The First Breakup – Part Nineteen, 1 of 2

Translator: translationraven



Xu Muzhi had actually paused, staring blankly, when he saw Song Yucheng. He found that Song Yucheng had changed too much after being on the “Swapping Lives” programme.

The Song Yucheng now gave Xu Muzhi the feeling that he was not a simple substitute anymore. He had an added indescribable seductiveness to him.

If the old him was the substitute who was the best at imitating Chu Rong, then the new him was just like another Chu Rong. No, he was even more perfect than Chu Rong. He matched perfectly with what Xu Muzhi wanted in a lover.

But Xu Muzhi snapped out of it immediately. At the same time, Song Yucheng’s calmness felt like a great mockery to him, and Xu Muzhi felt that Song Yucheng was playing with him.

He recalled that phone conversation he had with Song Yucheng while the programme was still being broadcast, and his attitude grew nasty. “You’re getting bold, Songsong. You dare to come meet me like this.”

Xu Muzhi’s words sounded gentle on the surface, but it held an obvious malice which could very easily make a person tremble in fear.

If the old Song Yucheng were to stand here today, he would have been sent to his knees in fear. Unfortunately, the core of this body had been changed, and the new Song Yucheng had seen many pieces of trash like Xu Muzhi; he was not afraid, of course.

“You’ve been living well, Uncle Xu.” Song Yucheng smiled as he adjusted his voice to make it sound like Chu Rong’s. If Xu Muzhi had no clear idea who he was, he probably would not have been able to tell who the person standing in front of him was.

But the same trick would not work twice. Song Yucheng had used this trick to give Xu Muzhi pause over their video call, but the trick only ignited his anger this time. Song Yucheng and Chu Rong had been categorised as a couple after all, and this was a solid cuckolding of Xu Muzhi.

At that thought, anger came over Xu Muzhi and he glared at Song Yucheng, looking like he would tear him apart.

“Don’t play games,” threatened Xu Muzhi darkly.

But Song Yucheng smiled rather happily, and even his tone of voice was coquettish. “Why are you unhappy, Uncle Xu?”

“The Chu Rong you’ve pined after is now right in front of you. Why are you angry? Or is it… It’s not because I am not imitating him well enough, but that you’re jealous of me? You’re jealous that Chu Rong likes me, and embraces me of his own initiative. While we were filming, we even slept on the same bed. And… He even wants to take me from your side.”

“You!” Xu Muzhi’s chest was so full of anger he could not speak for a while.

But Song Yucheng smiled all the more widely. “What, you’re so embarrassed that you’re mad? Why, though?”

Song Yucheng moved one step back to lean against the table. He raised his head slightly to meet Xu Muzhi’s gaze. “You are a selfish piece of sh*t. Creating substitutes because you can’t get what you want is a lie. You f*ck others and still talk about true love. Upright or lying down, you’ve been an absolute wh*re. Abandoning someone else when you’re so dirty yourself? Isn’t someone like me with my prices clearly marked for purchase most suitable for you?”

“Look, I can play whichever character you want so long as you are willing to spend the money for it. We are a match made in Heaven.”

Song Yucheng’s slender fingers moved through the air and traced the side of Xu Muzhi’s face as he spoke. Every word coming out of his mouth was what a humble plaything would say, but the movement of his hand spoke of challenge and an aggressiveness.

Especially when he raised his eyebrows and smiled. He was strong in that instant, and it made Xu Muzhi feel that Song Yucheng was actually the master of this relationship — Xu Muzhi was the one being teased and trained.

Xu Muzhi was so mad that his breath caught in his chest, and he had trouble breathing. But the irony was, this dominant play of Song Yucheng’s had elicited a reaction from Xu Muzhi.

It was intoxicating.

Great humiliation caged Xu Muzhi in an instant, and he did not know what expression he should put on his face.

Song Yucheng saw his situation and laughed in a very exaggerated way. The mockery in his voice was without mercy.

“It looks like your body is way more honest than your heart, Xu Muzhi. Too bad for you, though. I’m still a minor so you won’t get any sweet release from me. Now here’s the problem, Uncle Xu. If you can’t suppress your sexual desire, then I just have to call the emergency hotline to get to the police. It would take five minutes at most for the police to arrive and spend some quality time with you.”

“Hah. Well played, Song Yucheng.” Xu Muzhi smiled instead of getting angry.

If Xu Muzhi still couldn’t see that he had been completely outplayed by Song Yucheng at this point, then he really would be an idiot with an IQ of zero. What Song Yucheng had said was true. According to the laws of China, this situation right now meant that he would definitely be arrested and taken away if Song Yucheng reported him to the police.

The most troublesome thing, however, was that the young Godfather who was so difficult to deal with was still in China, and his Godfather was not pleased with him these days.

Xu Muzhi could not afford to make any more mistakes right now.

As for Song Yucheng, he would let him be for a few days. He had all the time in the world to punish him later.

With those thoughts in mind, Xu Muzhi gave Song Yucheng a glare in the end, and left him with a warning.

“You’ll get what’s coming to you.”


Pipedream Bar.

Xu Muzhi went straight to this place after leaving the ocean-blue suite. He ordered two bottles of alcohol and angrily poured himself a glass. He felt the tightness in his chest loosen a little when the cold alcohol went down his throat.

Even then, that humiliating feeling of being played by Song Yucheng did not go away; he was restless. This was what was most contradictory. The Xu Muzhi now should loathe Song Yucheng, but that last look in Song Yucheng’s eyes had stirred his secret desires.

