RIAH eBook Launch + Locked Chapters


Greetings, Chaleurians! 

Reborn Into A Hamster for 233 Days is finally complete on our website! This was one of our very first series from 2018, and we’re happy to finally see the ending for Yan Jin and Xiao Yu. We’ll never forget the days the little hamster was a troublemaker for the CEO just because of their company rivalry.😊 We’d like to acknowledge the most current team, translator O(n^n) oh baby, editor thepinkfleurdelis, and quality checker Kai for giving it their all to wrap up the series, and many of the other staff who worked on the project as well. 

With that, we’d like to inform everyone about the upcoming ebook for RIAH. The series will be released on Kindle Unlimited for the first time! Avid readers, this will be your chance to obtain the novel with art inserts and introduce it to your friends! The current set release date is July 3rd. 

Since the project has ended, locked chapters will soon be available on our website. If you haven’t caught up to the end of the novel yet, you can do so for free until July 3rd! Special thanks to the illustrator, @zeldacw for the beautiful cover. 

Thank you all for your support, and happy reading!