Records of the Dragon Follower


Records of the Dragon Follower

Author: Yueren Ge / 越人歌

Original Publisher: 17k




With neither relatives nor a home, Xiaodong became a disciple of Returnflow Mountain. In his dreams, he would often see certain people and events. What was most surprising was that many of the things he dreamed of were exactly the same as those that had really happened. However, he never once experienced these events himself, so how could he dream of them?

Yet, some things were completely opposite from reality. Like Eldest Senior Brother. He was clearly such a great person, yet in Xiaodong’s dreams, he became a vile human who killed people as if they were flies. No, to begin with, he might not even be human.


Table of Contents:


Chapter 001: Returnflow Mountain
Chapter 002: Eldest Senior Brother
Chapter 003: Sabre and Sword
Chapter 004: Birthday
Chapter 005: Sleeping Together
Chapter 006: Dream Encounter
Chapter 007: Offerings
Chapter 008: Snowfall
Chapter 009: Lying Side By Side
Chapter 010: Nightmare
Chapter 011: Injury
Chapter 012: Suspicion
Chapter 013: Ashen Face
Chapter 014: Croquettes
Chapter 015: Sword Conferring Peak
Chapter 016: Old Acquaintance
Chapter 017: Incompatibility
Chapter 018: Sword Conferring
Chapter 019: Ill Intent
Chapter 020: Motive
Chapter 021: Somewhere Else
Chapter 022: Monkey
Chapter 023: New Year
Chapter 024: Test
Chapter 025: Sword Techniques
Chapter 026: Absentminded
Chapter 027: Weapon
Chapter 028: Fruit
Chapter 029: Seed
Chapter 030: Pillow
Chapter 031: Sliced finger
Chapter 032: Anxiety
Chapter 033: Missing
Chapter 034: Enmity
Chapter 035: Bloodstain
Chapter 036: Departure
Chapter 037: Demon Eradication
Chapter 038: Martial Siblings
Chapter 039: Array Core
Chapter 040: Hatred
Chapter 041: Visitors
Chapter 042: Sword Burial
Chapter 043: Birthplace
Chapter 044: Ruler
Chapter 045: Medicinal Pill
Chapter 046: Bump
Chapter 047: Who Came First
Chapter 048: Beauty
Chapter 049: Divination
Chapter 050: Four Hundred Kilometers
Chapter 051: Asking the Brush
Chapter 052: Pill
Chapter 053: Refining Medicine
Chapter 054: Sect
Chapter 055: Herbal Bath
Chapter 056: Anxious
Chapter 057: Visit
Chapter 058: Secret
Chapter 059: Seen 
Chapter 060: Array Compass 
Chapter 061: Piecing the Puzzle
Chapter 062: Strange Event
Chapter 063: Shallow Rain
Chapter 064: Borrowing Books
Chapter 065: Conjecture
Chapter 066: Trust
Chapter 067: Life
Chapter 068: Stories
Chapter 069: Authenticity
Chapter 070: Elder Sister, Younger Brother
Chapter 071: Dejection
Chapter 072: Relative
Chapter 073: Out of Seclusion
Chapter 074: Happy Reunion