Chapter 35 – Getting Lost

Written by Tinalynge & Blue Jay

Edited by ONI_Ghost

Beta read by OEE


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The streets were as crowded as one would expect, but after spending some time passing through the busy streets they reached the center of the city, where there was a big tower.

This was the Amber Trade Association, the biggest merchant union on the entire continent. They had shops where one could find almost anything, and they set up auctions regularly. The trade association also ran hotels that were connected to their shops.

When they entered the hotel, Luo Xiao saw a lot of expensive furniture and art. The place was much more extravagant than anything he had ever seen before, and his eyes turned wide with amazement.

Seeing his expression, Jiang Yao chuckled slightly before leading him towards the counter. Being held by the hand, Luo Xiao felt much safer, but he kept glancing all over, observing everything around him.

Seeing the two, the clerk felt that he ought to be respectful. If Luo Xiao were alone, then he would have been chased out of the hotel, but the man by his side was clearly extraordinary. One look at his clothes and he could tell that he came from the Tiansong Empire.

The clerk almost instantly recognized the special luster Jiang Yao’s clothes had was a trait of a rare beast’s silk. This silk was so rare and exquisite that only true royals and the strongest of cultivators could afford clothing made from it, not to mention his devilishly handsome face and aura. All of this combined told the clerk that he was a very important person.

“My lords, what can I do for you?” the clerk asked as he smiled at the two of them. Once more Jiang Yao took out the sigil he had shown the guard earlier and handed it over to the clerk behind the desk.

Since he’d already used it once, using it twice wouldn’t be a problem. When the clerk accepted the sigil, he was curious as to what exactly it was, but when he held it in his hand, and recognized the runes on top of it, his reaction was similar to the guard’s.

“Would your Highness want two rooms?” he asked with a trembling voice, but Jiang Yao shook his head. “One room is enough,” he said decisively. The clerk was surprised. This was a royal of the Tiansong Empire, the rulers of the continent, but he wanted to share a room with a weak soul cultivator?

Was this soul cultivator not his servant? Who would want to share a room with a servant?

That was when he remembered that they were holding hands and the clerk had a sudden epiphany. Was this young boy perhaps special?

The clerk’s mind was in shambles, but he quickly led them towards the best room their hotel had. It was a room for one, but the bed was so big that three to four people could sleep on it without problems. There were three rooms in total in this luxurious suite: the bathroom, the bedroom, and a lounge.

“Excuse this lowly one,” the clerk said as he bowed deeply and left.

As the door closed behind them, Luo Xiao started his exploration of their suite. It was a massive place and it was filled with high-end items.

Walking around, Luo Xiao enjoyed seeing all the items and art. “Come here,” Jiang Yao said with a laugh when he thought that Luo Xiao had examined the place long enough.

Hearing Jiang Yao call for him, Luo Xiao instantly went over. His eyes were big and filled with wonder like a small child on Christmas morning. He was so excited and amazed by everything within the suite.

“Sit down,” Jiang Yao said. Without thinking about it, Luo Xiao found a small chair and sat down.

Then, he felt the string that was holding up his hair being let down and his long black hair cascade downwards.

Luo Xiao was confused. What did Jiang Yao want to do? Still, he didn’t question him and instead closed his eyes as the older male brushed his hair.

It was incredibly comforting. Jiang Yao brushed his hair and then tied it into a bun on top of his head. After which, Jiang Yao slid the beautiful hairpin that had been bought back in the merchant’s caravan into the bun to keep it in place.

After this, Luo Xiao opened his eyes. He thought a little about the feeling of having his hair brushed by Jiang Yao and a small smile was on both their lips.

It wasn’t only Luo Xiao who enjoyed it as Jiang Yao found it pleasing to touch Luo Xiao’s hair.

When he was done, Jiang Yao lifted him up and turned him around so that they were face to face. He then reached out and took Luo Xiao’s hand in his. Puzzled, Luo Xiao looked at Jiang Yao who held his hand and then he felt something cool on his wrist.

Looking down, he saw that Jiang Yao had slipped the bracelet onto his wrist. This was the beautiful bracelet he’d seen at the old man’s stall weeks ago.

“See? Now you have both the bracelet and your hairpin,” Jiang Yao said with a smile and doting eyes. Luo Xiao was so beautiful that he didn’t need much jewelry, but these two simple pieces were enough to make Jiang Yao nod his head approvingly.

“Now we just need to get you some better quality clothes,” Jiang Yao said partly to himself. Luo Xiao heard it but said nothing. He knew that he was currently wearing crude clothes and that he was an embarrassment when he walked next to Jiang Yao.

“So my dear Xiaoxiao,” Jiang Yao said as he looked at Luo Xiao with a smile that reminded him of a wolf eyeing fat sheep.

“It’s been three weeks, but I still haven’t gotten any payment from you. You should know, it’s difficult to go even a day without a reward from you, but now it’s been a full three weeks! Come here and let me feel energetic again!”

