Neon Street Lights – Story One

Written by Blue Jay



Neon Street Lights” 

Story One


“Fuck his ass,” RAM kicked at the closest thing next to him, sending the what used to be an old computer crashing against the nearest wall. “That Gray Wolf, I swear… I’m going to fuck up his ass so hard! Coward!” 

He ran a hand through his hair, with the messy, slightly overgrown strands of it waving in the little breeze Inseon got during the night. He sighed after a second, pulling down his visor and looking through the newsfeeds on the virtual screen inside. 

“At least they are finally spelling my name right…” he muttered to himself, leaning back on the cold metal of the buildings in the alleyway, one of his elbows lightly touching the iron ladder running up one of them. 

He enjoyed reading through the news articles. It was always nice whenever his name popped up on the feeds of the websites, giving him a sense of fulfillment. But it was never enough, because Gray Wolf’s name was seen at least ten times more often than his. 

RAM considered his greatest enemy to be the Gray Wolf and his business. It wasn’t that the Wolf had done anything specifically about him. Frankly, it should have been noted that more than anything, it was RAM that simply wasn’t enough of a bother for the man to care about him. The Wolf only cared for himself and his company, while RAM… saw things a little more differently. 

RAM had a vendetta overall against billionaires. And since the Gray Wolf was known as the youngest and most successful of them, he was dead set on destroying him. Destroy the wolf, take all his money, take a few thousand for himself and toss the rest out on the streets for anyone to collect. That was, in general, RAM’s goal. Inseon was simply the stage he was going to use to destroy that fucker’s life, as he liked to refer to it. 

With the corner of his eye, RAM noticed a few people coming from one of the ends of the alleyway. “Welp. This is no fun.” 

He lightly clicked his tongue, the virtual screen disappearing from the inside of his visor to be replaced with a small map, a few automated targeting arrows and just in general pointers to help him. Oh, and a convenient live satellite view of the whole area around him, of course. Always have to stay with a plan. 

His hand tightly gripped the ladder, and with a quick movement of his muscles, he yanked himself upwards a few bars until he was somewhat in the middle of it. Then, he grinned before yelling out, “Ey, I’m right here! Wanna play cat and mouse? I’ll be the mouse!” 

The confusion on their faces was so worth revealing his location as his should instantly caught their attention. And to them, there he was, RAM in all his glory, hanging off a rusted iron ladder on one arm and leg, waving at them. His visor, as per usual, covered up his face, while his bodysuit was nicely fitted and suited for fast maneuvering. Nobody could mistake the grin on his face – he was known for it, after all. 

“Catch him!” He heard one of the men yell, before taking out his gun and straight up aiming and shooting at him. 

But RAM was faster, already used to the adrenaline this feeling gave him. “Whoops, you missed!” He laughed just as his body moved up the ladder, dodging the bullet narrowly before quickly getting himself up the ladder. “It’s no fun to shoot, hasn’t the Wolf taught you yet?” 

And with those last words, RAM yanked himself on the roof of the building and ran for it. He was agile and fast, thus quickly making his way through the roofs and balconies of the nearby buildings. So quickly, in fact, that it wasn’t even five minutes of a chase before the men just couldn’t keep up with and had to give up, except for shooting a few other bullets at his back, most of which RAM promptly dodged. 

Most of them. A few grazed his body, making him wince in annoyance as he would have ended up with at least two extra scars once he was home. “Stupid dogs,” he cursed quietly under his tongue before ducking under a balcony and completely disappearing from view. 

It was no more than an hour later that RAM was back at his place. 

Closing the door behind him, he made sure to triple check the locking mechanisms and passwords before finally relaxing and taking off his helmet and visor, shaking his head and shoulders a little to relax. His messy, overgrown curly dark hair clearly was in the need of a trim, but he found that it looked rather nice. With a light movement of his arm, he tossed the helmet onto a rack of clothes before entering the main room of his little apartment. 

