Chapter 018 – Last Minute Temporary Model Fuss

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Zhang Heng straightened the dark blue tie in front of his chest and adjusted the hem of the black stripe suit. Finally, he flicked the dust off the shoulder pad, looked at the mirror, and used his fingers to slightly arrange his hair neatly. After ensuring that there were no flaws, he told Gu Zhun: “Hurry up and prepare.”


“The President of Vogue Era invited us to attend the fashion show for their latest clothing collection.”

“…” Gu Zhun thought to himself, so it turned out to be the event that caused his suspension. President Lee most likely wanted to make it up to the pitiful employees of Zhang corporation. As such, staff that had participated in planning the program event could attend.


Zhang Heng swept his gaze all over Gu Zhun’s body, from top to bottom. His lips curled, revealing a smug expression: “I have good taste, the suits that I picked are exquisite.”

Gu Zhun did not disagree, but it was still possible to see that he was shy— Didn’t wearing his superior’s suit mean that he liked all these suits and willingly accepted his superior’s wooing…?


Gu Zhun picked up his bag, walked beside Zhang Heng, stretched out his hand to pat Zhang Heng’s outer thigh, and said: “President Zhang, don’t wear a suit to a work site[1].” Finished, he ignored Zhang Heng’s blank look and walked out of the office. Only then did he say: “I’ll get the car.”


Inwardly, Zhang Heng was secretly laughing. When did Gu Zhun became so sly? He actually knew how to crack a joke now?


The launch of the fashion show was set outdoors in the night air. Many well known fashion designers and internationally known supermodels would attend the event. In short it was an impressive line-up.


A typical ‘T’ shaped catwalk was chosen for the activity, but there was an arc shaped iron wire coiled above the ‘T’ stage. Golden balloons were spread on the coiled iron wire, and there were even LED lights that emitted different colours. The highlight of the ‘T’ stage was the silver ice crystal snowflake in the center, with many silver ornaments encompassing it. The ensemble created the ambience of a snow kingdom.


This season, the theme of Vogue Era’s new collection happened to be the changing of seasons. They were launching the Ice Chiffon series; elements of winter sown on summer clothes; a blend of ice and fire.


“President Zhang…Zhang Heng, are we going to sit here now and wait for it to begin?” Ever since Gu Zhun disembarked from the car, he acted like a well behaved child and followed Zhang Heng to the VIP seat. Just now, he accidentally reverted back to his habit of respecting his superior and called ‘President Zhang’, but yesterday he promised Zhang Heng to call him by his name. Only then did he have the mind to change.


At this moment, Zhang Heng did not tease Gu Zhun— He had a solemn face, yet he spoke adorable things like this that did not suit his current expression.




While waiting, waiters wearing white dress shirts and black tailcoats carried different types of cocktail drinks and shuttled back and forth busily. Zhang Heng did not want any cocktail drinks because they drove there. He only took a small, exquisite matcha pastry. Taking advantage of when Gu Zhun wasn’t paying attention, Zhang Heng grabbed Gu Zhun’s chin and, with an “ahhh”, stuffed the small matcha pastry into Gu Zhun’s mouth along with his fingers.


Initially there weren’t any obvious changes to Gu Zhun’s expression. Now, his brows furrowed, his face slightly flushed because he choked a little, and he grabbed Zhang Heng’s wrist with both of his hands, desperately hitting it.


Zhang Heng ignored Gu Zhun’s beating. He gave him a wicked smile and persistently moved his fingers inside Gu Zhun’s mouth on purpose. Gu Zhun easily swallowed the pastry, but Zhang Heng’s fingers were still inside, stirring repeatedly. Occasionally, it would touch the soft and smooth wall of Gu Zhun’s oral cavity. At times, it would inexplicably touch Gu Zhun’s sensitive spot with accuracy. Not only did it cause Gu Zhun’s beating hands to weaken, he had to grab onto Zhang Heng’s wrist to obviously support his body.


Although his body was propped up and didn’t immediately give way, his body trembled uncontrollably. Tears coalesced at the rim of his eyes.


Zhang Heng seemed to be filled with unwillingness when he removed his fingers. A few strands of saliva stuck to his fingers and were also brought out. Zhang Heng took out a handkerchief and wiped his fingers. Out of the corner of his eyes, he glanced at Gu Zhun, whose eyes were obscured with a film of tears. His face was a dusky red, and his mouth opened and closed, gasping for air.


