Chapter 99 – My Xiaoxiao Can’t Be Bullied!

Written by Tinalynge & Blue Jay


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When Luo Xiao said that he too wanted to protect him, Jiang Yao’s heart trembled and shook with complex emotions.

No one had ever said anything like this before, no one had ever wanted to protect him, and he was greatly affected. 

Looking at the pure and honest eyes of Luo Xiao, he knew that this young man was not lying to him, he genuinely wanted to stand shoulder to shoulder with him, and protect him as well as he was being protected.

“Go then,” Jiang Yao said with a sigh. “But you have to be careful. It would be best if you were not in danger. If you can manage on your own, that will naturally be the best, but if I see you in mortal danger, I will step in.”

Luo Xiao nodded his head; this was already the best he could achieve. Truthfully he knew that if he wanted to improve, then he needed to encounter life and death battles; however, with Jiang Yao by his side, he was not going to come across any real danger.

As they reached the front of the caravan, the place where the battle was most intense, Luo Xiao took a deep breath. 

He looked at the surging tide of people in front of him, thousands of people were locked in an intense battle, but the majority of them were Sky Rank and Star Rank. A few were Earth Rank, but they were being slaughtered so fast that they could not hope of surviving the battle.

There were also a few Moon Ranked experts, but they had cleared a bit of the battlefield and were clashing against each other while the Sky and Star ranks were trying to overwhelm each other, none of them dared to arrive at the Moon ranked’s area.

There were also two Heaven Ranked experts. The leader of the caravan was a Heaven ranked expert, and the leader of the bandits was also a Heaven ranked expert, the two of them were fighting against each other with all their might. 

Luo Xiao did not throw himself directly into the battle; he began observing the different parts of the battlefield first before he finally decided on an area where there were mainly Star ranked experts.

He started with activating the Black Pagoda Art, jumped into the fray of battle. 

He picked the Black Pagoda Art instead of the Stalwart Shield Defense because of the lesser energy consumption of the defense. 

Although the protection was lesser as well, he did not fear that it would not be strong enough, he was after all an Astral Soul, and his Spiritual Energy was much purer than the others. Hence his Black Pagoda Art was also many times stronger than the others using the same skill. 

Moon Goddess Hand!

A hundred palm imprints appeared surrounding Luo Xiao. All of these palm imprints were made from spiritual energy, and he sent them all out one after another, attacking different bandits, pushing them back. 

When they were pushed back, it allowed for the caravan guards to catch their breath and launch an attack of their own. 

Luo Xiao continued to throw out the Moon Goddess Hand, sending hundreds of palm imprints out at a time, sending many experts staggering backward, unable to keep control of their bodies. 

Luo Xiao did not attack directly. He stood behind the other experts, looking as if he was in deep thought, but he kept rotating his spiritual energy, sending more and more into the palm imprints and attacking the bandits.

The part of the battlefield he had picked had been the most disastrous, but after taking control as a general, he was able to reign control over the battlefield.

While the caravan guards were pleased about this, the bandits were frustrated beyond belief. 

One of the bandit captains noticed the problem. He executed an extreme attack and managed to severely injure his opponent, causing him to rush towards Luo Xiao, ready to kill him and cause the battle to return to the way it was before, where the bandits held the upper hand.

He did not get far before his face suddenly twisted. He looked at his body and noticed that it was moving much slower than before; it was as if his body was frozen in place. 

Suddenly he could no longer advance, he could not even move a muscle, and he was immensely cold; if he could, he would be trembling. 

His body suddenly cracked, it shattered into thousands of pieces, no blood was dropping, it was as if he had become an ice sculpture, shattering like glass.

When Luo Xiao saw the man shattering like this, he glanced at Jiang Yao with a bit of annoyance. He had not even been close to the Moon ranked expert, but he was already dead! This was simply overreacting. 

Jiang Yao also saw the indignant glance that Luo Xiao sent him, but he did not feel that his action was over the top.

Only his Xiaoxiao could bully others; others couldn’t even dream about bullying him.

And this guy was a Moon ranked expert, even if Luo Xiao emerged victorious in the battle, he would have suffered, and Jiang Yao would never see his lover suffer any grievances. 

Luo Xiao was feeling slightly upset, but he knew that it was not possible to speak logic into Jiang Yao’s mind, so he just threw all his focus onto killing these bandits.

For some reason, he was not feeling uncomfortable being the one killing them. Although he thought it slightly disgusting and off-putting, he was not nauseous or feeling regret. 

This was out of his expectations.