Chapter 004 – Illogical Concern

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When Xiao Yu opened his eyes again, he found himself lying on the palms of a human. Thinking that Yan Jin had come back, he subconsciously became cautious.

He immediately realized that something was amiss; it was impossible for Yan Jin to be back so early, and more crucially, the person holding him was so careful that it didn’t seem like how that rough and violent Yan Jin would act.

Before Xiao Yu could conclude his thoughts, he heard shocked gasps.

“You’ve woken up? Don’t bite me, I brought you a new home.”

It was a woman’s voice.

Xiao Yu’s first reaction was this person had to be Yan Jin’s little lover. But when he looked up and took glanced at the person, he knew that it was definitely impossible.

Appearance: normal; classiness: none; and she was not young. Most importantly, she was wearing a uniform.

She was… a helper?

Thinking about it, that should be it. Yan Jin had left for work without any concerns, and his bed was still as messy as when he had left that morning. Someone must have come over to clean them up.

Up to this point, everything seemed normal. But when Xiao Yu saw himself surrounded by five to six helpers, he was speechless beyond words.

Why was there a need for that many people to clean a villa?

Xiao Yu sunk into his hatred for the rich, silently ridiculing Yan Jin’s squanderous behavior.

In fact, Yan Jin’s villa would only be scheduled for cleaning every weekend, which was why there was a need for so many people to come over for the cleanup. Normally, there would only be one person that came over to tidy the living room and the kitchen. In addition, most of the time, they were not allowed to enter Yan Jin’s room.

As for today, it was an unusual situation.

After all, Chairman Yan who had rushed to work, needed someone to come over to attend to the new household member.

Thankfully, Xiao Yu’s IQ wasn’t that low. As he was placed inside a transparent hamster cage, he finally and gradually realized that all this was probably Yan Jin’s arrangement to allow the helpers take care of the hamster in the house while they came over to clean up.

Although Xiao Yu didn’t like Yan Jin a single bit, at this moment, he did feel deeply touched.

He did not keep any pets in the past, so he could never really understand it when he heard about how some owners treated their pets like a family member. Now that he had become a fragile little life, he finally realized how it felt to be taken to heart and treated gently. It was such a beautiful thing.

As one of the helpers placed Xiao Yu into the cage covered with wood shavings, she then poured some hamster food into the plastic container. After that, she picked up the empty hamster bottle and filled it with cooled, boiled water and anchored the refilled water bottle inside Xiao Yu’s cage.

Just before she capped the bottle, Xiao Yu clearly saw the helper put two or three pieces of dried chrysanthemum inside the bottle. Then the helper left that small bag of dried chrysanthemum on the desk.

That action made Xiao Yu puzzled; he himself wasn’t sure of the habits and livelihood of hamsters, but after using his human line of thoughts to think – using dried flowers to make chrysanthemum-soaked ‘tea’ – that was probably prepared to prevent a hamster from suffering excessive internal heat during the summer.

But, was that also Yan Jin’s special request?

Xiao Yu was somewhat puzzled; yesterday Yan Jin behaved like he didn’t even like him at all, and he even threw a tantrum this morning. No matter how much he wondered about it, there was no reason for Yan Jin to suddenly treat him so well and even think about such detailed issues.

Moreover, just based on the impression that he had of Yan Jin during his time as a human– Yan Jin didn’t seem like someone who would treat a pet so meticulously.

It was probably the helper’s own experience of keeping a hamster.

At this kind of moment, Xiao Yu selectively decided to ignore the possibility that the helpers that Yan Jin had hired never had the ability to defy his instructions. In short, he thought that it was more reasonable to think otherwise.

The helpers took away Yan Jin’s blanket and laid out a new one from the wardrobe. Other than that, without touching anything else, they all left the room.

Xiao Yu’s new home was placed on the ground. In such a mature chairman’s tidy bedroom, that pink hamster cage stuck out like a sore thumb.