Wasn’t this conclusion simply too adorable? Soon, he wouldn’t be able to control himself…!


“Huff, huff… You’re such a bully…huff, huff.”


“The President fed you and you’re still not deeply grateful?”


“Don’t need… Sister told me I must be self sufficient. Don’t need to inconvenience…” Gu Zhun was still panting.


After taking such liberties, Zhang Heng’s impatient mood while waiting for the show to start suddenly became clear and bright. However, nobody expected that the long wait was due to something happening backstage.


“What did you say? The closing model accidentally sprained her leg while trying on the shoes? The male model ate something bad?!”  The overall head coordinator, an effeminate man wearing a flamboyant purple sequined suit, was shouting through the walkie talkie at the assistant in the dressing room.


He hung up the walkie talkie and furiously shouted: “In just a short while, two models are gone. Won’t this cause me to lose my job?”


“Are there still any temporary models?” The effeminate man grabbed the human resources planner, a sweaty young man, and asked.


The young man was carrying a bunch of different sized boxes, all meant for the models’ fitting. Although he was very impatient about being stopped under such busy circumstance by this effeminate man, he still answered respectfully: “ The temporary models are being used at other places!”
Could it be that he had to consult President Lee? President Lee had invested a lot of money and effort into this show. It couldn’t be that because of his own mistake in not managing the models well…


While he was distraught, he left the backstage and went out to take a breather. Suddenly he caught a glimpse of Zhang Heng’s perfectly charming face. There was also someone seated beside him with black hair and an expressionless face, as though the world had nothing to do with him… How should he put it; if both of them had time travelled from the olden times, then Gu Zhun would be the kind of person who cultivated to become an immortal, whereas Zhang Heng would be the founder and cultivator of the demonic arts.

One was pure and abstinent, the other a handsome and unruly ruffian…


“Both of them will suffice!” After speaking, the effeminate head coordinator went up and spoke of his idea.


After the effeminate man’s carrot and stick methods, such as “Are you coming or not? If you don’t, I’ll kill you! Please! I have the young and old depending on me. If you don’t do it on my behalf, you should at least do it due for my parents and grandchildren! Give them some face! Please!” …After various methods and lip service, he managed to succeed by pleading shamelessly.


“… Well alright then.” Zhang Heng had a scowl on his face because he was unable to tolerate the foulness from the head coordinator’s perfume, which was even stronger than Xu YaLe’s. He could only follow him. Of course he brought along Gu Zhun, whose face showed “None of my business, I’m just going for a stroll.”


“Hurry, hurry, hurry! The temporary models for the finale have arrived! Hurry, put on makeup! Change clothes!” The head coordinator brought them to the dressing room. From the start, he made decisive orders, managing the assistants as they all maneuvered about.


“Models that are prepared, go up on stage! Don’t let the guests wait for too long!”

The clothing for the finale models were the new and grand haute couture “Wedding Outfit Series”. The men’s style was a white based Chinese tunic suit. There was an unusual ice blue crystal snowflake pattern, contrasted with a line of golden tassels. In addition to that, the whole outer layer was draped with a sheer light blue veil. The pants were simple and unadorned. There was no embellishment; it was as pure white as snow. The shoes paired with it were also white, a classic male shoe design.


After Zhang Heng wore it, he didn’t need much makeup. He looked completely refreshing, just like an ice king!


As for Gu Zhun…  When he first entered the backstage and received such “enthusiastic” hospitality from the assistants to change his clothes, he was out of sorts and unfamiliar with it— “I’ll remove my clothes by myself. I’ll remove my pants myself too. Turn around, Zhang Heng.”


Of course, there wasn’t a lack of timely teases from Zhang Heng.


After his makeup was settled, Gu Zhun came out, pushed open the curtain, and stood in front of Zhang Heng.


When it came to the wedding outfit series, there was the men’s style and of course there was the female style that matched with it. As such, what Gu Zhun was wearing was the female’s outfit. Because he was wearing a wedding dress, it covered the obvious and distinct lines of muscle at the thigh. Furthermore, there was still quite a distance between the audience seats and the ‘T’ stage. There should not be anyone that could tell— Gu Zhun was a man.


At this time, Gu Zhun was like a daughter waiting in the boudoir to be betrothed.


