Chapter 49: Divination

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Editor: Faith


Xiaodong heard Eldest Senior Brother ask, “Why is Spiritual Master Hu at ease letting you out? Did your body get better in the two years we haven’t met?”

Senior Brother Ning laughed. “You guys should be aware of my master’s old habit. During New Year’s Eve, he gave all of us a divination each. When it came to me, he divined that I should head out to travel. Thus when I wanted to come over, I was able to head out without any problems.”

Jiang Fan smiled. “It’s been so many years, but I see that Spiritual Master Hu’s temperament is still the same.” Looking at Little Junior Brother’s confused expression, Jiang Fan explained, “Spiritual Master Hu never lets go of his divination board and would always have the itch to divine when he meets people. When I first met Spiritual Master Hu, he divined for me too. Other than that, he would divine at the start of the year, divine at the end of the year, divine in the morning, and divine at sunset. If he doesn’t divine dozens of times a day, he would feel as if he had wasted the day.”

Xiaodong was extremely astonished, and he hesitantly asked, “But… in the past, I’ve heard that you can’t continuously divine, otherwise, the divinations would not be accurate. If some of the divinations he makes in a day are different, which one would be taken as accurate?”

The other three people exchanged glances and laughed.

“Of course, the best divination would be taken as the accurate one.” Jiang Fan raised his finger and said, “When I first met Spiritual Master Hu, he gave me a divination. He said that my path forward would be bumpy, and I’m doomed to not have any love for my lifetime. This divination sounds incredibly miserable, right? I couldn’t feel happy at all that year. After that, he gave me another divination. That time, he said I would definitely accomplish great things, and my name would spread all around the world. I was so happy to the point that Spiritual Master Hu immediately abandoned the previous divination and said that this divination would be taken as the accurate one.”

At this point, Jiang Fan could not help but laugh out loud. Clearly, he did not believe these two divinations that much. The former was too inauspicious, while the latter was too auspicious. Jiang Fan believed that he was a regular person with a regular aptitude and a regular personality, someone that would simply be average even in the future. In any case, he had already decided that when Master announced that his apprenticeship was completed in the future, he would not establish his own sect or other similar plans. Following Eldest Senior Brother sounded like a pretty good idea. He grew up on Returnflow Mountain, and so, he did not have any plans to leave Returnflow Mountain in the future either.

Xiaodong blinked his eyes. Looking at the senior brothers seemingly treating him like a teasing target, he silently gulped back down the words he wanted to say.

Could it be that he was the only one that felt those two divinations were not conflicting at all? A bumpy path in life but would accomplish great things made sense. Being doomed to not have any love, and accomplishing great things were not conflicting either.

However, these thoughts would simply be too unpleasant when said out loud.

Xiaodong was even more curious about another matter.

“Eldest Senior Brother, did Spiritual Master Hu give you a divination too?”

Mo Chen nodded while suppressing his urge to laugh.

Senior Brother Ning standing at the side spoke up, “Why wouldn’t he be given one? Every time my master sees Brother Mo, he would definitely give Brother Mo a divination. However, not a single one of them has been accurate.”


Divinations were seeing one’s life and future. Eldest Senior Brother was still young, so how could it possibly be known now that the divinations were all inaccurate?

Mo Chen said, “Spiritual Master Hu has given me countless divinations, but it’s always the same conclusion every single time.”

Xiaodong hurriedly asked, “What conclusion?”

Theoretically speaking, that shouldn’t be the case, especially when it came to a person’s fortune. If it had to be explained, one’s fortune is different from day to day. The fortune today might be better and the fortune tomorrow might be worse. If a different outcome was divined, then the divinations could not be said to be accurate.

If the same outcome was divined every single time, then it was definitely a mysterious matter.

“Every single time, the divinations would say that I was someone who should have died long ago, and it seems like I should have already died the moment I was born.” Mo Chen shook his head. “Even after many divinations, all of the outcomes were exactly the same.”

Xiaodong was speechless.

