Chapter 002 – The Racing God of Mount Akina (1)

Translator: Pkitty

Editor: Pinkrainmi

Quality Check: Isalee

First Published on Chaleuria



Zhang Heng’s first day happened to be on a Monday. There would be the usual class meeting in the afternoon and extracurricular activities afterwards. Those that did not have any club activities would either go home or back to their dorm to shower and eat dinner. Those that had club activities would hurry off to their respective club venues. To sum it up, although Year Two’s Class A was where elite students gathered, not only were the students great in their studies, they even knew what “tranquil like a maiden, agile like a rabbit” meant when it was time to leave.

There was only one exception—Gu Zhun. He was still working on that math question from earlier.

Zhang Heng was seated behind Gu Zhun and poked his back. He wanted to call Gu Zhun to eat together. “Hey.”

Gu Zhun didn’t pay attention to him and continued on with his calculations. Zhang Heng was very angry because Gu Zhun ignored him.

Zhang Heng placed his hands on Gu Zhun’s head and grabbed his hair, forcefully pulling his head backwards. Gu Zhun was frightened by this sudden action, causing his pen to roll off into an unknown corner. He could only cooperate with Zhang Heng by turning around and leaning back, with his line of sight directed towards Zhang Heng.

“It’s you again…how come you’re here?”

Zhang Heng was flabbergasted! One lesson had passed already, yet he still did not know about his existence? It seemed like there was a need for another introduction.
“I’m Zhang Heng, a transfer student. How about you?”

“Gu Zhun.”

“…” Zhang Heng looked at Gu Zhun’s messy hair, especially the fringe covering his forehead that was much longer compared to other guys, almost covering his eyes. His waist was also very slim. The image of that soft and tender flesh he saw when he grabbed Gu Zhun’s collar earlier suddenly flashed in Zhang Heng’s head.

“Are you a guy or a girl?”


Gu Zhun did not understand. Why would this person say such things? The whole class knew that he was a guy. Could it be that before this, he had never seen girls with short hair? Is that why he could not differentiate the difference?

“Of course I am a guy.”

“…I still don’t believe it…do you have a ‘shaft’?”


As if it had just dawned upon Zhang Heng, he said with a pleasantly surprised expression, “It’s because you’re a girl, so that’s why you don’t know what a ‘shaft’ is, right?” Yes, he must have guessed correctly. Gu Zhun was a girl!

Yes, that’s right. Our classmate Zhang had a head filled with mush, nearly reaching a silly state of naivety.

Gu Zhun had to admit that other than his knowledge from health education classes, he only knew professional medical terms such as “testicles” and “anal orifice.” He really had no clue what Zhang Heng was referring to.

Zhang Heng sighed and straightened his back as he moved closer. He stretched out his long left arm and reached into Gu Zhun’s lower half, groping him for a bit. “It’s here.”






There was a long silence. They stared at each other awkwardly. Zhang Heng’s hand was frozen in place and even now, he did not retract it. As if in disbelief, he grabbed it again and squeezed twice. Gu Zhun blanked out for a moment before smacking Zhang Heng’s hand away. “Sexual assault. Lecher.”

He then turned his head back to continue doing his math question. Zhang Heng was very distressed. As to what he was distressed about…it would be…just now, why did his heart skip a beat…Gu Zhun was obviously not a girl…not only did he have a very indescribable reaction, he even had reactions that he was not supposed to have…

However, Zhang Heng during this adolescent period was only a simple teen with chunnibyou going through a new phase in life. He did not really understand what “The body was more honest than the mouth” meant. He did not know that this may have been his first love.

Perhaps our Racing God of Mount Akina [1] has fallen in love?

When club activities ended, those that should have eaten were done eating. It was only then that Gu Zhun packed up and grabbed his bag, intending on heading for the canteen to eat the not-so-good leftover food because it was cheaper. However, what was not good was the person following behind him, the directionally challenged Zhang Heng who said that he was unfamiliar with the place needed someone to bring him around.

When they got to the canteen, there weren’t many people and there also wasn’t much food left either. What was left was just subpar tasting food. Gu Zhun looked at the prices of the dishes before ordering the most affordable ones.

However, Zhang Heng was only nauseated after seeing this. “What is this!! Pig’s slop?”

Gu Zhun did not bother with him and just carried his food tray, found a seat, and took it. Zhang Heng had no other choice but to order one set of the exact same thing.

“Are you able to choke it down? These dishes?”

“Saves money.”

“Saves…but you have to grow! Your mom and dad will be upset if you are like this!”

“It’s alright…I don’t have parents that will care.”

A hush fell over them because Zhang Heng knew that his insensibility had caused him to step on a landmine.


Translator’s Note: 

[1]Racing God of Mount Akina: Allusion to the legendary racer in Initial D. In Chinese internet pop culture, ‘seasoned pro drivers’ is a slang reference to people who are very skilled in particular areas of expertise. It is a euphemistic expression for people who are well-versed and well-stocked in diverse types of sexually explicit materials. (Smut Master) The term is commonly used in jest when asking for help with ‘navigating’ a new kink or fandom, or when asking for materials for ‘educational’ purposes. Veterans in interest groups may also refer to themselves as ‘seasoned pro drivers’ self-deprecatingly to make fun of themselves. The ‘Racing God of Mount Akina’, therefore, is title for the most seasoned and knowledgeable of all ‘seasoned pro drivers’ in a particular fandom or interest group.