Chapter 028 – Re-enactment of Green Leaf West City District’s Legend(3)

Translator: PKitty

Editor: Rei

Quality Check: Tezuka

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Nine o’clock in the evening.

Gu Li took a taxi and reached the pier. There was no sign of anyone around other than the fishing boats and ships docked at the pier. Even the taxi driver felt that it was strangely eerie. He stepped on the accelerator and sped out of there.

A few minutes later, another taxi drove in and entered the docks. The headlights shone at Gu Li, and they were so glaring that she could not open her eyes. After the taxi with the headlights left, Gu Li finally saw who arrived—

“Gu Zhun?!”


They both organized their thoughts. Even after exchanging clues and information about why they were here, they were still unable to figure anything out . They only knew that it was certainly the same person who led them there.

“Zhang Heng?!” After thinking about it, the only friend that both Gu Li and Gu Zhun knew was Zhang Heng. Moreover, nonsensical lines such as ‘a good show’ and ‘legend’ were consistent with his temperament. He usually looked like an overbearing president, but when it came to his friends, he always retained that high school temperament at heart.

After a few minutes, a big group of people suddenly came out from the pier’s warehouse. In front, a man and a woman were tied up with rope. Behind them was a big group of tall and strong men that wore thick gold necklaces and black or camouflage singlets.

The man and the woman were dragged in front of Gu Zhun and Gu Li. With a kick from one of the men, they knelt down with their heads on the ground. It looked like they were bowing ceremoniously to Gu Zhun and Gu Li.

The man was that scumbag, Lin Feng, and the woman was that bitch, Su QingMu. They were both covered in black and blue bruises. There were even traces of blood that could be seen at the corner of their lips.

“You…” Just as Gu Zhun tried to ask something, a man walked out from behind the group of tall and strong men. He was tall, and also covered with muscles, but his skin was fairer. In addition to that, he wore a white dress shirt with a black tie and black dress pants as he held onto a black suit jacket. This was the living embodiment of the mafia’s attire.

Gu Zhun took a closer look and discovered that it was actually Zhang Heng.

Zhang Heng walked up and asked Gu Li: “Eliminate him, right?”

“…Ah?” Eliminate him? Did you really mean that kind of eliminate? You meant to chop them up into pieces like a sliced white chicken? Don’t try to fool sister just because she doesn’t have a high education…

Zhang Heng was confounded and said: “Of course it’s not that ‘Eliminate’…” After that, he told the tall and strong men: “Wake them up.”

One man at the back took the lead and gave them each a slap. One after the other, Lin Feng and Su QingMu opened their eyes that were swollen like buns, and looked at Gu Li and Gu Zhun in front of them. They finally understood why they were beaten so miserably by a group of unknown of thugs the moment they arrived at the pier.

“So it’s you? You crazy woman?! Do you know who I am? I’m Su DaShun’s daughter! Lin Feng doesn’t like you! He doesn’t love you! You’re still harassing him shamelessly! You even sent people to hit me?!!!” Su QingMu stared intently at the delicate looking Gu Li and yelled hysterically.

“You should look at yourself in a mirror. You have no chest and no money! You didn’t sleep with Lin Feng even after dating for two years. You talked about no premarital sex, but I think you’re just a superficial whore pretending to be innocent! In fact, you must have slept with numerous men! Hahahahahaha—” When she saw that GuLi did not speak, Su QingMu laughed haughtily as she became even more loudmouthed and atrocious.

Gu Li walked one step forward, grabbed a bunch of Su QingMu’s curly hair, and forced her to look up. The look in Gu Li’s eyes was like a razor sharp blade. They shone with a fierce and murderous glint. If Gu Li had a knife, she might not hesitate to stab Su QingMu’s throat and cut off her tongue.

Gu Li coldly said: “Unscrupulous tart.”

“…” It was just a frigid curse spoken in English. When interpreted, it meant— an unscrupulous prostitute.

Even when Gu Li cursed someone, she was a cut above the rest, making the curse seem like an award conferred to Su QingMu.

GuLi released Su QingMu and walked in front of Lin Feng. Lin Feng immediately cried with tears and snot running down his face. He begged: “GuLi, you must believe me. I didn’t mean to deceive you. You should know that my family’s situation wasn’t doing well, I still need to…”

GuLi was too lazy to listen to Lin Feng speak. She squat down, staring into Lin Feng’s eyes at the same eye level and coldly slapped him once, twice, thrice… She slapped him to the point that she was tired of squatting on the floor. There were almost a hundred slaps.

Zhang Heng asked Lin Feng: “What did you do to the transferred company funds? Answer honestly, who put you up to it?”

The powerful and muscular man at the back brandished a small, shiny metal knife and held it at Lin Feng’s shoulder, making threatening actions.

Lin Feng trembled and replied: “…No one made me do it… I was possessed. I thought about money until I went crazy… I just transferred the money into a friend’s account from overseas… It was meant to be used when migrating next time… That’s it…”

Even now, Lin Feng was still lying. He placed all of the responsibilities on himself so that his future father in law would not be implicated. Not only that, this pitiful motive about the necessity for his livelihood would allow the court to give him a lighter sentence.

However, Lin Feng simply did not expect that Zhang Heng had already ascertained his relationship with Su DaShun and their underhanded deal.

“You refused to tell the truth, so don’t blame me for being ruthless.” Zhang Heng pursed his lips and folded both arms over his chest with a look of contempt. There was a hint of joy when he ridiculed Lin Feng. Zhang Heng had naturally gotten into character as a member of the mafia.

The knife slowly inched closer to Lin Feng’s neck. The muscular man allowed the edge of the blade to slightly touch the neck and a drop of blood seeped out. With just a bit more force, blood started gushing out.

Lin Feng looked at the blood and started to tremble fiercely. Finally, he lost control of his bladder, and a patch of wetness appeared on his crotch.

“Hero, please spare me! I just helped Su DaShun transfer the money, that’s all… Su DaShun wanted to monopolize Clear City’s financial sector. He gradually acquired all of the first and third rate companies. Our company was the only one left that united with the second rate companies and resisted… That’s why I listened to him and helped him transfer the funds out… If I knew he used all these assets to launder money overseas and stuffed it into his own pocket, I would not have helped him… Please spare me…!!!”

Zhang Heng pressed stopped on the pen recorder behind his back. The recording was over. All of the dialogue just now had been recorded. There was nothing more incriminating than this evidence.

“I can spare you…” Zhang Heng raised the pen recorder in his hands and gave a sinister smile, “But I don’t know whether the country would spare you…”

“What?!!” Lin Feng, who had been deceived, stared with wide eyes and looked at Zhang Heng with anger. Now he realized that this person never intended to spare him from the beginning!

The muscular man behind them took out two handcuffs and cuffed them onto Lin Feng and Su QingMu’s hands: “You’re under arrest.”

It was unbelievable that the group of muscular man were police!!! Clearly they were very vicious and they even beat both of them until they were swollen and bruised. Shouldn’t the police be upholding justice and moral righteousness?

After Zhang Heng sent Gu Li and Gu Zhun to his car, he waved his hand to the police officer in charge and handed the pen recorder to him: “I’ll leave the rest to you. Help me tell your superior that I am thankful for his help. I wonder if I’ll get the Good Citizen Award and a money reward…” After he finished speaking, he entered his car, started it up, and left the pier.