Chapter 015 – Man Proposes But God Disposes

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The days passed quickly as Xiao Yu spent his days eating, drinking, and playing.

Yan Jin’s life was very stagnant. He would leave home by 7 a.m., but his return at night wasn’t fixed – sometimes 6 p.m. if early, or around 9 p.m. if late. Xiao Yu was free to do anything for this long period of time. His life now was more regulated as well– he would go to bed in his cage at around 10:30 p.m. and get up at 7 a.m. in the morning.

Lately, he started downloading games on his iPad. Using his knowledge and experience about future events, Xiao Yu’s accounts in the games had smooth successes. There was one game that he registered for when it had just debuted. Without spending a penny, he still managed to fight his way up the ranks, which pleased him greatly.

That ability to foresee the future allowed Xiao Yu to gain a lot of online gaming friends, and many more that asked to become his disciple. Xiao Yu did not dare to agree to those requests though; his current situation was too unique. He could only type a few words to communicate, but if the buttons were too far, then he wouldn’t be able to handle it. What if the person requested a voice chat? That would easily blow his cover. He had to be more cautious.

For at least half a month, Xiao Yu was extremely absorbed in his games. One day, Yan Jin threw a big tantrum that brought him back to reality — he had forgotten about his real goals.

“I don’t need to see such designs. They will never be comparable to SI’s. If you guys can’t produce a suitable product in five days, then we’ll simply abandon this order. I don’t have to let myself be shamed by this!”

The last sentence was shouted in a high tone that shocked Xiao Yu as he dropped the melon seed in his hands.

Yan Jin shot a glance at Xiao Yu. He continued the phone call while picking up the melon seed and passed it back to him. Xiao Yu wanted to accept the offer, but he suddenly felt playful. He laid his entire hamster body into Yan Jin’s palm while hugging the melon seed as he rolled left and right.

Yan Jin reluctantly put down his phone and blocked Xiao Yu, who was about to fall off.

“Fishy, stop messing around.”

“Squeakk.” You’re home already, stop vexing over your company matters.

Yan Jin thought that his tone had scared Xiao Yu, but the issues in his company were indeed troubling, so he could only reply, “Take your tomato and go play with it. I’ll make the phone call in the living room. I’ll be back really soon.”

With that, Yan Jin placed the tomato before Xiao Yu again and really walked out of the bedroom. Xiao Yu had mixed feelings about it. Before this, Chairman Yan would be the one to throw people out from the room. Without his random intervention, he did not expect Chairman Yan to ‘request’ to leave the room. Such honor was more than enough for him to flaunt this for his entire life.

Too bad he was not a human anymore; the criteria were not met.

About five minutes later, Yan Jun still did not return.

Slow, too slow.

Not knowing when Yan Jin would come in again, Xiao Yu did not dare to play his game. Hence, he could only roll around on the keyboard lamely.

Why did Yan Jin throw such a big fuss?

Maybe it was because YL’s design drafts weren’t up to standard.

Back then, SI and YL were on par in the fashion circle, until a young designer started revealing his outstanding talent and thus broke the balance.

Yeap, that person was him, Xiao Yu.

Thinking about it, Xiao Yu was quite proud of himself. His career in designing was smooth sailing. He did not have much confidence when he first joined the trade. He feared that he would not be on the same standard as those college graduates. But one by one, the public recognized his products. Gradually, he showed his abilities and brought SI’s design team to compete at a higher level with YL.

Until that mystery designer appeared.

Before that designer appeared, YL was no match for SI. Even with YL’s powerful background, they could not withstand continuous failure. At best, they were considered to a new enterprise that was on par with SI, but they were not a company that could replace SI as S City’s number one jewelry group.

Xiao Yu felt a little guilty. The reasons behind Yan Jin’s anger also included a human Xiao Yu.

Come to think of it, had that mysterious designer appeared yet?

In the next moment, Xiao Yu realized that he had been playing around too much these past few days. In this one month, that mystery designer would appear, and he was not even a single bit nervous!

Xiao Yu first looked at the date again – August 12th, one entire month had passed since he became a hamster. That overseas tycoon should have contacted both corporations by now, and they should have announced the order. There was at most half a month left before SI and YL were to present their products.

Only half a month left?! If the mystery designer still doesn’t appear, then it will all be too late!!

Xiao Yu anxiously paced around. It looked like Yan Jin still had not come into contact with the mystery designer. Xiao Yu even peeped at Yan Jin’s computer while he was away for the last few days, but there was no trace of that designer.

What was happening?

Yet, no matter how anxious Xiao Yu was, nothing would change. As a hamster, he could not attain very much information. Yan Jin handled most of his work at his company. There were at least eight hours a day that Xiao Yu could not get his paws on. If that mystery designer had met Yan Jin at his company, then he would be helpless.

Xiao Yu felt frustrated. A few moments later, he suddenly recalled Yan Jin throwing a temper tantrum earlier.

This period of time should include that tycoon’s order, right? Now that he thought about it, there was something wrong when Yan Jin made his phone call earlier…

Xiao Yu recalled what Yan Jin said earlier –

“I don’t have to see such designs. They will never be comparable to SI’s. If you guys can’t produce a suitable product in five days, then we’ll simply abandon this order. I don’t have to let myself be shamed by this!”

The questionable part was here – “They will never be comparable to SI’s.”

Why would Yan Jin know that it would not be comparable to SI’s? Unless he already knew what SI’s design draft looked like?