Under the influence of alcohol, this desire gained heat, and he felt like he could not take it anymore.

Xu Muzhi decided to vent his frustration.

He called one of his little lovers, and told him to meet him in his usual private room in Pipedream Bar.

When the lover got there, Xu Muzhi threw him on the bed without even letting him have a shower first. The foreplay was rough, and he went straight to it.

Xu Muzhi seemed too anxious today. He usually looked for traces of Chu Rong in his lovers, and, though it was an act, he was especially gentle with them.

But today, for some reason, Xu Muzhi was searching for the face of another in the person below him as he f*cked.

He called out Song Yucheng’s name in his moment of climax. In the next second, though, he was shocked by himself, and instantly calmed. He was spent, but still angry.

Song Yucheng was just a plaything after all. How dare he play him. He did some calculations, and discovered that Song Yucheng would not be a minor anymore in a month. Xu Muzhi could wait. He would wait for Song Yucheng to be of age, and he would then train him well and let him know down to his bones who the true master was!

He recalled the strength Song Yucheng had kept hidden under his gentle obedience, and his deep desire were stirred up once again. Xu Muzhi used his lover roughly that night. He sent his lover packing after he had his fun.

Xu Muzhi’s heartless f*cking brought unexpected trouble to Song Yucheng.

The lover Xu Muzhi had called up that night was not a nice person. He’d had some unspoken expectations of Xu Muzhi, and he had become increasingly jealous when he’d heard Xu Muzhi call out Song Yucheng’s name several times while he played with his body.

He went to look up Song Yucheng’s identity when he got home, and discovered that Song Yucheng was also a substitute who was being kept by Xu Muzhi. What he found next made him feel like he had been treated even more unfairly when compared to Song Yucheng.

Song Yucheng was actually living in a villa, while he only had a high-end condominium. This Song Yucheng had also been sent to participate in a reality show by Xu Muzhi, and got famous from being on camera. He, on the other hand, had always wanted to break into the entertainment industry, but Xu Muzhi had never given him the chance. He was a sort of internet celebrity right now, but he was nothing compared to Song Yucheng’s popularity.

And so, this little lover of Xu Muzhi’s grew increasingly convinced that Song Yucheng was Xu Muzhi’s most favoured person.

This was unfair!

They were both playthings, so what right did Song Yucheng have to Xu Muzhi’s heart? That Song Yucheng was also very close with Chu Rong, and they had even been put together as a celebrity couple. That group of mentally addled Chu Rong fans had not insulted him, nor sought ways to ruin his life either.

This was what had made Xu Muzhi’s lover so jealous of Song Yucheng.

In the beginning of his foray into the entertainment world, people had said that he was the Chu Rong of the internet celebrities, and others had paired him up with Chu Rong too but the pairing had been laughed at by Chu Rong’s fan club. They’d called him a duckling of the lowest pecking order, with no right to even approach Chu Rong.

Later, Xu Muzhi had found out about it and punished him fiercely, and warned him not to make any moves beyond his station.

The lover shivered involuntarily when he recalled the punishment he’d gone through. He was even more sure now, that there was no reason for Song Yucheng to have such favour.

His hotheaded anger led him to expose Song Yucheng’s identity on the internet in an impulsive act, saying that Song Yucheng was actually a kept pet.

Many people who saw the post blew the matter up.

“How’s this possible? This must be nonsense! Songsong is not that sort of person.”

“Yeah! And aren’t Li Zhao and Chu Rong also from Beijing? Li Zhao is a well-known person in the entertainment world too, so if Song Yucheng really was a rent boy, how could Li Zhao call him ‘Brother’?”

“Mm-hmm, do you guys also remember the reason Song Yucheng participated in ‘Swapping Lives’? It was for money. If he really was a kept pet, then what sort of lousy sponsor does he have, that his little lover has no money to buy food for himself?”

The popularity of “Swapping Lives” was still high, and attention on Song Yucheng was still at its peak. The point was that Song Yucheng had become a special, inspirational sort of existence in the eyes of these people, so not many people believed it when the scandal broke.

This hot topic soon phased out; it couldn’t even be considered a crisis.

But Xu Muzhi had seen it, and he did not want this wave to die so quickly. He thought that he would use this as a good opportunity to give Song Yucheng a warning.

Truthfully, Xu Muzhi now had a different view of Song Yucheng. He did not want to destroy him immediately, but he would be happy to see Song Yucheng suffering. He also wanted to see him come crawling to him when he had no other place to go.

Just like back then, with the house.

Xu Muzhi thought of five years ago, when he had first met Song Yucheng. Song Yucheng had been in dire straits just as he’d started junior high school, and Xu Muzhi had turned up when he had been left with no choice. Song Yucheng had looked like him like he was a god when he had picked him up.

He remembered too, that the Song Yucheng of five years ago had already been quite a persevering boy. Xu Muzhi had also spoilt Song Yucheng because he had found him interesting.

Unfortunately, the pet had grown all boring and docile after he’d pulled its claws out. Now, though, he had a renewed interest in his pet.

Xu Muzhi felt that Song Yucheng was in need of punishment. At that thought, an idea popped into his head, and he called his aide over. Xu Muzhi passed some things to his aide, and told him to use secret channels to hand those over to his internet celebrity lover.

“No need to bother about other things.”

“Yes, sir.” The aide left and Xu Muzhi started on estimating when Song Yucheng would come to his door of his own accord and beg him for mercy.