The horizon from the ground was bad; no matter which direction Xiao Yu faced, he could only see the dark bottom of the bed. To make matters worse, this cage could only be opened from the outside. Even with the intelligence of a human, Xiao Yu could not think of any way to get out since he was locked in.

The cage was single-storied; a small house was placed on top of the base that was covered with wooden shavings. There was a plastic food tray filled with food and a soap container with bath sand inside. There was also a water bottle that hung at the side. But that was all. So, Xiao Yu who was now locked inside could only crouch into a ball and depressingly munch on his melon seeds.

Although he claimed that he had long prepared himself to behave, the mentality of becoming a human’s pet when his freedom was taken away was difficult to bear.

Xiao Yu consoled himself that this unbearable feeling was only temporary. He needed to adapt to the fact that he would be living a caged life from now on. To survive, he needed to get used to this sort of lifestyle. Even if the owner wasn’t Yan Jin, it was impossible for him to have a human-like lifestyle.

But…… Yan Jin was a big-time chairman! To only offer such a simple and crude cage, what a petty tyrant!

It was all Yan Jin’s fault.

Xiao Yu unreasonably pushed all the blame onto Yan Jin.

Xiao Yu spent the entire boring day munching and sleeping away. Although the feeling of knowing that there was food whenever he was hungry, and water whenever he was thirsty, Xiao Yu still impatiently hoped that Yan Jin could quickly come home and let him out to play.

Perhaps God really heard Xiao Yu’s request – Yan Jin who normally stayed late for work really ended work early.

When Xiao Yu heard the noise from outside the room, his entire (hamster) body perked up energetically.

The moment Yan Jin entered his room, the first thing he saw was the hamster cage on the floor. He frowned deeply.

The cage’s design was to allow people to easily observe the hamster’s activities which was why most of the parts were transparent, except for the base and the top part that was colored in glaring pink. There were even glowing heart shapes on it, giving people a cute and lovely feeling. Yet that kind of style that was purely filled with a maiden’s heart was practically an eyesore in the eyes of the cold-blooded, full-grown male chairman.

Such a cage destroyed the harmonious balance of the concisely-styled private bedroom. It was almost a devastating presence and had to be exterminated. At this moment, Yan Jin extremely regretted leaving such an important small matter to the helpers. He took big steps forward, opened the cage, and grabbed the attention seeking hamster out from it. He then picked up the cage and threw it out of the room.

Xiao Yu giddily gave Yan Jin a big thumbs-up in his heart for getting rid of the cage that limited his freedom, completely forgetting that without the cage, there was no more food from that container and water in the bottle.

Yan Jin did not put Xiao Yu down. Instead, he grabbed him and walked straight into the bathroom and placed Xiao Yu under the faucet.

(T/N & PSA: Hamsters don’t need water baths, DON’T. *smacks YJ*)

Xiao Yu: “Squeak.”

There’s a saying that goes: unfamiliar at first but well accustomed soon enough (Chinese idiom).

After bathing and drying the hamster, Yan Jin put Xiao Yu down on the desk. He picked up his mobile phone to check for news on his WeChat, placed it down, and then walked back into the bathroom.

After being cooped up for an entire day, Xiao Yu, who had finally gained freedom felt extremely blessed. He went around Yan Jin’s desk and narrowed his sights onto Yan Jin’s mobile phone.

Yan Jin was being careless. Although there was a pin padlock setting on the phone, he did not turn off his screen after checking his WeChat. That allowed Xiao Yu to successfully slip through the loophole.

Of course, it wasn’t that it really was a careless mistake; no matter careful a person was, he would never think of a hamster peeping at a human’s phone.

At the last second, before the screen darkened, Xiao Yu placed his paw on the screen. In his heart, he felt very nervous because he was not sure if a hamster could use a touchscreen. Perhaps it was a blessing from above, but he unexpectedly could successfully operate Yan Jin’s phone!

This was Yan Jin’s phone; the source of all the secrets of that cold-hearted and mysterious big-time chairman, Yan Jin!