Chapter 021 – Superior is a Cheating Scumbag (2)

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TLC: Momoepom

Editor: Rei

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The next morning, one of the company’s higher-ups with a beer belly came down to the third floor. All the employees on the ground waited with bated breath for the “protagonist” to make his debut.


Lin Feng greeted the female receptionist with a broad smile as always and quickly arrived at the office. When he saw the solemn and serious atmosphere in the office, he felt that something wasn’t right. Everyone’s eyes and gazes were concealed with wicked intentions. There was contempt, scorn, and intent to watch a good show…


Lin Feng finally noticed the company’s higher-up seated in his office. He walked forward and greeted: “Manager Zhao, sorry I made you wait for me early in the morning…”


“Don’t try to fawn over me. Let me ask you, did you transfer out the company’s funds?”


A few bean-sized sweat droplets appeared on Lin Feng’s originally calm face. His back was covered in cold sweat that dripped down and plastered the tight dress shirt to his back. If he did not have the black suit on the outside to hide it, the back of his drenched shirt would have been exposed long ago.

“I’m just a small department head, how could I transfer the company’s funds…”


Manager Zhao squinted his eyes and looked at Lin Feng. He thought to himself, this punk still tried to deny it! Yesterday he had to call the company higher-ups and a few trusted assistants to come back at the last minute, stayed up late to verify the bills, liaised with the bank in charge, and finally found conclusive evidence that this punk transferred funds!


“You only need to reply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, don’t talk nonsense with me.”


“…” Lin Feng thought, now that things have reached this stage, there was no use in denying it because Manager Zhao took out a well-organized folder. Lin Feng took the folder. After turning to just the first page, it showed that Lin Feng had transferred one hundred thousand yuan of funds. If he continued to turn it, the amount would most likely get bigger…


“Who was it?” The secret was disclosed. Since the situation had reached a point of no return, there was no need for him to fawn over this old man. Lin Feng stood up and coldly spoke with a fierce glint in his eyes.


Manager Zhao asked the female secretary that stood at the side to invite Gu Li over. Gu Li pushed open the office door. Lin Feng turned his head and saw who entered. It was his girlfriend in name — Gu Li. He shot Gu Li a fierce glare that became even more hostile. His eyes were bloodshot with anger, he looked exactly like a beast that was about to go berserk.


“Why did you…report me?!”


Gu Li lifted her head, the rim of her eyes were swollen and red. Beneath it were deep dark eye circles. There were traces that she had stayed up and cried yesterday night. There was no make up on that originally fair face, not even any blush. There was only paleness.


Gu Li replied falteringly: “I can’t watch my boyfriend make the company go bankrupt. If you stop in time, before the amount is irremediable, the court will not sentence you too harshly…”


“I don’t need your concern! Do you think we’ve been very loving during these past two years? These two years, I watched you being played in the palm of my hand like a pure and innocent girl. It really cracked me up!! Other people’s girlfriend would give them gifts like a branded watch or a suit. Only you would still give me a bunch of cheap gifts that a junior high school student would gift! Let me tell you clearly, I have never loved you in these past two years! I love someone else!” Lin Feng coldly said. He turned, faced Manager Zhao and said, “The company can’t sue me. If you dare sue me, just wait to be killed…” Lin Feng left behind those ruthless words and left the office without turning back. He bumped into a few colleagues that surrounded the area to watch a good show. The bumped colleagues held their shoulders and cried out in pain.


At that moment, the whole company knew —The female colleague reported her embezzling superior scum boyfriend in order to protect the company’s profit.


Manager Zhao stood up and told Gu Li: “The higher-ups in the company still want to continue investigating this matter. You were dating him, as a result, you are also under suspicion. Just rest at home for a few days and wait for the company’s notice.”


“Yes…” Gu Li lowered her head, bowed, and saw Manager Zhao out the door. The female secretary followed behind and looked at the worn and haggard Gu Li. She shook her head and kept quiet.

The girl was cheated by a scumbag…


Gu Li returned home, silently upset. There was no one at home; Gu Zhun had gone to work. She pulled open the fridge door, took out half of the cheesecake that had been leftover from yesterday, and gorged on it. At first, she did not expect to cry, but as she ate, tears streamed down. Tears and mucus covered her beautiful face, making pattering sounds as they landed on the table and cake.

The house was really quiet. There was only the ticking of the wall clock and Gu Li’s faint, kitten-like weeping…


This time, it really was the end for her and Lin Feng… She would not regret reporting him. She just wanted Lin Feng to turn over a new leaf… If he could properly admit his mistake and get corrected in prison for a few years, then Gu Li would wait for him no matter how many years passed. However, Lin Feng did not repent, and he not only committed a financial crime…he also betrayed her. He had another woman… She only knew that Lin Feng kept many things from her when she heard that phone call on the rooftop…


Women could never stand a man’s betrayal.


“Sister, I’m back. I bought tiramisu cake for dessert.” Gu Zhun pulled out the key and put on the slippers. He didn’t hear any response from Gu Li and felt that it was a little strange.


He saw Gu Li fast asleep on the dining table. Gu Li slept with her head leaned against her hand, the rims of her eyes were red and swollen. There were traces of tears and snot left on her face. Those traces weren’t wiped away cleanly…along with the cheesecake on the table that had been stabbed and fragmented by a knife.


“Sister, what happened to you?” Gu Zhun shook Gu Li awake and handed her a towel so that she could wipe her face. Gu Li took it, wiped her face, and said: “Sister dumped that scumbag of a superior…” In fact, it wasn’t clear who dumped who. They dated for two years, but maybe Lin Feng did not love her at all. Maybe he was just acting when they were together. On the surface, it was Gu Li that dumped Lin Feng when it was actually Lin Feng who had dumped Gu Li long ago, ever since he got together with that other woman…


Gu Li told Gu Zhun the whole story and did not leave out any details. Gu Zhun listened quietly. As her brother, Gu Zhun swallowed the story mixed with Gu Li’s grievances and buried it in the pit of his stomach.

“…You should have a good rest the next few days…” Gu Zhun fiddled with Gu Li’s messy long hair. He grasped the towel tightly with one hand. His fingertips embedded themselves into the towel and the veins on his wrist bulged out.

He was going to make that scumbag apologize to his sister.