Chapter 027 – Re-enactment of Green Leaf West City District’s Legend (2)

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Editor: Rei

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“So…what are you going to do?” Wen YiHong looked at Zhang Heng with interest. Zhang Heng was seated on the sofa opposite him, browsing through the information that Wen YiHong had found. No matter how big or small, every piece of information was very detailed. Wen YiHong had obviously looked through the information and understood the root of the problem.


Lin Feng came from an impoverished background. He studied hard to get into a prestigious university and met that bitch, Su QingMu, who was his university classmate. Lin Feng wanted to marry Su QingMu, but she was the precious daughter of Clear City’s finance tycoon, Su DaShun. He despised Lin Feng’s poor background. Su QingMu stepped in and pleaded with her father. If Lin Feng managed to get a good career, then he could not object.


After Lin Feng graduated, he worked at a local finance company that was quite well known and became the section head of the finance department. As a finance tycoon, Su DaShun was obviously dissatisfied that his daughter would marry a measly white collar worker.


Su DaShun wanted Lin Feng to cause the entire finance company to go bankrupt, then acquire it. It was to prove that he had sufficient ability and power to decide a company’s life or death.


As such, Lin Feng continuously transferred out the company funds to weaken its strength. Afterwards, he would use his future wife’s money to buy the company shares in order to acquire the entire company.

“They used underhanded methods.” In addition to this information, there were fund accounting reports from Su DaShun’s company. Every year, large amount of money would secretly flow in from abroad. It would be distributed to various companies under Su DaShun, successfully pulling the wool over people’s eyes.


As someone with a Ph. D in economics, Wen YiHong was able to tell based on Su DaShun’s traces: “Su QingMu, that bitch with Lin Feng, had a group of muscular tattooed chaps with her. It’s likely that her father is just as bad…”


That’s right, they had the triad to back them up. That’s how they were able to develop so quickly and arrogantly.


“So, what do you plan to do?”


Zhang Heng stood up and patted Wen YiHong’s shoulder: “Re-enact the Green Leaf West City District’s Legend.”


“A large dog with chuunibyou strikes again…” Wen YiHong smiled helplessly. The handsome and good looking president still retained traces of chuunibyou syndrome until now… He really started to pity Gu Zhun.


A day passed. Gu Zhun still didn’t see Zhang Heng at the office. When it was time to clock out, he ended work on time and went home. He did not expect that on the second day, something shocking would happen! The day before was just the calm before the storm.


Early in the morning, Gu Li received a phone call from the company for her to hurry back to the company. Gu Li was confused. She wasn’t sure whether this call meant that she could resume her position. The human resource lady quickly told her to come back and proceeded to hang up the phone. It seemed like they were really busy there.

“I’ll head out now.”

“Alright, take care. I’ll go to the office later.”


Gu Li disregarded the discomfort from her high heels, stepped on them, and ran to the lift with clicking sounds. She pressed the floor to the human resource department. When the lift arrived, Gu Li walked to the front desk. The female receptionist cried out and hurried her towards the lift to the higher ups’ offices on the high rise floors. Today, the prestigious lift were opened exclusively for Gu Li.


“Huh?” When Gu Li heard that the receptionist gave her such a huge privilege, it was simply unbelievable. She had no choice but to the take the lift that was meant exclusively for the high rise floors and arrived at the higher up’s office.


“Maybe Lin Feng transferred too much funding, so much that the company’s higher ups had to deal with this? Will they suspect that I am an accomplice…? Would I be jailed…?” Gu Li walked out of the lift with apprehensive feelings and knocked on the President’s office door.


“…President Tang, hello.”


“Take a seat,” The president was an old uncle with a beer belly that wore spectacles and a tasteful suit. It made him look gentle and fresh. He instructed the female secretary to give Gu Li a cup of coffee, after that he talked to her: “Gu Li, you’ve been in our company for five years, right?”



The President sat down too. Gu Li was unable to read the president’s mood at the moment.


“You love your job and the company, right? That’s why you reported Lin Feng?”

“That’s right.” Gu Li was increasingly unable to understand what all these questions were for. Did it mean that they wanted her to stay? Maybe that’s why they wanted to confirm if she was sincere in her loyalty?

The president looked relieved. He smiled and nervously fiddled with his hand: “Are you willing to do the company a favour?”


“…” What sort of favour was needed that the President would flatter and plead with a mere department staff?


Gu Li knew the company was a finance company that was quite well known locally, but it was only middle tier. It was neither a big shot, nor at the bottom of the list. It was just a simple financial company.


Even with this kind of company, there was no reason for the President to flatter their employees unless the company’s fate was not in the hands of the President, but in Gu Li’s. Then that would be different. However, Gu Li was just a small staff member. She felt shocked and doubtful…

President Tang told Gu Li about the matter of his request: “We have already sent someone to investigate the evidence of Lin Feng’s fund transfer. He won’t be able to get away with his crimes. We decided to sue him, but today someone came and talked to me. Lin Feng used the transferred funds to help launder money for Clear City’s tycoon Su DaShun of the Su Finance company. They were secretly aided by the triad’s influence.That man showed me evidence. If we sued Lin Feng, he would make a false counter accusation against the company and claim we coerced him to launder money. He would drag the company down with him. In the end, the loss of the company’s profit would be the most agonizing!”


Gu Li gritted her teeth. She did not expect that Lin Feng would do such a heartless thing. Although there were no strong points about the company, at least they were willing to give university students a chance. A company that was willing to groom newcomers, groomed him into such a capable man, yet he was ungrateful and dragged the company into such a mess.


However, who was that kind person? This was a company’s internal affair. Based on that fact, no one should have known. Even if they knew, no one would be so kind as to interfere in such a troublesome matter.


“That person said, as long as you say the word.”


“The word? What word?”


President wiped his sweat and solemnly asked: “‘Do you want to eliminate Lin Feng, or let him go?’” Those words spoken by President Tang were the original words left by the kind person. When he saw Gu Li’s suspicious expression, President Tang explained once more that he was repeating that person’s message word for word.


Gu Li thought carefully. Although she did not know who that person was, she understood that they were acquainted. She only told Gu Zhun about this, so could they be Gu Zhun’s acquaintance? Since he wanted to help so badly, she would not reject the kind gesture. Moreover, that scumbag Lin Feng, cheated her feelings for two years. She was almost deceived by his perfect acting skills. If she married someone like that, she would be disgusted by his affair, not to mention that even his character was revolting!


Gu Li stood up and harshly said: “Eliminate him.”

President Tang was very relieved. He gripped Gu Li’s hand emotionally and said politely: “Thank you so much…”


Eliminate him and the company would not be held liable for joint responsibility. Let him go and no one would be able to save the company from that evil person’s false countercharge. They could only wait for the company to go bankrupt.

When Gu Li was about to leave, President Tang handed Gu Li an envelope. He explained that the kind person instructed for it to be handed to her. Gu Li opened it on the spot and saw that it contained a letter— It invited her to come to Clear City Pier at 9 P.M. punctually.


“Go for ‘a good show’…? ‘Legend’…?” Gu Li thought about it as she walked out of the company.