This… was really eerie.

Eldest Senior Brother was clearly standing before everyone, alive and incomparably well. How did that divination of having lost his life the moment he was born come about? And every single divination had this exact same outcome?

Either Spiritual Master Hu was intentionally joking with Eldest Senior Brother, or Spiritual Master Hu was an incredible fraud.

However, that did not seem right. Frauds would not come up with such lies. Which fraud would say a lie like this that would be exposed in an instant?

Furthermore, it was impossible for Spiritual Master Hu to be a fraud. Master seemed to have high praise for Spiritual Master Hu, and the both of them had known each other for a long time. If Spiritual Master Hu were really a fraud, a lie might work for a short while, but it wouldn’t last forever.

Seeing Xiaodong’s frustrated look, the rest of them laughed.

“Stop being frustrated about it already. Spiritual Master Hu has been frustrating over this for a good few years already too, and he has yet to understand it either. This can only mean that life isn’t something that should be divined by people in the first place. If it can’t be divined, then it should remain undivined. So what if the divinations are accurate? Could it be that if the divinations are good, people can sit still, do nothing but eat all day, and the benefits would fall from the sky? Could it be that if the divinations are bad, people have no choice but to wait for their deaths? Among the rumored seniors and experts, I have yet to hear that any of them had obtained their achievements through divinations.” Mo Chen, however, was rather calm about this. “Though, heading over to see Spiritual Master Hu’s frustrated look might be a fun idea.”

Though the person being laughed at was his master, Senior Brother Ning did not think of standing up for his own master in the slightest, and instead chimed in, “That’s exactly the case. Though my master’s divinations are sought after by many people, not every divination is accurate. If all divinations are accurate and true, then that person is not human but a deity. Why would my master need to cultivate the Dao anymore, then? He might as well wait for his ascension to happen.”

After talking about Spiritual Master Hu, Senior Brother Ning looked at Xiaodong and said with a smile, “Spiritual Master Li had mentioned Junior Brother Xiaodong’s situation. My master intentionally had me bring along a talisman. Little Junior Brother, be at ease. My master might not be accurate with every divination, but the power of the talisman array is known throughout the world. It will definitely find your lost item. Even if it isn’t effective, I’m here too. Though I did not receive much of my master’s true inheritance, a small matter such as finding an item is something that I’m confident in.”

Xiaodong was both stunned and excited. At this moment, he finally recalled Eldest Senior Brother’s words. Eldest Senior Brother mentioned that Spiritual Master Hu was going to send a talisman over. However, with the arrival of Senior Brother Ning and all the subsequent chit-chatting, Xiaodong had already forgotten about the talisman.

Firstly, Senior Brother Ning’s appearance was indeed unforgettable. Secondly, their talk had become so lively, Xiaodong has basically no attention left to care about anything else.

The pendant was very important to him, but to others, it held no meaning and was not even worth a single penny. Yet, Master sought help from Spiritual Master Hu just because of this little matter of his. Furthermore, Spiritual Master Hu took this as a serious matter and Senior Brother Ning even intentionally made the trip here to Returnflow Mountain to help out. This made Xiaodong joyful, but also uneasy.

“There’s no need to wait for the auspicious hour or auspicious day either, the weather today is pretty good. Let me prepare a little, and we can work on this after noon.” Senior Brother Ning smiled. Seeing his pale-white appearance, Xiaodong felt really apologetic. “There’s no need to rush on this matter either. Senior Brother Ning has just arrived after making such a long trip, you should have a good rest first.”

“No worries, my body has been like this ever since I was young. It’s not that good, but it can’t get worse either. Let’s just do it today. I can get a good rest afterwards.”

The matter was thus settled. Xiaodong was really uneasy, but Mo Chen gave him a warm look, gesturing for him to sit down with a peace of mind. Senior Brother Ning asked, “Why don’t I see Junior Sister Linglong? Could she have headed down the mountain again?”

“She has gone into seclusion training…”