In Inseon, apartments were everything but cheap. So, Ysaac Ledi really had to settle with the utmost basics – single room that doubled as a kitchen, living room and bedroom, and a bathroom with a small shower and toilet. Oh, and a corridor. 

“Gotta love when they send the dogs out to get you,” Ysaac grumbled as he took off his suit halfway. The adrenaline had numbed the pain, but the bruise and a half on his torso and arm were starting to show already. Bullets really hurt, and if he didn’t have his bodysuit, there was a chance he could have been hurt more severely. 

He sighed before taking the thing off completely, tossing it to the side. He really wanted a shower, but had to stretch first. Maybe there was something else on his body that hurt even more? 

Luckily, the stretch proved otherwise – only the three places he had been grazed by the bullets hurt once he stretched out his body to make sure there were no others. One on his torso, one on his arm and one on his thigh. “Huzzah for new scars from the dogs.”

Ysaac proceeded to take his shower as intended. Unfortunately, taking long showers meant higher bills, which was not something he could afford; however, this time he felt like he deserved it. 

He had finally achieved a level of importance in the eyes of the Gray Wolf that he’d have men (or dogs, like he liked to call them) sent after him as soon as he showed his head in public. They didn’t know his true appearance yet, luckily. He didn’t need more men sent when he went out grocery shopping – such privileges were only suitable for losers who failed to conceal their identities. 

And Ysaac was not a loser. He knew his stuff. 

With a towel around his waist, he got out of the shower. His body, now clean of sweat, glistened in the multicoloured light that got through the blinds of the only window in his room. He was decently well built, though on the thinner side – years of eating whatever cheap foods he could afford had taken their toll on his body. There were a couple of faint scars around his body, but nothing major, just scrapes. Aside from those, he was a fairly normal man for the city and if he went outside without hiding his identity, nobody would bat an eye. 

It was time to rummage through the information networks once more. Inseon always had something to offer in the amount of information there was available every day, with even more of it available thanks to the nicely generous fact that Ysaac knew his way around virtual barriers. 

“Let’s see, what news are there about Woof-woof?” he muttered as he sat down, not even bothering to put on underwear. The towel was clearly enough for him, especially since nobody else lived there with him and he could practically do as he pleased. He smiled to himself at the dumb nickname before turning the virtual screens on and starting to scroll through.

The media didn’t really know much about RAM, much less about Ysaac. After all, they didn’t know Ysaac Ledi was RAM nor that RAM was Ysaac Ledi. The same deal, essentially. But that didn’t mean his activities weren’t starting to get pretty famous, especially the fact that he seemed to have some sort of vendetta against the Gray Wolf. 

Who was the Gray Wolf? He was the youngest billionaire in Inseon, giving him unprecedented power over others and influence in the city. But to Ysaac, all he saw was the pile of money sitting untouched under the feet of the Gray Wolf. He didn’t care about his influence or his political standing. It was all because of the money. 

In Ysaac’s viewpoint, money-hoarders should go burn down in… whatever was down there. He wasn’t particularly religious, nor was he particularly picky. Just let him burn. 

And about the money? If he achieved the success he wanted with his goal, or in other words, managing to burn down the Gray Wolf and acquire his riches, it was very simple. 

Grab a bit for himself, then toss the rest off the hundredth floor of a skyscraper. Make a spectacle of it! It would be great to let everyone have a piece of the money. He’d make sure to donate some of it to shelters and charities of course – an activity he doubted the Gray Wolf did very often, if at all ever. A criminal still had his morals, something Ysaac always tried to show off whenever a heist of his was successful. 

As he was musing happily about his goals and the way to achieve them, he came across an interesting thread. 

“A meeting for exchange of goods between the Gray Wolf’s company and some random assbutt’s bank?” he hummed to himself, scrolling through the long post. “‘Important goods will apparently be exchanged, an insider leaked’… ‘It’s known that the items are in value of millions of yen,’ no shit. Anything that fucker touches is worth that much, including probably his toilet paper.”

Ysaac rolled his eyes, but the more he read, the more he liked the article. It even had specified when and where the exchange was known to take place. 

