Chapter 009 – Fishy’s iPad

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“What are you doing? Hurry up and apologize to the customer!” The store manager walked over hurriedly and pushed the young lady away.

As if woken up from her dreams, the young lady shuddered as she apologized, “Sorry, I, I…”

Yan Jin waved his hand as he stood up and walked towards the manager, taking Xiao Yu’s carrier from her hands.

“How is it? Are there any problems?” Xiao Yu wasn’t sure if he was hallucinating, but he felt a tinge of nervousness when Yan Jin asked that.


He’s strong enough to whack a bear to death!

The manager showed respect for Xiao Yu as she praised him: “There’s no problem with him. Your pet is very healthy and very intelligent.”

“Thank you.”

That was the last sentence Yan Jin said in that clinic.

When Xiao Yu was brought back to the Lamborghini, he was locked inside the carrier.

He scratched the edge of the carrier while he squeaked in various high pitches to express his displeasure.


Soon, Yan Jin was at wit’s end with the protesting Xiao Yu. He sternly tapped against Xiao Yu’s carrier and said, “Can you promise that you won’t move around this time?”

Xiao Yu nodded his head continuously.

Yan Jin clicked his tongue and let Xiao Yu out from the carrier.

Xiao Yu was ecstatic that Yan Jin was easy to talk with, while Chairman Yan was befuddled at how this hamster acted like a spirit had possessed it, criticizing himself for not having a bottom line.

The round hamster rolled onto the seat, jumped backward, and then leaned his face on the surface as he stopped all movement.

The returning journey remained at a slow speed, the car ride experience was extremely horrible. Xiao Yu could only make up for it by rubbing himself on the seat or rolling himself around.

After a daunting experience and returning home without any mishap, it was close to meal time. Yan Jin placed Xiao Yu on the coffee table and gave him a few rubs.

“I’m going to cook something. You stay here, don’t run around.”


Yes, boss. No problem, boss.

The shocking fact that Yan Jin was able to cook a meal had been established earlier that morning; unfamiliar at first, but easy to get used to soon enough. Plus, that tomato-stewed fish was quite delicious. That made Xiao Yu look forward to lunch. Most importantly, Yan Jin was willing to cook human food for him.

Xiao Yu noticed that there was an iPad on the coffee table. Puzzled, because he did not see any iPad there that morning. Did someone leave it there when they had gone out?

He walked around the iPad – there was no name written on the casing, and it was not like it belonged to an elementary school kid.

Xiao Yu used to have an iPad but he mostly just played games on it. Since it didn’t have any important things inside, he did not set any password for it. He looked at that iPad, thought for a moment, and then pressed the home button.

Fortunately, it was not locked.

This first thing that Xiao Yu did was tap on the calendar and verified the date –

July 2025. The summer from one year ago.

Time had really turned back to eight months ago.

Xiao Yu tapped open Baidu and searched for the few major events that he knew would happen soon. However, there were no records of them at all. Yet, when he searched the things that happened a year before, the results were no different from the ones in his memories.

Did that mean that he could foresee the future in the next eight months? Goddammit! Becoming rich overnight wasn’t just a dream anymore!

Wait, he had no use for money, he was not even human!

Could it be that there was no meaning in this foretelling of one year ahead? No, there had to be a reason. Xiao Yu thought of Yan Jin. He could help Yan Jin make YL into S City’s number one jewelry group.

Wait, YL was already currently S City’s number one jewelry group.

Or more specifically, they were not at this stage yet. Because at this point in time, YL was still competing with SI as the top jewelry group on equal standing. However, in just eight months, YL would steadily become S City’s number one jewelry group.

Then… how about pulling Yan Jin off the throne and help his previous company, SI, take the lead? That idea was great, and the thought of having Yan Jin underneath him was truly gratifying.

But before that, Xiao Yu had a huge problem – how would he use this hamster’s body to operate?

If his performance was too outstanding, would he be sent to labs as a research subject?

Xiao Yu shuddered. He sighed as he continued searching online.

Using the hamster’s short paws to type words was extremely inconvenient — Xiao Yu could barely operate it after he changed the typing format to the dialer keypad. He inputted his own name into the search bar. At least he was quite well-known in the fashion industry, should a well-known designer pass away in a car accident, there would surely be some reports on it.

Unsure if it was fortunate or unfortunate, Xiao Yu did not see any related news about the car accident. Instead, he saw the news on Weibo that he’d be attending a dinner party in three days.

Xiao Yu still remembered that dinner party. It was an event where the industry’s big brothers gathered to discuss collaborations and stuff like that. After that event, there would be the crucial Autumn Season Jewelry Conference. That was why that dinner party was considered to be an event for exchanging important information.

Xiao Yu did not have much impression on what happened after the dinner party, but the ‘him’ in this event remembered.

Which mean to say that ‘Xiao Yu’ was indeed still alive. Or more accurately, the human Xiao Yu was alive.

Xiao Yu recalled all the movies he watched for the past twenty some years that was related to time travel. He remembered the theory that the same person could not appear together in the same world. Or maybe now that he had become a hamster, his form had changed, and therefore it would not be considered as the same person?

What the hell?

Xiao Yu quickly gave up on thinking about this meaningless question. Knowing that his human self was still alive with no way to return, any wrong move might cause him to end up losing his life again. That was not worth it. After all, such illogical matters had already happened, and Xiao Yu really dared not try to look for a logical answer.

