Chapter 026 – Re-enactment of Green Leaf West City District’s Legend (1)

Translator: PKitty

Editor: Rei

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Zhang Heng left the house early in the morning. Gu Zhun was still wrapped in the quilt, lingering with the god of dreams. Gu Zhun couldn’t be blamed for sleeping so much. After yesterday’s ‘eloping across two streets’, they held hands, conquered the mountains and the seas, passed through a multitude of people, and gazed at the moon and stars together. Even though it was like a romantic run from a Japanese drama, they were also chased by vicious muscular chaps that reeked of bloodlust just like a Japanese drama.


Zhang Heng arrived at Wen YiHong’s apartment and rang the doorbell. Instead of Wen YiHong, it was Ye RuiXi that opened the door while rubbing his sleepy eyes. His attire was in disarray, and his cotton t-shirt, which was one size too large, drooped down and displayed his shoulder sexily.


By the time they dealt with the police and cleaned up Gu Zhun and Zhang Heng’s mess, it was already 3 A.M. After they left Twilight KTV, they decided to stay over at Wen YiHong’s apartment.


Zhang Heng directly walked past Ye RuiXi and strode towards Wen YiHong’s bedroom. Without knocking, he pushed the door open and pounced onto Wen YiHong, who was still fast asleep.


The pressure of Zhang Heng’s weight caused Wen YiHong to grunt. He rubbed his bedhead and propped up his body: “Ye RuiXi…? Oh, it’s Zhang Heng… If you’re horny so early in the morning, go look for Gu Zhun instead.”

Wen YiHong was usually pleasant and well mannered, but having been woken up this way for no rhyme or reason, of course he would be grumpy.


“Help me investigate this person. The basic information is inside.” Zhang Heng passed Wen YiHong a slip of paper.

Ye RuiXi took a big stride forward and kicked Zhang Heng down from the bed, before Wen YiHong even managed to open the paper and look at which guy courted death by provoking young master Zhang. Ye RuiXi straddled Wen Yi Hong’s body and shouted: “You, you— what are you doing?! I won’t allow either of you to have impure contact with each other!”


Wen YiHong did not know whether he should laugh or cry: “Ye RuiXi, you are having immoral contact with me now. Are you not afraid that other people will misunderstand?”


Zhang Heng stood up from the shiny, hard white ivory tile. He shook his head and looked at them. They were both ridiculously silly. One was oblivious, while the other was straightforward. Yet, when they collided, they could not light a spark that would allow them to move forward.

Zhang Heng waved his hand to inform them that he was leaving, and closed the door when he left the bedroom. After that, he drove his car home from Wen YiHong’s apartment.


At the crime scene of ‘the impure contact’, Wen YiHong adjusted Ye RuiXi’s drooping T-shirt. After that, he raised the corner of his lips and smiled warmly at Ye RuiXi: “Good morning.”


Ye RuiXi moved away when he realized that he was still riding on top of Wen YiHong. He shyly muttered: “Good morning…”

Zhang Heng’s house.


Gu Zhun yawned. After washing up, he walked down to the first floor from the second floor. He saw Zhang Heng reading a newspaper in the dining room and Housekeeper Li frying toast.


Zhang Heng lifted his head and gave Gu Zhun a morning greeting. Gu Zhun nodded, and pulled out a chair to sit down.


Gu Zhun used his phone after he sat down, discovering that the same number had been calling him non-stop since 4am— it was Gu Li’s number.

Gu Zhun opened WeChat. It was filled with exactly 100 voice messages from Gu Li.


Gu Zhun did not open and listen to a single voice message from his sister. He only sent a voice message: “Sister, I stayed over at my colleague’s house. Last night, I left a note on the fridge for you before I went out. Don’t accuse me of hiding it from you. Yesterday’s leftover bread is still in the fridge. You can either fry a sausage or apply jam and eat it. Don’t starve yourself.”


Gu Li sent 100 voice messages. Gu Zhun knew what his sister wanted to ask without opening them.

After Gu Li received her brother’s WeChat message at home, she sent a relieved ‘OK’ emoji. After that, she typed a message—【When you were young, you let young master Zhang spend the night in our impoverished house. When you grew up, it changed to you spending the night over at other people’s house? Do you want to marry into the family? 】It was followed by an amused emoji.


Gu Zhun understood his sister who no longer believed in love. Her fujoshi mind had struck once again. Gu Zhun locked his phone and it showed a black screen.

“Your sister?”


Gu Zhun nodded: “Yes, she wanted me to properly repay you for the lodging.”


Zhang Heng put down the newspaper, took the freshly toasted bread, and spread a layer of strawberry jam on it: “Is strawberry jam alright with you?”

Gu Zhun took the toast from Zhang Heng’s hand: “I’m fine with anything.”

“…Let’s leave your repayment for later. After you finish breakfast, I’ll send you to the company.”

Gu Zhun quickly ate.

The company’s President office.


Zhang Heng answered a call. Throughout the whole conversation, Zhang Heng replied with a few simple grunts to indicate that he was listening to the other party on the line. Gu Zhun did not know who called. It was just… Zhang Heng looked as if he… found an interesting toy… how devious.


A large tempermental dog could switch to devious mode? At most, it would just switch modes to a bad juvenile playing a prank, right?


Zhang Heng hung up the call, turned around, and told Gu Zhun: “I will be out the whole day. Work hard. Note down those that want to make an appointment with me and write it down on the agenda. Wait for me to get back. I’ll decide whether or not to meet them when I am back.”


Gu Zhun: “Yes.”


“Hmph… Just wait and see the legend of Green Leaf West City District…” Zhang Heng faintly muttered this sentence subconsciously when he walked past Gu Zhun’s table.


Gu Zhun did not know who called and made Zhang Heng assume the title of ‘Green Leaf West City District leader’.

Zhang Heng still wasn’t done with the Green Leaf West City District leader joke? His temper yesterday had been vented ever since Lin Feng was backhanded once. He was still unable to make Lin Feng face his sister, admit his wrongdoings, and kneel down to apologize. However, Lin Feng had the support of the triad that backed him up, whereas he was just a normal citizen. How could he have the power to order about a person backed by the triad?


He was really weak and cowardly… Gu Zhun started to feel a little low spirited.

Seven years ago, that legend… If it wasn’t for Zhang Heng, the legend would have changed to ‘Unable to stand the detrimental insults and humiliation from the vocational high school, a bullied elite student jumped down and committed suicide’.


The thought of it sent chills down Gu Zhun’s spine.