Gu Zhun had a head filled with curly chestnut locks. The length of the curly hair reached down to the waist. On the head, there was a hat adorned with various icy blue flowers. The clothing was a long white strapless silk dress. Of course there was bra padding inserted to hold it up. Golden blossoms and silver snowflakes hung on the white silk dress. Behind the waist, there was a light blue lace veil sewn on it. The veil was propped to look like a blooming frost.

At first, Zhang Heng was almost unable to recognize Gu Zhun, but he was still able to recognize Gu Zhun after staring at him—There was a look that was more sullen than usual on that solemn face— Gu Zhun was very unhappy.


The models that left earlier needed to use the dressing rooms to change, and the assistants and head coordinator also left. Only Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun were left behind looking at each other speechlessly. For some inexplicable reason, Zhang Heng placed both his hands on Gu Zhun’s fake boobs, squeezing them.


“It’s fake. I really want to touch the real one.” Zhang Heng had a look of regret.

“Slap”, Gu Zhun did not spare any feelings for the other party and mercilessly hit Zhang Heng’s perverted hands: “Didn’t you touch it more than enough during junior high school swimming lessons?”

“I want to touch it now.”



Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha !!!!!!!!!!!


Zhang Heng spared no effort in covering his mouth. Only then did he barely manage not to burst out laughing. Gu Zhun kicked him angrily. Because of the height issue, Gu Zhun only wore flats, so when he kicked Zhang Heng, it wasn’t painful at all.


It was the finale models’ turn to close the show. Zhang Heng held Gu Zhun’s hand and slowly walked to the stage and prepared.

“Don’t worry, hold my hand, and follow me. “Zhang Heng was looking in front. He did not look at Gu Zhun, yet he could feel the trembles transmitted from Gu Zhun’s palms and knew that he was really nervous at this moment.
Gu Zhun took a deep breath. Sometimes it was indeed reassuring when a taller man stood beside you. Moreover, no matter what, Zhang Heng was able to confidently complete impossible tasks.



Zhang Heng held Gu Zhun’s hand and slowly walked out. They didn’t need to swing their arms too much, only needing to walk slowly and unhurriedly. Imagining that he was a bride stepping on the red carpet to accept the blessings of his friends and relatives, when Gu Zhun walked and turned at the corner, his lips unconsciously raised. Unexpectedly revealing a pure smile, this smile wasn’t “a smile that could captivate hundreds”, nor was it “a smile that people would pray and offer incense to see again”. It wasn’t that stunning, and although it wasn’t a glimpse of a passing beauty, the audience was able to feel this female model’s girl next door aura. It was just like a smile from a girl next door, yet they were able to see a different type of beauty from it, fresh and untainted.


Zhang Heng looked at Gu Zhun’s smile from the side view of his face. He was also unable to refrain from being distracted— Gu Zhun actually smiled. He held Gu Zhun, turned around, and walked back. Like the previous time, slowly and cautiously… After they finished walking the entire course, the audience actually broke out into an unexpected applause that was different from what they gave the previous models before.


Because of that smile, because of those clothes. Although their walk wasn’t as professional as the models who were in the profession and there were small flaws that could be nitpicked, the thing called love wasn’t a spectacle. Marriage wasn’t a spectacle either. Even if it was simple, as long as it was happy, wasn’t it good enough?

Gu Zhun and Zhang Heng showed the audience an element of happiness in the wedding series.


President Lee, as opposed to being serious and stern in the past, took the lead, stood at the ‘T’ stage, and acclaimed: “You did a good job!”


President Lee promoted the effeminate man, who gifted the earlier sets of formal attire to Gu Zhun and Zhang Heng. After accepting the effeminate man’s gift, they left early by car. Seated in the car, leisurely Western classical music was playing. No words were spoken, yet their hearts were still warm and happy.


At a times like this, Gu Zhun would also think — It would be nice to be the one who accompanied Zhang Heng’s side forever…


The audience that remained at the show’s venue reminisced and said: “That male model was President Zhang of Zhang corporation right? The one with him shouldn’t have been a professional model. Was that his wife or his girlfriend?”


At that moment, the effeminate head coordinator carried the champagne over to celebrate and faintly said: “No, it’s his boyfriend.”


Translator’s Note:

[1]Work site could mean where something is being built (construction site), or a place where people work.