Chapter 6 – Moon Anise

Written by Tinalynge & Blue Jay

Edited by ONI_Ghost

Beta read by OEE





Jiang Yao spent the next couple of hours observing Luo Xiao, his face completely expressionless with narrowed eyes. No one could guess what he was thinking.

When Luo Xiao finally awoke an energy that had never been there before rushed through his body.

He had always been incredibly weak and sickly, but this energy let him experience strength for the first time.

Lou Xiao sat on the bed, rubbing his eyes, and trying to wake up when he discovered that there was no one else in the room. He knew that Jiang Yao had left a few times before, so he didn’t think anything of it and just patiently waited.

Not long after, Jiang Yao returned with a maid who brought a basin with water and a servant who carried plates of food.

“Wash your face,” Jiang Yao ordered as soon as the maid set the basin on a table. “Also, eat your breakfast. We’re going out today, so you’ll need some energy.”

Luo Xiao had accepted that his life was now in the hands of this handsome immortal. He nodded and went to wash his face and eat.

As soon as he finished washing his face, he started getting dressed. He had slept in his undergarments, and now he wore the new robe that Jiang Yao had brought him.

If he were at home, then he would alternate between different sets of clothes, but right now he only had one set, and it was one that had been given to him. He didn’t mention his displeasure with wearing the same clothes two days in a row though, as he knew that Jiang Yao wouldn’t care.

Jiang Yao observed his every move. He was like a hawk watching its prey, and Luo Xiao was more fumbling and clumsy than ever before because he was incredibly self-conscious due to this stare that was cast his way.

Seeing his fumbling hands, Jiang Yao smirked. But he kept observing Luo Xiao who was trying to eat his breakfast. The food was high-grade spiritual food. It was made with medicinal herbs and cultivating beast’s meat, yet even so, it was still almost impossible for Luo Xiao to eat it.

The flavor which was known to be the best in Xiyang City was like sand in Luo Xiao’s mouth as he felt guilty for just being alive. If he had followed his father out earlier, perhaps whatever killed the corpse puppet could have activated sooner, saving both of their lives.

Everyone and everything was gone, and he was left alone. The thought was so heart-rending that he even forgot that the handsome immortal was waiting for him – Luo Xiao sunk deep into his thoughts filled with agonizing guilt.

Jiang Yao could guess what was happening with the child in front of him, and he felt a strange unrest in his body. Thinking that it was because he was growing impatient, he stood up and hoisted the child up by his arm, instantly waking him from his self-hatred.

“We’re going out since you don’t seem to want to eat anymore,” Jiang Yao said with a smile on his face, and his expression was that of a royal that was never to be opposed.

Luo Xiao stumbled to his feet and nodded his head. He had eaten around a third of the food that was ordered for him, but he didn’t have the urge to eat more.

It would be better to leave the inn and his depressing thoughts behind. He knew he had to keep living until he got his revenge. After that… Whatever happened would happen, he didn’t care if he died taking vengeance.

Jiang Yao did not wait for Luo Xiao to finish his thoughts, but instead, started walking out of the room. Therefore, Luo Xiao was left to run after him.

Luo Xiao walked behind Jiang Yao. He dared not walk by his side, so he walked a few steps behind him, and he didn’t dare get too far behind either. If he got lost, things would become very troublesome again.

While walking, Luo Xiao kept his head low and just kept an eye on Jiang Yao’s boots. His boots were exquisite, and their embroidery was made from the finest silks that perfectly matched his outfit.

Jiang Yao could feel Luo Xiao’s gaze on his feet, and when he looked back, he saw how the young boy had lowered his head. His bangs hid his beautiful face, and as a result, the one who got all the attention was Jiang Yao.

The women who passed by all fawned over this handsome man, while the men were jealous but also admired him. Even the common person without any cultivation could feel the majestic aura of this person as he showed complete disregard for all the people who looked at him.

Soon hostile looks were sent towards Luo Xiao who was walking behind him. Who was fortunate enough to be this person’s servant? Why didn’t they have this honor? Thoughts like these went through the minds of many present. For this reason, they blamed the young man walking behind the one that looked like a descended god.

Luo Xiao was startled by the many gazes that were cast his way, and he felt uncomfortable with the hostility that was hidden within so he lifted his head causing many to gasp in shock.

They all had expected that this servant was ugly and disgusting, yet when looking at him, they found that he was very loveable. He was even more beautiful than a woman. He had perfect white skin that was almost translucent like jade.

He had a pair of feminine phoenix eyes, and his face was perfectly oval. He was so beautiful that many had their breath taken away and only then could they shake their heads in disappointment. It seemed their luck in life was just too bad. Of course, this regal expert had a servant with appearances above average. It would be such a disgrace if he walked around with an ugly servant.

