Chapter 73 – I Simply Didn’t Hear You, Your Highness

Written by Tinalynge & Blue Jay


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Once the two of them finally left the forest, it was actually getting close to the darkest hours of the night. Normally, Luo Xiao would have been fast asleep until the morning, a habit he would eventually leave behind him as he progressed further in his cultivation. 

Even now, he barely felt tired and quite possibly if he just cultivated whenever he could, most likely he wouldn’t need to sleep at all. 

Looking at the girl next to him, he found her lightly jumping from foot to foot as she walked by his side. She was truly the young goddess of the Academy and even Luo Xiao, who had someone else in his heart, couldn’t deny that. Her smiling and always positive attitude, coupled with her extraordinary beauty was more than enough to charm more than enough young boys.  

“Here you are.” 

The friendly atmosphere was broken up quite quickly when a cold voice reached the duo’s ears. Or more like, it sounded friendly but both Jin Chuan and Luo Xiao could tell there was a hidden coldness within it.

“Luo Xiao, come with me.”

Of course, when Luo Xiao turned his head to the side, he saw Jiang Bai leaning against a tree, his white hair loosely tied together. He seemed almost as if he wanted Luo Xiao dead but he hid that with a warm smile.

“I was thinking of going to eat together somewhere since we are acquaintances and it’s a good idea to get to know each other. ” 

Luo Xiao just stared at Jiang Bai with confusion. What in the world was going on with the Ninth Prince? Just mere days prior he had not only ignored Luo Xiao, but those who were part of his group had been the ones to beat him up in the open. 

Luo Xiao wasn’t stupid, so instead of nodding like usual and following the other since it was actually by Jiang Yao’s order that they had even taken him in the group, he decided to ignore him back. 

“Jin Chuan, I’ll be heading back to my home,” he smiled at the girl, pretending the white-haired prince wasn’t standing just a few meters away from him. 

“Mhm! Come to the lecture in six days, I’ll be going then as well,” Jin Chuan smiled back, before waving in a friendly manner to Jiang Bai and walking away after Luo Xiao confirmed his attendance. 

Luo Xiao himself was about to walk away when Jiang Bai could bear it no longer. How dare he ignore him! He was not only offering him a meeting and eating food together with a direct bloodline prince but was even humbling himself! 

Even if he was the youngest and weakest of their entire family, he held a high position nobody could contest for from birth! 

As much as he wanted to hide that coldness with which he looked at Luo Xiao, it quickly exploded outwards even if he had a plan to prove that the other was a sneaky fox enchanter that had charmed his brother. 

“Don’t ignore me, commoner!” he hissed, walking forward with an almost murderous expression, blocking Luo Xiao’s path. “I offered you to dine with me and this is how you respond to my generous offer?” 

Luo Xiao, albeit surprised, didn’t back off when Jiang Bai walked in front of him. His beautiful black eyes stared into Jiang Bai’s, holding his gaze. 

Even though Luo Xiao was normally timid, thanks to Jiang Yao visiting and noticing the light bruises still visible on Jiang Bai’s face he could guess what had happened. That was why he was quick to guess that Jiang Bai wouldn’t dare to attack him anymore, thanks to the consequences which would most certainly follow. 

“I simply… didn’t hear you, Your Highness,” slowly at first, Luo Xiao replied, his gaze becoming more firm with the last few words. He was certain the offer was more than just an offer and had some sort of hidden plan behind it. 

“You didn’t…” Jiang Bai’s eyes flashed with even more coldness, but Luo Xiao didn’t give him time to continue speaking. 

“I will have to decline your offer as I already have plans for the morning.” 

And with those words, Luo Xiao turned around and walked away, leaving Jiang Bai behind in the little forest. 

Despite walking away as if calmly, as soon as he was out of sight from Jiang Bai, Luo Xiao’s hands started shaking lightly, though he hid them in his sleeves. Oh, he was so nervous saying that because that it was the first time he had had to stare someone dead in the eye and firmly state a lie!

He actually didn’t have any plans – he just didn’t want to be seen together with Jiang Bai more than necessary. Sure, Jiang Yao had said for him to stick around Jiang Bai’s group of friends in order to have a layer of protection and to hide him from the Fourth Prince’s eyes, but Luo Xiao had feelings. 

If he didn’t feel like it, he wouldn’t stick around the group too much. He also liked just learning about herbs from Overseer Zhu and cultivating on his own. Having more attention to him would only bring him more troubles and Luo Xiao didn’t like that. 

As soon as he got back to his place, he walked in the bedroom and sat down cross-legged on his bed. Tossing the matter with the Ninth Prince at the back of his head, as he was still feeling quite energetic despite it being in the middle of the night, he decided to keep on cultivating. 

