Chapter 023 – The Guide to Approach a CEO

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T/N: In case it’s still confusing, Nan Wei (real name) = Nannan (online nickname).

Xiao Yu did not have high expectations of the precision of the drawing. He had high goals for himself and would ensure every detail to be close to perfection. But now that he was under the care of someone else, he had no choice but to lower his expectations. He did after all ask help from somebody else; he could not ask for too much and make things difficult for them. At that moment, he merely hoped that Nannan could fulfill the overall requirements stated. All in all, Nannan was just a xxxbao online shop owner. Xiao Yu should not expect too much from him.

Nannan said he would be done in twenty-four hours – in fact, he did finish the drawing within a day. When Xiao Yu received the folder from Nannan, he wasn’t feeling too pleased about it. Even Xiao Yu himself could not have completed a drawing in such a short time frame – it must be skimpy work. If Nannan was his subordinate, Xiao Yu would not even accept such a folder and would even give him a good scolding.

However, when he opened the folder that was sent, Xiao Yu was shocked speechless.

Putting everything else aside, Xiao Yu realized that a computerized drawing was in fact on par with a professional one.

Xiao Yu enlarged the drawing to three hundred percent to check on the details. After which, he had to admit that Nannan’s drawing skills were comparable to his. So good that he couldn’t even point out any major technical errors. In addition, Nannan was proficient in computerized drawing to do his final touch ups. Although the touch ups were not of significantly used, it was a rare feat for any designer that did do it.

DIDI. It was the sound of a message notification.

[Nannan]: How is it, Guru? I really did my best!

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: You have high standards. Those original drawings on the website can’t represent your usual standards, right?

[Nannan]: Why of course! Talents shouldn’t be flaunted after all~

The Nan Wei behind the computer screen mentally said ‘As if’ in his heart – the drawings on his online shop were in fact his real standards.

The reason why that final drawing was so well done was because he had humbled himself and asked his childhood sweetheart for help. His sweetheart was not a person in the designing industry, but a digital board drawer who was a master in the construction industry. After Nan Wei dragged that person to his house, they pulled an all-nighter together as Nan Wei personally supervised every change that was made. That person was still lying in his room to catch some sleep, whereas he was too excited to rest. He anxiously waited for his Guru to come online so that he could show off his work.

One had to find a specialist for a specialized field. Even for someone like FISH Guru, he was probably too shocked for words now.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: Good job. Go back to take a look at the second paragraph, request number seven and the third paragraph, request number two.

[Nannan]: Huh?

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: If there’s anything you don’t understand, you must ask me. Don’t try to muddle your way through. The main focus wasn’t the standard of the drawing as the core is the design itself. Every point that is stated in the folder must be fulfilled. Don’t jump straight into the finer details for the next drawing – it’s too time consuming.

I. Have. To. Redraw?!

Nan Wei swallowed the blood he was about to vomit and then comforted himself. Well, if FISH was satisfied with such standards, he wouldn’t have become SI’s ace in the first place.

[Nannan]: Okay Guru, I’ll go fix it right away.

[Nannan]: widesmile.jpg

Xiao Yu felt really delighted after seeing Nannan’s reply. He did not expect Nannan to have such a good attitude now compared to how unwilling he was initially. Seemed like it was true that money could really do wonders – what an accurate statement.

In addition, he did not think that Nannan would have such high standards! Xiao Yu was really lucky; that five hundred thousand was worth spending.

With such quick and such high-quality work, even if the design was lacking, the skills made up for it. With a few more amendments, the drawing would surely turn out well. If he was still a human, Xiao Yu might even consider recommending Nannan to his company. Even if Nannan couldn’t become a designer, an assistant wouldn’t be a bad start either.

Never did Xiao Yu realized that at the same moment, Nan Wei’s emotions had already fallen to rock bottom because of his rejection. It was that good-temperament as a xxxbao shop owner that made Nan Wei react so positively. Plus, the reason why Nan Wei was putting in so much effort was not because of his greediness for that five hundred thousand, it was simply because –

Yan Jin was his cousin.

YL’s CEO Yan Jin, that was his cousin!

They met two days ago, and that was why Nan Wei was well aware of how YL had suffered previously because of SI’s ace designer, FISH. This time, his cousin was even being challenged by a person whose surname was Lin. To be honest, he was really worried for Yan Jin.

Who would have guessed that a few days later, FISH was in fact going to go undercover to design for YL!

It was a total surprise. No matter what had caused all this, Nan Wei felt like laughing out loud as he watched the competitors fight amongst themselves.

Nan Wei did go online and he questioned Xiao Yu earlier on why he wanted to do such a thing. But Xiao Yu refused to directly answer the question and only replied vaguely, like how SI treated him unfairly, and that he wanted to jump over to YL.

Although Nan Wei was a gossiper, since FISH was not willing to disclose the information, then he would not force him. Even if this was something that FISH decided to do after momentarily going crazy, so what? No matter how Nan Wei viewed this matter from different perspectives, it was a win-win situation for YL.

Also, it seemed like he could finally return the years of favors back to his cousin, Yan Jin, even if it was just a small payback.


Nannan’s situation was proceeding smoothly – so smoothly that it was beyond what Xiao Yu had expected. Xiao Yu gradually guessed that Nannan wasn’t doing his work alone. That was understandable. After all, Nannan was just an ordinary jewelry businessman; it was not surprising for him to have a few designers by his side. At the pace that they were going, the ideal drawing in Xiao Yu’s heart would be completed in two days’ time.

This collaborator was so skilled that it was more than what Xiao Yu had asked for. Every time he ended his conversation with Nannan, Xiao Yu’s face would be plastered with a smile. If Yan Jin were to come home at this moment, he would probably end up taking pictures with his phone again.

Oh right, Yan Jin’s photography addiction had become more obvious lately.

Other than the increase in the frequency of taking pictures, during these few days, Yan Jin’s attitude towards Xiao Yu had become even more conniving than before. Xiao Yu still remembered that when he had just arrived at this house, every shower that he was forced to take had almost taken away half his life. But for the past two days, Yan Jin ordered a custom-made mini bathtub and had it installed inside the ‘playroom’ on the second level. After which, Xiao Yu’s shower changed from enduring the water pressure running from the sink tap, to taking a pink foamy bubble bath in that mini bathtub while he played with his mini yellow duckie.

{T/N: Again, hamsters don’t need baths at all.}

There was a time when it got too comfortable and Xiao Yu fell asleep in the water. After he was rescued by Yan Jin, who was at the side watching the whole time, Yan Jin angrily told him off and then went to order a custom-made mini-sized swimming loop.

Xiao Yu was able to swim in his own bathtub ever since.

Not only that; the most exaggerating change was to his food supply. Previously, his hamster food was mostly purchased by Chu Ge through xxxbao shops and were directly sent to Yan Jin’s place. Only a handful of times did Yan Jin went to purchase the hamster food from the pet shop after his work. Although most of the time, Yan Jin only remembered to buy melon seeds and walnut. But now, Yan Jin would not only do his own research from the hamster food brand’s official website, he even created a data-chart comparing the consumption speed and amount of leftovers between different brands. And from that data-chart, Yan Jin would choose three of Xiao Yu’s most favorite brand and proceed to preorder a year’s worth of supply.

When Xiao Yu accidentally chanced upon Yan Jin looking at the data chart, he had to prostrate his hamster body in admiration.

Well done, absolutely well done.

When Yan Jin treated him well, of course Xiao Yu was happy too. Yet, Xiao Yu realized over the past two days that Yan Jin had been spending less time playing with him. And whenever he saw CEO Yan, his face would be gloomy.

It was not weird at all. Xiao Yu did know the reason – It was probably because of that mysterious millionaire’s order. Every time Xiao Yu saw Yan Jin scolding his subordinates on the phone, he would have the urge to tell him that YL’s main drawing was already in progress.

At this point, Xiao Yu had basically confirmed that the original mystery designer had been successfully replaced by himself. Thank goodness he started the plan on time. Now that Nannan’s side was progressing really well, with the basic styles already in place, they were onto fine tuning the smaller details.

The drawing was an essential step, but it was not considered to be the most important step.

The mysterious designer had a similar designing style just like him. Xiao Yu could still vaguely remember what those winning drawings looked like from his previous life. Now that everything was repeating itself, it wasn’t difficult for him as a designer. But, how exactly did Yan Jin end up agreeing to collaborate with a designer of unknown backgrounds? And he even promised that designer to keep his identity a secret. Xiao Yu really couldn’t figure that out.

When Xiao Yu told Nannan his identity, it was because he had no choice but to do so. Perhaps this order was not that well-known to the public. However, the Autumn Season Conference was a national, large-scaled event. If Nannan did not see his own work on SI’s product display, but instead YL’s, he would surely become suspicious about Xiao Yu’s identity. If that were the case, Xiao Yu would rather inform Nannan earlier that he was in fact drawing for YL. As for the reason, he’d let Nannan imagine on his own. Plus, Xiao Yu even took into consideration that because Nannan’s Whispers shop was based in B City, as long as Nannan didn’t suddenly appear in S City to look for the human Xiao Yu, then his real identity wouldn’t be exposed.

However, Yan Jin was not as easy as dealing with Nannan. Xiao Yu could not reveal to Yan Jin that he was in fact FISH in his current situation. Otherwise, Yan Jin might end up meeting the human Xiao Yu at the dinner party, and if they started talking to one another,  trouble would ensue from there.

There was no choice. Xiao Yu could not think of a better excuse at this point. So, he could only try and watch Yan Jin’s attitude.

Assuming that Xiao Yu had made a correct estimate, Yan Jin would be having his lunch break from twelve-thirty to one-thirty p.m. – there was a high possibility for Yan Jin to log on to his side account during that time period.

At exactly twelve-thirty in the afternoon, Xiao Yu nervously sent a friend request to Yan Jin. The greeting message was –

“I can win the upcoming order for you.”

That sentence was filled with aggressiveness as if Xiao Yu was a proud person. But in actuality, Xiao Yu’s heart was panicking all over the place.

Two minutes later, Yan Jin rejected Xiao Yu’s friend request.

Xiao Yu: Squeak?

All the words he was going to say was narrowed down to a ‘what the fuck’.

Xiao Yu did not give up; he had to persevere onwards. So –

“I know that this is your side account.”


“I can guarantee that my drawing would win the deal.”


“I’m saying the truth, Chairman Yan! I really am way better than the other designers in SI. If you choose me… (exceeded word limit)”.


The reject this time even had a message tagged to it – “Send the request again and I’ll report you.”

Do you know what is despair?

Xiao Yu knew what despair was. Despair was preparing a huge block of text to convince Yan Jin to work with him. But before he could even start his speech, he was completely rejected.

Xiao Yu wiped his heartfelt tears, mustered his courage, and then tried sending another friend request.

Report me? Go ahead, I’ll just register a new account again and again until you accept me!

You’re gonna block me? I’ll tear down that wall if I have to!

“I’m the original owner of that hamster you picked up! Quickly return my hamster!!!”


Xiao Yu did not know what sort of craziness took over him to actually send such a message. He was well-prepared to be rejected. But when he looked at the screen again –

[Both of you are friends now, enjoy chatting with each other~ ^^]

Xiao Yu: ……