“It’s actually tonight… But of course it had to be some super high end hotel. It’s not like they can bother to do it in secret, that insider probably got paid a few thousand yen for their information…” 

That didn’t mean Ysaac didn’t like it. As soon as he had read about the opportunity, a plan had begun to hatch in his mind. Of course he had to go! That was such an opportunity to get into the spotlight, steal the items and then… sell them? 

But if he tried to sell them, they would immediately know it was him who stole them. As in, his real identity. 

Ysaac almost stopped himself from thinking further, but a second later he shrugged. “Black markets exist, fuck it. Let’s go.” 

Three hours later, with a confident smirk on his face, Ysaac put on his helmet, hiding his face from view just before exiting his little apartment. His suit was back on his body, making him feel extremely comfortable as he walked down the what felt like seven stairs but was more like sevently. A big smile covered his face as he left the building. He was ready to raid that coward’s meeting, just like RAM would. 

He wanted to fuck up the Gray Wolf, and fuck him up badly. Within seconds, RAM melted with the crowd, making his way stealthily towards the hotel mentioned in the article. Once in front of the building, he looked up at the large skyscraper. Truly a place meant only for rich people. He tsk-ed, before looking at the multiple indicators on the inside of his visor. 

There were two ways to make it into the place. One was directly, by quite literally, making a ruckus and a scene by forcing his way in. 

The other was the method RAM preferred to use. Use the surrounding buildings to your advantage and make it in there through unconventional means. And that was what he planned to do. 

So instead of walking in, RAM turned around and walked into one of the alleyways nearby. He had to make his way up to the top of the nearest skyscraper, which was actually taller than the hotel itself. Something, that was quite the advantage when it came to infiltrating buildings. RAM always brought a few convenient tools with him whenever infiltrating, though he preferred to climb with his own power. 

By using his fingers, the convenient spikes in his shoes and his experience, he was very quick in finding ways up the building without actually entering it. Using any little ridge, metal sticking out or even wires, RAM grabbed onto them, pulling himself higher and higher, until, ten minutes of climbing later, he finally reached the height he wanted and found a ledge to squat down on. He was breathing rather heavily at this point, but his body was quick to recover from the stress in less than three minutes. 

Looking down on the roof of the hotel, he felt that if he could run up to the edge of the building he was on and jump, he’d be able to make it unscathed. Unfortunately, there was no space to run on and be able to reach an optimal speed for the jump. Instead, he had to use his tools. 

As such, after using a few of his tools, it was no less than two minutes later that he found himself in front of the room the meeting supposedly took place. The door was closed, as expected, but that was not a deterrent to him. According to the clock on the visor screen, the meeting had started whole fifteen minutes earlier. And knowing how rich people liked to take it slow, he was absolutely sure they were absolutely inside. 

And that meant, he had come at the perfect time. A grin formed on his face as he inserted his own version of a hotel card, a tool he had created to save himself the trouble of not being able to access hotel doors, in the slot. The locks were all manufactured by the same factory anyway, so even less trouble. The little light turned green, making his grin widen even more, as he opened the door quietly and entered. 

The suite itself was absolutely gorgeous. It was of the sorts that RAM could only dream of, frankly said. Yet, something felt off. 

It was a bit too quiet. RAM squinted, sure that he was in the right room. But considering this was a presidential suite, he chose to check the second room in it. 

Opening the door, he still found nobody. Had the meeting already ended? It hadn’t even been twenty minutes yet. It was then he heard a movement behind him, making him tense up immediately and prepare to run before turning around slowly. 

Out of the bathroom walked out a young man, with beautiful dark slanted eyes and a pale, as if never touched the sun, complexion. His hair seemed to have a messy, shorter front, and a longer extending back side that was loosely just being there. He was wearing a nice quality white shirt, a black tie and a pair of black pants and shoes, looking quite refined and classy. 

RAM couldn’t help but gasp lightly when he saw him. “Luke?!” 

The man smiled. “It’s absolutely nice to see you too, dearest Ysaac.” 