He was still alive now. Even if he had become a hamster, he was at least still alive, and that was good enough.

Soon, Yan Jin took out a few dishes as he saw the hamster staring sternly at the iPad on the table, which prompted him to walk closer. When Xiao Yu was using the iPad, he paid extra attention to the movements in the kitchen. When he saw Yan Jin from the corner of his eyes, he quickly closed the website and randomly tapped around.

“You like this thing?” Yan Jin raised his eyebrow, “I can give it to you.”

Xiao Yu absolutely did not feel happy. Instead of believing that Yan Jin suddenly turned generous, he was more inclined to believe that when someone begins to show kindness without reason or cause, he must have conducted something evil or obscene.

Indeed, Yan Jin revealed an evil expression in the next second, “But you have to think of a way to get it.”

Yan Jin raised the iPad into the air and Xiao Yu quickly dashed to grab it, but with a short lift from Yan Jin’s hand, the edge of the iPad was out of reach. After jumping several times, Xiao Yu ended up in complete failure.

Watching Yan Jin’s delighted expression, the displeasure in Xiao Yu’s heart instantly shot upwards. Evil grew from the side of the bravery – he quickly ran forward and used all his strength for a jump. He opened his mouth and aimed for Yan Jin’s finger.


Yan Jin released his hand in shock, not expecting Xiao Yu to make a feint as he did not even touch his sleeve, as he quickly dodged it. The iPad landed back onto the coffee table. Xiao Yu dashed and jumped on it as if showing off that he was the winner.

“That’s too smart of you…” Yan Jin looked unbelievably as he poked Xiao Yu, “Did you become a spirit?”

Xiao Yu shook his head – of course, he hadn’t become a spirit, he was more advanced than a spirit — he had been reborn.

Yan Jin sighed again as he took a marker pen out of nowhere, flipped open the cover, and took the iPad out from underneath Xiao Yu.

“Relax, I’m not snatching it from you. I’m leaving a mark.”

Xiao Yu scooted over and saw Yan Jin writing on the casing –

Fishy’s iPad.

Never did he think that Yan Jin would keep his word, or rather, why would Yan Jin really give an iPad to a hamster? Xiao Yu surprisingly felt a bit touched.

But this touching moment only lasted until the end of lunch.

The visitor sat on the sofa with a shocked expression as he saw the words scribbled on the cover of the iPad.

Chu Ge almost wept blood and tears as he complained, “Yan Jin, are you crazy?!”

“What’s wrong with me?” Yan Jin replied candidly without a tinge of guilt, “I haven’t even investigated the matter of you coming here without permission to ask for a meal.”

“I came here without permission? When I came here this morning, you already left the house. Didn’t I send a message to you that I’ll be coming here in the afternoon?”

Yan Jin replied with a sudden realization: “Oh, is that so…”

“Yes, yes, I’ve told you before.”

“I agreed?” Yan Jin blinked his eyes: “Plus, how did you know I was not going to be out for the whole day?”


Watching Yan Jin’s seemingly smiling expression, Chu Ge choked on his words. He literally choked. He ran into the kitchen and gulped down a glass of water before he got back to his seat in distress.

Completely stripped from the imposing manner from earlier, he suddenly felt terrified like a coward.

Looking at Chu Ge’s guilty and stupified expression, Yan Jin snorted coldly.

Seeing that things had fallen through, Chu Ge mustered his courage and replied reluctantly: “It’s really not my fault, you’re the only son of the Yan family. Everyone’s worried. If anything happened to you then…”

Seeing how Yan Jin was still indifferent, Chu Ge immediately begged for forgiveness: “The tracking device is installed on your mobile phone. I’ve only used the location tracking function, I swear. I’ve only used it a few times. Plus, I’m here to generously give you things.”

“That’s straightforward honesty.” Yan Jin replied with profound ambiguity: “Do you know why I did not change my phone for the past three years?”

Chu Ge immediately got the meaning, and his heart started racing instantly.

Yan Jin probably knew about this matter long ago. In order not to let his family create trouble for him, he purposefully revealed this Achilles heel for them to hold on to. As per Chu Ge’s understanding of Yan Jin’s personality, this tracking device could only track down things that Yan Jin wanted the family to know.

When the immortals fight, mortals like him should not interfere at all.

Yan Jin waved his hands, and it looked like he was not that angry. Chu Ge heaved a sigh of relief and realized that something was not right.

“Wait, no matter what…” Chu Ge swept Xiao Yu away who was on top of the iPad and grudgingly said, “You can’t just give away my iPad just like that?”

“This thing was in my house. Naturally, it is mine. Now, it’s his.” Yan Jin pointed at Xiao Yu.

“Damn you, I left this behind in the morning…”

“Are you admitting that you’re trespassing?” Yan Jin replied apathetically.

It’s not like it had only been one or two days since Chu Ge had known Yan Jin, he rarely joked with anyone. Since he had spoken up to this point, Chu Ge understood the seriousness under the idle talk. He could only grit his teeth and swallow his words. It was just an iPad, he could treat it as giving Yan Jin a gift because of the years of friendship they had.

Giving it…. to Yan Jin’s hamster.

Chu Ge sullenly thought.

Xiao Yu who witnessed the entire event simply felt wowed in his heart.

To think that he felt grateful towards Yan Jin, and yet his end goal was to give Chu Ge a lesson. Giving him the iPad was a complimentary move.