Hearing this, Luo Xiao blushed once more. This kissaholic was truly going to be the death of him.

But Jiang Yao didn’t hesitate. He hadn’t kissed Luo Xiao for a long time already, and he was eager to touch and kiss the younger boy again and again.

Luo Xiao was stunned when he saw Jiang Yao’s face leaning toward him and he tried to retreat, only to sense an arm hooked around his waist, holding him in place. Jiang Yao’s other hand buried itself in his hair and held his head in place as he put out his tongue and licked Luo Xiao’s lips.

His tongue pried open his lips and entered his mouth, trying to tangle with Luo Xiao’s tongue which constantly retreated. But there was no place to hide and soon he gave up his hesitation and their tongues pushed against each other.

Jiang Yao and Luo Xiao both felt as if their bodies were electrified every time their tongues touched, but where it made Jiang Yao even more energized, it sucked out all of Luo Xiao’s energy. His legs became weak and he started to tremble.

Without wanting to, Jiang Yao had to end the kiss as Luo Xiao was incapable of breathing. A silver thread of saliva appeared when Jiang Yao withdrew. Luo Xiao plopped into the older man’s arms, his breathing ragged and his body trembling.

Smiling, Jiang Yao gently rubbed Luo Xiao’s back, trying to help him breathe again. Although he had just gotten a kiss, he wanted more. His eyes were filled with lust as he looked at the exhausted Luo Xiao in his arms, but he quickly hid his desire.

Luo Xiao was so innocent. Even a kiss like this was enough to make him feel so exhausted and embarrassed. If he did any more than this, he couldn’t say for sure whether or not Luo Xiao would kill himself from embarrassment.

“I’ll be patient for you,” Jiang Yao mumbled to himself as he placed a kiss on the top of Luo Xiao’s head, the words so low that Luo Xiao didn’t hear them.

After a bit of time, Luo Xiao finally managed to get his energy back. With both hands he pushed Jiang Yao away, his face incapable of turning back from the shade of red it had taken.

Seeing him so bashful, Jiang Yao couldn’t help but laugh. Everything Luo Xiao did, was enough to bring him great joy and entertainment.

“Let’s go to a restaurant and find some food,” Jiang Yao said as he reached out his hand but this time Luo Xiao didn’t take it, instead he just followed behind him. Jiang Yao did not insist on holding his hand, he just chuckled at the cute reaction and started walking at a speed Luo Xiao could follow.

They left the hotel and looked for a restaurant. Luo Xiao took in everything around him with big eyes filled with excitement and Jiang Yao delighted in his companion’s excitement.

It wasn’t often in his world that he found someone whose thoughts and emotions were so easy to read.

They continued forward, Jiang Yao looked for a restaurant with food that was up to his standards while Luo Xiao looked at everything around them.

His eyes momentarily fell on a stall with beautiful jade carvings. The youth stopped for a moment to look at them as they were truly magnificent, but moments after he realized that he had stopped without telling Jiang Yao.

Panicked, he lifted his head, only to see that Jiang Yao was gone from his sight. Slapping himself hard, he realized that he had made a big mistake this time. He had gotten lost from the one person he did not want to lose.

He sighed as worry crept into his heart, but he remembered how he had searched for the Moon Anise before, thus, he closed his eyes and spread out his spiritual energy. He tried to find the familiar aura of Jiang Yao, but even when he did this, he did not sense Jiang Yao anywhere.

Had he already moved out of his range? This was indeed troublesome. Luo Xiao said his farewell to the jade carving merchant, bowed to him and rushed off in the direction that Jiang Yao had left before.

Luo Xiao was not the only one who realized that he was alone. Jiang Yao found a restaurant that seemed up to his standards and then turned around to tell Luo Xiao about his decision, only to realize that he was not there.

His brows furrowed and he looked over the crowd, where many of them were looking at him with reverence. His heart beat rapidly as he worried. What could have happened to his dear Luo Xiao?

Jiang Yao sighed. He had a soul contract with the younger man, so he could feel his position at all times, but he was still worried. He felt Luo Xiao coming closer and closer, and he finally felt at peace when he saw the panicked expression on Luo Xiao’s face when they were in sight of one another again.

Seeing Jiang Yao, Luo Xiao’s eyes turned watery and he rushed to his side. Without Jiang Yao saying anything, Luo Xiao took his hand in his own and held on with all that he could. He didn’t want to get lost again, he didn’t want to be alone in such a big city.

Jiang Yao’s eyes softened with adoration as he rubbed Luo Xiao’s head with his other hand.

“Look where you’re going,” he said gently, and Luo Xiao nodded his head with a guilty conscience.

“Well, don’t worry about it,” Jiang Yao smiled. “No matter where you are, I will always find you again.”

Unsure of what this meant, Luo Xiao cocked his head in confusion but said nothing.

“Let’s go eat,” Jiang Yao said, and with his hand held tightly by Luo Xiao, the two went into the restaurant together.