Chapter 100 – Killing

Written by Tinalynge & Blue Jay

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Luo Xiao was throwing caution to the wind. He had engaged in an all out battle where he attacked any bandit who came towards him.

He was not dodging, taking the attacks head on with his Stalwart Shield Defense and his Black Pagoda Art. 

His main attacks were the moon goddess hand and the soul reaping palm.

These two attacks were flowing from him constantly and he was feeling a better and better grasp on the attacks. 

Although he had trained them often on dummies it was nothing compared to the experience he gained in actual combat.

At the same time, Jiang Yao was leaning against a carriage, his arms were crossed above his chest and his eyes never once left Luo Xiao. 

As soon as an expert arrived, before they even had the time to make a move, all of them had been frozen solid like ice blocks and shattered into a pool of bloody ice shards. 

Luo Xiao was faintly aware of Jiang Yao’s movements but he said nothing to it, completely ignoring the ones dying left and right.

This was a baptism of blood. Although Luo Xiao had never killed someone before he was soon able to realise that it was not as difficult as he had expected, however he was not at a point where he was enjoying it or revealing in bloodlust. 

He was also not as murderous as Jiang Yao, who would kill as soon as it could benefit him, if possible, Luo Xiao would still prefer avoiding the killing, but he understood that right now he had no choice.

If they did not kill these bandits the bandits would kill them. This was something they could not afford.

Luo Xiao was sweating profusely, his clothes were stained by the blood that splashed onto him as he killed the bandits, and certain edges had been broken as well from the attacks he had faced. 

His spiritual energy was running low, his body was turning heavy, but he refused to give up, forcing his body to keep moving, keep attacking, keep channelling the inner energies.  

Jiang Yao also did not stop him. It was not before he started staggering that Jiang Yao suddenly took a step and appeared by his side, wrapping his arm around the young man’s waist and dragging him into his embrace.

“Had enough fun now?” He asked as he looked down into the unfocused eyes of Luo Xiao.

Sensing the faint sandalwood scent so familiar to Jiang Yao, Luo Xiao’s taut body relaxed within his embrace and he lost consciousbess. 

Seeing his lover worn out to the point of fainting, Jiang Yao’s heart ached as if someone had plunged a knife deep into it. 

But he knew how important this battle was to Luo Xiao and thus he had not stopped him. He also wanted to be protected by his lover one day so he had to witness this young man’s outstanding growth.

Now that he was no longer participating, Jiang Yao raised his hand and every bandit was frozen solid. 

“I will leave the rest to you guys,” he said casually as he carried Luo Xiao as a princess towards their carriage. 

The remaining merchants and mercenaries felt a cold chill run down their spines as they saw how easily this man had dealt with the whole group of people who had caused them problems. 

He had merely waved his hand and a full group of experts had died as simply as a wave of his hand! 

The mercenaries who had lost dear ones in the battle felt indignant. If he could have ended the battle that easily before, why did he not do it?

Others felt relief that he even wanted to spend the time helping them. And yet some were relieved. As long as this man was in their caravan they were not all going to die.

Jiang Yao completely disregarded their thoughts as he entered the small carriage. Here he gently placed Luo Xiao on the bed that was full of cushions and soft furs. 

Luo Xiao has used every last ounce of spiritual energy within his body and had over exhausted his soul. 

This was a stage that was very hard to reach, but when reached it would usually bring with it benefits and a boost in strength. 

Taking some water out of his storage purse, Jiang Yao gently wrung a piece of cloth with the spiritual water and began slowly wiping down Luo Xiao. 

He was hesitating after wiping his head, but in the end he opened the robe and wiped down his chest as well. 

The half naked sight of Luo Xiao was truly a great temptation to Jiang Yao, but he did nothing inappropriate. 

After wiping his body he helped him into a clean set of clothes before he covered him with a soft silk blanket. 

At this point in time he sat down next to Luo Xiao. His hand gently traced the contours of his face from the brows down the cheekbones and his fingers ended on the luscious lips.

feeling slightly dry in the throat, Jiang Yao cleared his voice but he was unable to get rid of the feeling of longing that had erupted in his heart. 

He wanted to do so much more than just touch Luo Xiao like this but he was afraid that he would scare the younger man away. 

Sighing he unconsciously rubbed Luo Xiao’s lips before he placed a gentle kiss on his forehead. 

“Sleep well my dearest,” he said gently as he gazed at the sleeping young man.

“I will always be here to watch over you.”