Of course, that might have just been some angry talk that had no special meaning to it. Xiao Yu knew that he could be overthinking it, but this point in time was the most crucial period. He couldn’t help but suspect Yan Jin’s every move and every word— every small detail could lead to a bit of truth in this entire mystery.

When there was suspicion, there had to be verification. Xiao Yu glanced at the glowing computer screen and the tightly closed doors. He decided to take a risk.

If Yan Jin were to open his door and enter at this time, then he would be completely exposed.

Such sneaky acts really didn’t feel good.

Yan Jin’s QQ was still logged in, completely defenseless towards the peeper.

Xiao Yu went through the recent conversation records, but did not find anything suspicious. Then he searched through the other conversations, but there were no issues. Lastly, he switched to Yan Jin’s email.

Previously, he did not think of going through Yan Jin’s email. He remembered the email because he had seen Lin Zhou’s email to Yan Jin.

In fact, there were some clues in the email.

Two days ago, Lin Zhou had sent another email to Yan Jin again.

Even though he was clearly rejected, he still had the audacity to contact Yan Jin!

Xiao Yu ridiculed Lin Zhou’s shameless actions while he quickly clicked open the email.

The contents of the email were indescribable, to the point that after Xiao Yu had finished reading, he couldn’t even describe his complicated feelings.

It seemed like Lin Zhou still had a little bit of shame left, as he did not come bending and scraping to curry favor. This time, he had sent an email to Yan Jin and the shocking contents included his product design draft.

It was a draft that had no extra information and once again declared that he would win the order using his skills and ability to work with the overseas corporation, and wishing that Yan Jin would not regret his decisions by then.

The draft that Lin Zhou sent was indeed outstanding, making people anticipate how it would look upon completion. The email looked like a protest to recover some lost ground – nothing seemed to be suspicious at all.

The problem was, that draft did not even belong to Lin Zhou!

That was his — Xiao Yu’s draft. Even if a long time had passed, he could still recognize the things that he had drawn!

Senior, oh Senior.

Xiao Yu’s little paw scratched the desk, viciously drawing two vague lines on the surface.

What was more laughable was that the real human “Xiao Yu” was still completely unaware of all this. He was sure that Lin Zhou had stolen this draft from him in the past. Even though they had a close relationship, Xiao Yu would never hand over an incomplete draft to Lin Zhou.

That was a professional designer’s basic work ethic. Xiao Yu would have never given that to him. Likewise, Lin Zhou would have never asked him for that draft.

Lin Zhou himself should be aware of that. Even if those weren’t big deals, from the moment he made his previous actions – from the carpet’s order onwards – there was no return for him.

That was theft and plagiarism, a commercial crime.

Lin Zhou even dared to send his drafts to Yan Jin. With that alone, even if that draft was Lin Zhou’s own work, if Yan Jin were to be calculative with him, his reputation would be a goner in the industry.

Thankfully, he made full use of Yan Jin’s personality – Chairman Yan would only treat this as a provocation and he would not have any other thoughts about it.

It seemed like Lin Zhou was hell-bent on entering YL. For that purpose, Lin Zhou was even willing to bet his future on it.

Xiao Yu really couldn’t figure it out. How was SI not comparable to YL? Why did he have to go to such an extent?

The more he thought, the more he felt wronged – because of his inability to see this familiar person’s true colors and because of his current incapability.

In that email, Lin Zhou even mentioned that he would be winning the deal this time. Lin Zhou did not say that it was SI who would be winning the deal, but as a designer himself.

That was one hell of a declaration.

Using someone else’s draft, and claiming that he would be winning.

Xiao Yu looked at the screen and squeaked as his heart was filled with contempt.

Which was to say, Lin Zhou was confident that he would outdo Xiao Yu. On what grounds? Based on just a draft? It was just a draft, but what if he made major amendments to it?

Wait, that draft…


Xiao Yu’s nails snapped as he pressed too harshly, but he did not realize that a single bit.

The ball of angry fire almost burned him to crisps.

Yes, yes, so that was how.

Every designer had some small habits whenever they were designing, and Xiao Yu was no exception. For instance, whenever he had some thoughts on his mind, or several sketches on his hands, he would draw a stick figure of a little fish on the piece of work that he was most satisfied with. Not many people knew about that habit of his, but every designer had different habits that would be present on their final drafts. Lin Zhou coincidentally knew that.

Xiao Yu looked at the little fish mark at the bottom right-hand corner. He had nowhere to vent the frustration within him.

With that draft, even if he could not guarantee anything else, it could indeed outdo the current Xiao Yu. What was more absurd was that even when Xiao Yu was tricked by this, he would never link the thoughts to Lin Zhou.

The Xiao Yu who was the outsider now was so tempted to give a thumbs-up to that solo performer, Lin Zhou. What a great plan.

Stepping on someone else’s work to achieve his status. That was something an outdated designer would do. Xiao Yu once thought that such a person would never appear by his side. Never did he expect that a human heart would be that unpredictable.

Xiao Yu coldly smirked.

With all the preparations you made, you just had to fail through the lack of a final effort.

That order would not land Xiao Yu’s hands, nor would it be in Lin Zhou’s.

Man proposes but God disposes. A good plan would never be faster than the changes.

That draft would end up in the hands of a mystery designer who would outdo Lin Zhou’s standards by using a style that resembled Xiao Yu’s work by making the best amendments to this imperfect draft, and winning the glory in one go.

Thus, paving the road to success for YL, and beginning SI’s nightmare that would last for more than half a year.