Time was never lost when cultivating, unlike when dealing with useless matters and highly arrogant young men. 

A few weeks passed in the same manner. 

For the most part, Luo Xiao focused on learning about herbs from Overseer Zhu and cleaning his room in order to gain points. Those points he used up whenever he went to the training grounds and slowly but surely stabilized and raised his cultivation rank. 

He was still High Sky Rank but the power which he held within him was growing at a steady pace. He actually hadn’t needed any pills to aid in his cultivation as he hadn’t encountered a bottleneck during this time and the speed with which he got stronger was constant. 

Not like he was much in a rush to become stronger. Being an Astral Soul, his speed at cultivating was already phenomenal and Luo Xiao was actually trying not to stand out too much. Not like it worked considering everyone still looked at him with various emotions whenever he walked by.

One thing that had changed in those few weeks was the fact that Jin Chuan no longer attended the same class as him. She had already broken through to Low Star Rank out of nowhere, once more becoming the center of attention of the lower classes. 

At least less attention for himself, Luo Xiao thought and naturally, he was very happy for her. He hoped soon to catch up to her rank and once more meet her in classes. 

He had actually met a few other girls during those few weeks. Three had come on their own accord to his home to confess their feelings, something rather surprising to Luo Xiao. In the end, he had rejected them while trying to sound as nice as he could… He only had one figure in his heart, the figure of Jiang Yao. 

Said Jiang Yao pretty much visited every few weeks. Despite having a lot of work to handle as he had returned after a long absence, he somehow found time to visit Luo Xiao out of nowhere. 

As the two of them couldn’t be seen together outside, they spend the time inside Luo Xiao’s little home, with Jiang Yao occasionally complaining that he deserves a better home and Luo Xiao still cooking for the both of them. Sure, they didn’t need to eat much as cultivators, but Luo Xiao enjoyed cooking. 

It made him feel as if he were home, at the right place with the right person next to him… It was comforting amongst the rather bothersome life he led at the Academy. 

Thankfully, he hadn’t gotten bullied again – on the contrary, somehow, the Ninth Prince’s group seemed to be fawning over him! Luo Xiao was very surprised at the treatment but didn’t believe them for one moment. He wasn’t stupid and after a moment of thinking, he deduced that it was an order given by Jiang Bai. 

Though it wasn’t too bad. At least he didn’t have to worry about appearing in front of Jiang Yao with bruises again – he still had a lurking suspicion that the Seventh Prince had something to do with the sudden change in behavior.

This day, Luo Xiao was returning home while accompanied by Jin Chuan. The two had randomly met on the main plaza, which was now covered in bright autumn leaves, and decided to walk for a bit and just share experiences. 

“I wonder what the teachers do once the school year ends. Do they go back to their homes as well?” Luo Xiao randomly asked as they walked on a pathway surrounded by brightly coloured trees. 

Jin Chuan chuckled at the question. “Well, most of them do. There are a few that remain, like Overseer Zhu and Beast Master Ming. They have to tend to the herbs and the beasts otherwise who knows what can happen. The Principal generally leaves too, though I think there were rumors that he is just visiting a lover somewhere in the outskirts of the continent…

“Not like it matters much to us,” in the end, she shrugged lightly before reaching up and breaking off a vibrant leaf from a branch above them. “What about you? What are your plans?” 

“Me?” Luo Xiao looked at the sky before sighing. “I think I might end up staying in Cloudsoar City. Then again, I don’t know what Ji- I mean, I don’t know what I will want to do by the end of the year.” 

Phew. Almost slipped up. It was good Jin Chuan didn’t seem to notice, and if she did, she didn’t ask about it.

“I’m going to be going around the continent. It might be winter in the Tiandi Empire, but I want to see more of nature and get stronger,” even though Luo Xiao didn’t ask, she shared her own ideas of how she was going to spend the long free time. 

“Around the continent? Will you be able to return on time? It took me a few months to get to Cloudsoar City from where I used to live…” 

Jin Chuan softly chuckled at his concern, tossing the leaf to the side. “With my Star Rank cultivation, I will be just fine. Don’t worry about me.” 

Luo Xiao sighed lightly but didn’t object. He had learned over the last few weeks that if Jin Chuan said she could do something, she absolutely would be able to. Besides, the two of them had already reached Luo Xiao’s home so there was no more time left to talk. 

“Alright, I will see you in a few days, Jin Chuan! I promised Overseer Zhu to be there to tend to the herb fields, but if you want you can come over. I don’t mind chatting while working,” Luo Xiao then wished her goodbye and entered his home. 

“Xiaoxiao, who was that?” 

There was only one person on this entire continent who called him Xiaoxiao and Luo Xiao’s face lit up as soon as he saw the familiar figure leaning on the doorframe, waiting for him.


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