Ysaac relaxed almost instantly, taking off his visor to take a better look at ‘Luke’. “I can’t believe it’s been so long already you idiot, where have you been?” He chuckled, pretending casually as if he totally hadn’t been sneaking around the place, looking like an absolute weirdo.

He knew the man. During his university days, he had plenty of time to meet with him and become something like best friends. The two used to be so close to each other, yet with time they had naturally separated and moved on to their separate ways. 

Yet, something seemed to nudge the edge of his mind. Something was off. 

What was Luke’s full name again? 

The man’s smile widened a little as he walked forward, closer to Ysaac. “You know, I’ve been doing this and that. Made a few businesses, inherited stuff, graduated.”

Ysaac chuckled, putting the visor down on the nearest couch. “Sounds just like you, Lukas…” he frowned. That’s right, his first name was Lukas… and then it clicked, just when Lukas was right in front of him. 

Lukas Graywolf. That was the name of his old classmate, someone he used to admire and considered one of his best friends. 

Also, coincidentally, the nickname of the billionaire he was after. The Gray Wolf. 

How could he have been such a moron for not noticing quicker? That fucker was right in front of him, this was a prime chance to take him down!

By the time he looked up, suddenly ready to fight, Lukas was right in front of him. 

“Finally caught on, eh, RAM?” he laughed, and before Ysaac had time to respond, Lukas had pinned him up against the nearest wall with his body, his hands holding down Ysaac’s. 

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing, asshole!” There was no way he’d submit, yet seeing Lukas so up close… Ysaac couldn’t help but feel his heart speed up very quickly. 

See, there was a thing Ysaac had for Lukas during their college days. It was never something he would have admitted, given that submission before someone else was the worst thing in his eyes, but it wasn’t that he could deny it right now – especially not with Lukas’ body pressed so tightly against his at this very moment. So closely, in fact, he could almost feel the ridges of that refined body through his skin: something that only made his imagination run wilder. 

Lukas, of course, noticed the change. But he didn’t comment on it, instead looking down on Ysaac. “I was wondering who the idiot who kept trying to sabotage me was. Turns out, it’s you! And I thought about what was going on with you ever since you left…”

Frankly, Lukas couldn’t believe just how bad Ysaac had gotten after no more than just five years, given that both of them had attended the most prestigious university in the world (and not only that); yet, despite all, he could only shake his head in disbelief whenever he heard any news whatsoever about RAM and his many wrongdoings: raiding banks, disrupting digital networks, hacking into private business accounts and so much more — in fact, so much that not even the most nitpicky of Supreme Court judges would want to go through all of it was Ysaac ever to be put on trial for his crimes.

But it wasn’t like that wasn’t something which only made him more interested in Ysaac. 

Only, Ysaac himself was not having it. He had tensed up, trying to free himself from Lukas’ iron grasp. Fuck, it was a tight grip, but having Lukas so close truly only made him feel the touch more and more sensually… 

“Can’t believe my best friend became a coward like you, too,” he ended up simply spitting that statement, all while trying to think of a plan to get out of the situation he was in. 

“Coward? What coward? You’re the coward who can’t face me directly! Hiding behind that mask of yours!” Lukas hissed back, those perfect eyebrows of his finally moving down to a frown. 

The worst part of the whole situation, it wasn’t only Ysaac who felt that way. Lukas too wasn’t left unscathed. The longer he felt Ysaac close to him, the more he wanted to devour him. He wanted to dominate him, to bow him under his will, to hold him down under his hands – something, that after so many years of nightmares about, he could perhaps finally execute. He pressed on closer, almost trying to squish down Ysaac. 

“Get the fuck off of me, bastard,” Ysaac finally growled, his face closer to Lukas’ than it had been during their time in university. The whole idea, the whole thing about the two of them so close, feeling his body against his so clearly, holding him down – he couldn’t stand it, yet his body was so clearly reacting to it. And even if for a bit he could hide it, the tingling in his stomach was not something he could ignore, especially with how that loser kept looking at him. Oh, how much he wanted to put Lukas down at this very moment. 

