Chapter 17.1 – I’m Not Used To Your Fake Smile

Intoxicated Friends

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17.1 – I’m Not Used To Your Fake Smile

As Yao Yuan walked down the long flight of stairs in front of the Liyao Hotel, a black Mercedes-Benz stopped in front of him. His reporter’s habits kicked in and Yao Yuan quickly called Zhang Yao to tell him to prepare to rush it.

The car door opened slowly and a young woman got out. She was tall and slender and dressed elegantly with shining accessories. When she saw Yao Yuan, she froze for a moment, then held out her hand and smiled. “Long time no see.”

Yao Yuan’s heart inexplicably tightened and he reflexively glanced at the car. When no other doors showed signs of opening, he lightly took the woman’s hand. “Miss Yang, you look beautiful today.”

“Thank you. Yao Qian chose these clothes. Your sister has always had a good eye.” Yang Weiyu looked down at the pink Restoration-era formalwear and praised it sincerely. She already considered Yao Qian her fashion consultant.

The reporters waiting in the great hall had nearly all come out now, and they watched with surprise as their colleague chatted with S City’s financial magnate’s only daughter. Zhang Yao was inwardly cursing Yao Yuan: Brat, you still say you don’t know any of the upper echelon? Let’s see how the guys deal with you when we get back.

“Miss Yang, are you here today to discuss business?” Zhang Yao quickly turned on his camera and pointed it at the young woman who was a person of interest in the business world.

“No.” Yang Weiyu wore an elegant smile as she spoke frankly to the many cameras and flashing lights. “I don’t participate in my father’s business. Today I really did come to simply give birthday wishes.”

“And who is your partner today, Miss Yang?” another reporter asked. A personal question would also draw the eyes of the public.

“Him?” Yang Weiyu smiled slightly. Just as she was about to reply, a white Ferrari stopped in front of the crowd and a young man in a white suit stepped out. His radiant but still gentle smile instantly drew the attention of everyone in attendance, and Yao Yuan also could not tear his gaze away. And not only out of shock.

Su Mu ignored the myriad reporters, walked straight toward Yang Weiyu, and took her hand. He said gently, “Have you waited long?”

“No, I was just chatting with your good friend.”

“Yao Yuan!” Su Mu was finally willing to face him directly. When Su Mu was still in the car, he had already caught sight of Yao Yuan in the crowd. After two months apart, Yao Yuan seemed to have lost a lot of weight; his casual clothes were somewhat worn and it looked like it had been some time since his last haircut. It nearly covered his eyes, adding a slight air of misery, but also making it even more difficult to look away from him. Su Mu held out a hand to him and said with a smile, “Long time no see.”

Yao Yuan watched him, thinking he might give him a hug or a light punch on the shoulder, as they did when they met before. But the Su Mu who appeared before him now was wearing a mask, and Yao Yuan did not like this feeling. It solidified the sense that they had really grown apart. In that moment, looking at Su Mu’s superficial smile, Yao Yuan faintly noticed the feelings buried deep in his heart.

“Yao Yuan…” His silence left Su Mu with some worry: what are you thinking?

“Su Mu.” Yao Yuan shook his hand and gave him a smile in return. “Long time no see, indeed.”

“They were schoolmates at F University and good friends,” Yang Weiyu explained to the reporters with a smile.

Good friends? Good on you, Yao Yuan. Zhang Yao internally ran through all the curse words he knew. If he had such good connections, he had to use them! Zhang Yao quickly squeezed to the front of the crowd and asked, “Since you’re such good friends, Mr. Su, can you bring Yao Yuan in? You know he’s interning at our TV station.”

“Do you want to go in?” Su Mu looked at the person next to him.

“Can I bring my camera?” Many thoughts passed through Yao Yuan’s mind, but eventually they all led back to whether it was right to meet Lin Zedong so quickly.

“I’m just a guest.” Su Mu still wore that irksome superficial smile.

“It’s fine. If we can’t get pictures, words are good too.” Zhang Yao continued his encouragement from one side.

“All right.” Since he couldn’t act at this moment, alerting the enemy might also be a good tactic. Lin Zedong, if you’re guilty, you’ll definitely do something. All I have to do is wait and reap the profits.

“I have a spare suit in my car.”

“Do I need that? I’m only a reporter.” Yao Yuan cut Su Mu off.

“You’re a friend I’m bringing.”

“All right.” Yao Yuan ignored the other reporters’ envious gazes and entered the Ferrari.

The reporters surrounded Su Mu again, asking about his intentions in attending today. Some began to wonder if the golden couple before them were really in a relationship as rumored.

Su Mu caught hold of Yang Weiyu’s hand and said, “Yes, she is my girlfriend.”

Cameras immediately began flashing. This was the first time the Su family’s second young master had publicly admitted his relationship with the Yang family’s only daughter. When the news was released it would certainly make waves in the business world: a partnership of the equally strong Su and Yang families.

“As for why I came tonight, please forgive me: I cannot say anything. This is exclusive and I’m gifting it to my old friend.” Su Mu’s gaze drifted naturally toward his Ferrari, just as Yao Yuan was getting out. They were of similar height and build, and the black suit fit Yao Yuan just right and complemented his arrogant bearing. Even his slightly messy hair now looked stylish, and Su Mu felt his traitorous heart skip a beat. Even after so long, was he still unable to let him go?

“Brat, I didn’t know you were this handsome.” Zhang Yao praised him sincerely.

“Let’s go,” Su Mu said calmly, his gaze sweeping lightly over Yao Yuan to land on the face of the beautiful girl next to him. He gave her an affectionate smile.

Yang Weiyu smiled sweetly and caught hold of his arm, and beneath the gazes of the audience they walked calmly toward the meeting place.

Yao Yuan followed behind them, an unnameable frustration brewing in the depths of his heart. He was aware that it was due to Su Mu’s cool attitude, but he didn’t understand why their relationship was suddenly this way.