RIAH Fan Art Contest!

Hello everyone! As always, thank you so much for your love for all our novels in Chaleuria! With that in mind, Team Chaleuria is proud to announce that we are holding a fan art contest for one of our novels, Reborn into a Hamster for 233 Days (RIAH)! Of course, this contest comes with rewards, which is a one-off access to multiple advanced chapters of RIAH. Read on for more information~

Contest details:

  • To submit fan art of RIAH characters/scenes.
    You may refer to the following suggestions (but not limited to):
    Characters: Yan Jin, Xiao Yu (Fishy), Chu Ge, etc.

    • Scenes: Fishy with tomato/walnut/melon seeds, gaming Fishy, etc.
    • Advance chapter scenes: Fishy modeling, Fishy posing with a heart/ILY pose, Fishy night gazing under the starry sky.


    • Do not be a Lin Zhou plagiarize someone else’s work (including the current “Fishy” Line stickers that are used at the end of every chapter)
    • Please include your personal watermark/signature/name on your work.
    • You may only submit up to 3 entries per person.
    • Do submit your work before 31st May 2018 (Thursday), 2300hrs, GMT +8.
    • In the situation where two or more of your submissions are selected for the placing, we will award you based on the submission with the highest vote.

Reward Categories:

1st Place Up to 6 chapters of RIAH in advance
2nd Place Up to 4 chapters of RIAH in advance
3rd Place Up to 2 chapters of RIAH in advance
Team Chaleuria’s personal favorite Up to 2 chapters of RIAH in advance

To enter your submission, attach the artwork as a document and email them to [email protected] with the header “RIAH Art Contest Submission”, along with the following details:

Medium used for your artwork: