Chapter 37: Demon Eradication

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Editor: Faith


“Returnflow Mountain does not have fame to its name. When spoken of, merely a few would know about it. The reason being that in the past, this place was not known as Returnflow Mountain…”

Xiaodong listened attentively to Master’s explanation, unwilling to let go of a single detail.

“Very long ago, this place was first called Jade Dragon Mountain. Later, its name was changed to Demon Eradication Mountain. Your master, I, changed it to Returnflow Mountain when I established the sect here. Returnflow Mountain might be rarely known, but many Daoists would be able to bring out a good number of stories of Demon Eradication Mountain. The mountain had a spiritual pulse with a clean and beautiful scenery, making it a very good place for cultivation. It was not only beneficial to Daoists of the Just faction. Even demonic cultivators had their own eyes set on it. This is a story that dates back to about a hundred years ago. Back then, a great demonic cultivator occupied this mountain. He killed people like flies and cultivated in the demonic arts. Many of your master’s elders and senior siblings all died under his hands. At that time, Daoists of the Just faction gathered together and united their strength to eradicate this demonic cultivator. Those nameless tombs at the back of the mountain belong to the brave ones that had unfortunately lost their lives under the hands of that demon. Some had their corpses scattered and many bodies were simply indistinguishable. No one bothered to tell them apart either, and thus they were all buried together at the back of the mountain.”

So the nameless tombs actually belonged to seniors with such histories.

The tombs were packed very close together. There were about a hundred of them. It could be imagined just how tragic that scene was. Yet, not even the names of these people, who lost their lives in order to protect the Dao, were left behind.

This story didn’t clear the curiosity in only Xiaodong’s heart, as this was also the first time Eldest Senior Brother and the rest heard it since they began living here.

Mo Chen nodded. “I see. Why haven’t we heard of this incident before though?”

“It wasn’t exactly a glorious achievement. Not many who participated in the demon eradication are still alive now, and of those, most are unwilling to bring it up anyway.”

“If Master did not tell us now, we wouldn’t have figured it out at all. The actions of those intruders last night are too mysterious, could it be related to this past incident? However, it’s been so many years, they can’t possibly be here for revenge, right?”

Recalling how they even flipped over those tombs, not even letting those buried corpses and bones go, Mo Chen felt that things were not that simple. Why would they return only after so many years if they were after revenge? But if that was not the case, what other reason was there?

“Because that demon’s corpse was also scattered apart, it was impossible to distinguish it from the rest, thus it was buried there as well. Though your master does not know the intricacies behind the cultivation of demonic arts, I have heard several strange rumors. People that cultivate the demonic arts cannot be understood with common sense, and more often than not, corpses are greatly beneficial to them. Not to mention that demon was greatly renowned in the past for his formidable and profound martial capabilities. Most likely, his corpse was their goal.”

Because they could not distinguish the corpses, all of them ended up buried together. The intruders that came in were similarly unable to differentiate between the remains and thus decided to rob all of the corpses and bones. As for their purpose behind this robbery, there was no need to think about it deeply.

Whatever the corpse was going to be used for, it would definitely send chills down everyone’s spines.

Xiaodong could not help but shiver. He instantly opened his eyes and woke up from the dream.

He did not have a comfortable sleep this time. His entire body was covered in cold sweat and his limbs were icy cold. He got up to look for water. He had been in Eldest Senior Brother’s room before, so the place was not foreign to him. He even knew where the teacups were. The water was cool, carrying the sweet taste of icy snow.

After gulping down a bunch of water, Xiaodong finally felt awake.

He did not exactly understand everything that Master and his senior siblings discussed, but he knew one thing.

The people yesterday were after the corpse and bones of some great demonic cultivator.

There was another thing that Xiaodong was surprised about.

Why did Fourth Senior Brother suddenly leave behind a letter and leave?

Xiaodong was not furious at this matter like Senior Sister Linglong. He was simply a little puzzled. Could they be mistaken?

Xiaodong knew about Fourth Senior Brother’s history. Other than Returnflow Mountain, where else could he go? He could no longer return to his own home, right? If there was still a relative he could seek shelter with, he wouldn’t have come to Returnflow Mountain.

Did Fourth Senior Brother really leave willingly?

Xiaodong pondered for a moment. What if he was in Fourth Senior Brother’s position? He wouldn’t be willing to leave. On the mountain, he had Master and his senior siblings. Everyone felt like family.

Senior Brother couldn’t have been kidnapped, right? Xiaodong had almost been kidnapped last night, after all. He recalled that Lin Yan did not actually want his life at first and had wanted to kidnap him. She only pulled her sword and wanted to kill him when she realized she could not bring him away.


That did not make sense. If he was kidnapped, then he could not have left behind a letter.

No matter how Xiaodong wracked his brains, he could not figure out why Senior Brother Chen would want to leave, and at such a time too. This was too much of a coincidence. There were people outside wanting to take advantage of Returnflow Mountain, yet he chose this specific time to leave. What would he do if he stumbled upon such people?

Xiaodong wore his clothes properly, put on his shoes, and pushed the door open.

Eldest Senior Brother’s courtyard was especially spacious and quiet. Xiaodong walked out to the courtyard gate and before he could reach out his hand, the gate was pushed open from outside.

Xiaodong stopped his feet. “Eldest Senior Brother?”

The moment he saw Eldest Senior Brother, he somehow felt a little nervous.

Eldest Senior Brother had told him not to move about much when he was not around, wanting him to rest. Yet, the moment Eldest Senior Brother returned, he was blocking Xiaodong from leaving.

“I didn’t think of running off on my own, I just…”

Mo Chen, however, did not mind this little disobedience and simply asked, “When did you wake up? Were you not able to sleep well?”

Xiaodong pondered seriously for a moment. He indeed did not sleep well, after all, the things he saw in his dream were a little horrifying. However, it was not right to say he did not have a good sleep either. He thought that he would not have been able to sleep since he was sleeping in a new environment, but he comfortably fell asleep lying on Eldest Senior Brother’s pillow while covered by Eldest Senior Brother’s blanket. It felt as comfortable as staying by Eldest Senior Brother’s side.

“You’re wearing too little.” Mo Chen had someone bring over a cloak and covered Xiaodong with it. He then said, “Follow me to see Master.”

Xiaodong hurriedly tightened the cloak and followed after Mo Chen.

Li Fulin waved his hand at his youngest disciple. “Come, Xiaodong.”

After checking his pulse, Li Fulin could finally feel at ease. “Were you frightened from the incident last night?”

“I was frightened, but when Eldest Senior Brother arrived, I no longer felt afraid.”

Li Fulin nodded. “This is your master’s oversight. Intruders managed to sneak their way in. Don’t worry though, Returnflow Mountain will not be bullied by anyone. Your master shall definitely help you take revenge and vent your fears.”

Xiaodong nodded sternly.
He believed in Master. His words were definitely not just for show.

“You don’t have to worry about your pendant either,” Li Fulin consoled him. “Your master has an old friend who specializes in divination. There were once people who lost their swords and pets, and with his help, they were able to quickly and accurately find them. Your master shall send a letter to him in the next few days. We will definitely find your pendant.”

Xiaodong’s mouth was wide open, and for a short while, he forgot to close it. “Such an incredible person really exist?”

“What’s so incredible about that? When he was just eight years old, he was already able to locate the beast pet that ran away from his home through his divinations. This is a piece of cake to him.” Li Fulin grew a little vexed as he continued, “Speaking of which, if your master had learned more about the divination arts while I was still young, then I wouldn’t need to seek help from others today.”