Lukas chuckled. “Nope. You’re going to stay here, and then off to pri-mphh!” 

He was not given a chance to reply, sadly, as Ysaac just decided he wasn’t going to listen to his garbage anymore. With the one arm he had free, he managed to grab Lukas’ collar and suddenly forced a rather strong kiss on his lips, effectively silencing him completely. And just as Lukas felt the shock of that move, Ysaac used the opportunity to suddenly flip their positions, him being the one now pressing down Lukas against the hard wall. 

He grinned. “How does it feel now, asshole?” 

Oh, that felt so heavenly. Seeing the actually rather flustered from surprise man between him and the wall was like a cold, nice and refreshing shower in the morning. There was nothing that could compare, especially given that he had dreamt of doing that to him for who knew how long. 

Ysaac narrowed his eyes as he put one of his legs between Lukas’, both teasing him and pressing him down further. “Who knew a fucker like you actually had passable lips. C-, needs more work,” he stated, licking his own lips slowly and looking down on the man, who was now staring daggers at him. 

“Says who?” Lukas inhaled sharply, feeling the pressing knee over on his lower half. Oh no, this peasant was not getting the upper hand. The whole reason he had even put out the bait for him to come was to get him for himself. He wanted Ysaac, he wanted him just for himself and for nobody else. 

That man was his, and it was not the other way around. With such a look in his eyes, Lukas suddenly pulled Ysaac even closer, once more switching their positions as it was him this time who pressed his lips on the other’s. 

He was hungry, devouring, true to his nickname as he opened up that warm mouth, taking as much as he could. He didn’t let Ysaac move away, his other hand grabbing his chin and holding him in place. There was no way he was letting go now.

Even as Ysaac struggled to regain his control once more, Lukas didn’t let him go, taking more and more and exploring that kiss. He wanted all of Ysaac just for himself and resisting only made him hungrier. 

Suddenly, he felt a hand go to his tie, grabbing it tightly before yanking him closer. And it was then he lost control once more, as Ysaac sucked back, not letting Lukas take a breath as he found himself pressed against the nearby sofa. 

His tie was pulled off, as Ysaac’s hands both held him in place between his body and the sofa, unbuttoning the upper half of the shirt, revealing parts of Lukas’ chest. 

That felt so arousing, Ysaac was not going to deny it in any shape or form. There was so much that he wanted to do to Lukas, his entire being having yearned for it for years. Who knew he’d be given such a prime chance for it… only if Lukas wasn’t the fucking billionaire he was trying to ruin. 

Their lips separated as Ysaac backed off, wiping his mouth with his arm. “Gross. Can’t believe what sort of pathetic thing you’ve become,” he spat out as he looked at Lukas, laying down on the sofa, his shirt partially unbuttoned and his long hair messily sprawled around and lips parted. His chest was moving up and down, and so was Lukas’. How much he wanted to pin him down once more was undeniable, but Ysaac was not going to do that to a person whose entire being he hated.

His hand picked up his helmet, putting it back on his head as he turned around and headed for the balcony just as Lukas got up, his breathing heavy. 

“Where do you think you’re going?” He hissed, walking forward just as Ysaac opened the balcony door and got outside. 

The only answer he got, however, was Ysaac holding up his grappling hook before suddenly aiming it at the closest building and shooting. Lukas barely had time to run forward to try and grab him, yet it was already too late. With perfect ease, Ysaac had already jumped the gap over to the roof of the other building, leaving Lukas behind. 

Once safely there, Ysaac shrugged, locking eyes from the distance with the Gray Wolf as his hands disarmed the hook and put it back on its holster. 

“Sorry, not sorry. Not interested in spending any more time with a money-hoarding loser such as you. Bye!” Ysaac laughed as his visor covered his face once more and his figure vanished into the night.

The only thing Lukas was left with was his half-unbuttoned shirt, revealing part of his chest in the night wind as he leaned on the balcony railing and stared at where Ysaac had previously been.