Luo Xiao could not understand the thoughts of these people, but after lifting his head, he found that many girls sent him hateful glares and unhappy expressions. They clearly felt threatened.

The corners of Jiang Yao’s lips twitched slightly as he saw the puzzled and uncomfortable expression on Luo Xiao’s face. For some reason, he enjoyed these expressions that his Astral Soul showed him.

It was clear that previously Luo Xiao had lived a sheltered life. His thoughts were always on his face, easy to read. This made it so anyone could easily see what he was thinking, and most of the time he seemed completely clueless about people’s treacherous and evil schemes. It was clear he had grown up in a home filled with love and affection.

For some reason, this thought made Jiang Yao happy. He enjoyed the clueless expressions and the helplessness that Luo Xiao was feeling. It would only be a matter of time before the small young man would solely rely on Jiang Yao for everything.

Jiang Yao did not stop and explain where he was going to Luo Xiao; instead, he continued to walk forward towards his destination. Seeing the confused expression on Luo Xiao’s face about why women were glaring at him was extremely amusing to Jiang Yao.

Suddenly, Jiang Yao came to a stop. It was so abrupt that Luo Xiao walked straight into him, but just when he was about to ask what was wrong, he glanced at Jiang Yao’s face. He saw a very unpleasant expression on his face as this immensely beautiful immortal intently observed their surroundings.

Everyone his eyes landed on lowered their gaze. Some of them blushed, while others scowled, but none dared say a thing.

“Come here,” Jiang Yao said to Luo Xiao with annoyance. Before the young man could react, Jiang Yao grabbed him and hoisted him up over his shoulder.

His bangs covered his face, and he could see nothing but Jiang Yao’s back. Why had the immortal suddenly gotten angry with him?

Although Luo Xiao could not figure it out, a few of the more attentive observers noticed that he turned angry the moment he saw the men’s extra glances at the young man. It was clear that he didn’t enjoy others looking at what belonged to him.

Having been hoisted on top of his shoulder once more, Luo Xiao didn’t say anything, he just turned quiet and accepted his fate. He assumed that he had been walking so slowly that he had annoyed his newfound master somehow.

If he were to speak, he was likely to make the situation worse, so he stayed quiet.

Jiang Yao was clearly satisfied with the fact that he said nothing and soon his lips had curled into a smile once more. He then continued their journey to a more deserted part of Xiyang City as he used one arm to hold the young man on his shoulder.

Soon, they reached an area so close to the city wall that everything was bathed in shadows, and a few small, shabby houses were placed in the shadows of the massive wall.

Jiang Yao entered one of the houses. He did not knock first, he just stepped inside and brought Luo Xiao with him. When they were inside, he finally put down the young man.

“Your high…” someone spoke out, yet before he could finish what he was about to say, Jiang Yao silenced him with a long, hard glare.

“I am Jiang Yao,” he said, and the man nodded his head as if he were a chicken pecking rice. “Yes, yes, yes!” he exclaimed, “Sir Jiang, please come in. I have been waiting for you!”

Luo Xiao frowned and cocked his head in confusion. Jiang Yao had needed to introduce himself, but the man said he had waited for him. What was going on?

Still, he didn’t question anything, he just accepted it and shrugged his shoulders. He knew he wasn’t the one who should care about such things, so instead, he just waited behind Jiang Yao.

Jiang Yao sat down on a shabby chair, and the man sat down across from him. He sent a glance at Luo Xiao that was filled with curiosity, but he didn’t ask about this person he knew nothing of.

“I have found the Moon Anise,” he said after a bit of time passed as they shared pleasantries. “It’s in the Chengzi Empire.”

“Our neighbor, the Chengzi Empire, is as deserted as our kingdom, but unlike us, they have many herbs and spiritual fruits.”

“The Moon Anise is a shapeshifting herb capable of moving around, and you can only find it if you team up with a soul cultivator. They need to use their spiritual energy to locate it, but I can tell you its rough location. It cannot leave the valley it is located within, nor I have I told anyone else about it, so as long as no one finds it before you, it is yours.”

Jiang Yao nodded, seemingly deep in thought. “Thank you,” he said, and then he took out an embroidered bag from which he threw three bars of something that looked like gold to the man who had just spoken.

Luo Xiao had not spoken at all, but he understood that Jiang Yao was seemingly looking for some herb called the Moon Anise. Perhaps he could be of use to him this time? He thought to himself before he was utterly surprised. Why did he want to be of use to this immortal?