible. 

Lei Jue and Xiao Lingyu walked over to the pots and touched the trees one by one. Strangely enough, none of the trees reacted. Without any other plan in mind, Lei Jue stubbornly pulled the trees out of the dirt, pouring the dirt out and going over it carefully. In the end, still nothing!

But these were the only pots in their room. 

If they had to think of something else, then the flowers grandmother grew in their yard were the only things left!

The couple’s thoughts went to the flowers at the same time, and they rushed over to look through them. At last, their son was found lying amongst the petals of the grandmother’s green butterfly flowers! Basking in the sun without a care in the world! The little troublemaker, while his dads almost blinded themselves looking for him, was relaxing here the whole time!

Lei Jue picked up his son with two fingers. “You imp!”

Kangkang twisted his tiny body, the little leaves atop his head moving lightly. His tiny branch hands pressed down on Lei Jue’s fingertip, and he struggled as hard as he could. 

Xiao Lingyu reached out a hand and Lei Jue put Kangkang straight onto Xiao Lingyu’s palm in case the kid suddenly released electricity. 

Kangkang shook his head, his little green leaves shaking ever so slightly from the wind. Xiao Lingyu poked his little stomach and he yawned, falling asleep in Xiao Lingyu’s palm. 

Lei Jue was speechless. 

His son’s actions reminded him a lot of his mischievous granduncle. 

Said granduncle was currently lying face down on the bed, happily playing games on a photon computer. He suddenly felt a sneeze coming on, and he lifted up his hand to rub his nose before going back to his gaming. 

Pew pew pew! The character he was playing hefted the gun on its shoulder as it aimed for the escaping enemies. Uncle used his little tree-claws and repeatedly slapped the attack button on the photon computer very hard. 

Zuo Feng gazed weirdly at the little tree-person who had taken over his bed. “Is it that fun?”

Di Lin nodded. His hands had become tired from slapping the button, so he directly stood up and started stepping on the photon computer instead.

Zuo Feng’s lips twitched. “Too much violence isn’t good, I think it’s best if you switch to a gentler game.”

Di Lin tilted his head and thought about it, then nodded. 

Zuo Feng went back to looking at the news about the military projected onto the wall. 

The room had been quiet for all of about two minutes when Zuo Feng turned to look at the little tree-person on the bed. He saw the little sprite lying down with one hand under his chin, the other hand looking for something on the photon computer, his two legs swinging back and forth languidly. He was even more at ease than Zuo Feng, the master!

Zuo Feng felt quite puzzled. Even though he was in his own room, and even though it was quiet, why couldn’t he focus?

Zuo Feng had to almost force himself not to look at the bed!

In the next second however, the moans and sighs coming from the bed startled him out of his skin, and he whipped his head around only to see that the little tree-person was watching porn!

Two stark naked men rolled around on the bed, one of them hovering over the other and tying the other’s hands onto the headboard. The tied up one had an expression of pure enjoyment despite having lost his freedom, and his legs wrapped around his punisher’s waist, his cries loud and clear. 

Zuo Feng couldn’t move his sight away from the image. He silently put one leg over the other, his face turning a suspicious shade of crimson and his throat tightening too. 

He felt like he should go over and put a stop to it, but his body seemed to be unwilling to move. And so he didn’t. In fact, not only did he stay still, he stared at the screen as if bewitched, completely unaware that there were family members standing right at his door. 

Zuo Zhihuan had raised his hand up and was just about to know, when he heard a chain of moans ringing out from his son’s room!

“Ahhh! Ohh, I’m going to…!”

Marshal Zuo, Zuo Qiu and Zuo Yan fell into an awkward silence.