The First Breakup – Part Twenty-one, 2 of 2

World Hopping: Avenge Our Love

Translator: translationraven

First Published on Chaleuria


Unaware of the scheming of the two men, Song Yucheng had no clue of the impending danger. He was feeling quite cheery about the attentive care he was getting from Chu Rong, Li Zhao and the others.

Speaking of which, Chu Rong, Li Zhao and the others had chosen this day to have a gathering because it was Song Yucheng’s birthday, and it was his eighteenth birthday too. He would be an adult today.

In Li Zhao’s words, those trash relatives of Song Yucheng definitely wouldn’t have remembered, and even if they had, they would not give a damn. They might even cause more trouble for Song Yucheng. Wasn’t it better for them youngsters to celebrate it with him instead?

The venue was a club, but it was still decorated in a way which made it comfortable. Even the food was the sort Song Yucheng liked. He knew as soon as he stepped into the room that they had put a lot of thought and effort into this celebration.

The one who had taken the lead in all of this was, of course, Chu Rong.

Though the awkwardness between Song Yucheng and Chu Rong had lessened a lot over time, Chu Rong’s persistence was making Song Yucheng unable to say the many things he would like to say.

As for the rest of them, they could all see that there was something between the two. They had also all read Chu Rong’s public confession. Right now, the sight of them together, one drinking silently and the other pretending not to be bothered about it, was making all of them worried.

“I’d have to say that Chu Rong is way better than that old bastard Xu Muzhi.” Li Zhao could not help grumbling about it to the other three. He casually added, “That internet celebrity who spread rumours about Brother Yucheng online a few days ago was one of Xu Muzhi’s people.”

“Holy crap! That guy’s such scum!” The other three were outraged too. However, no matter how upset they got, there was nothing they could do since Song Yucheng was being stubborn.

In the words of the adults in their families, Song Yucheng was the type of person who had the means and the ability. A person like this wouldn’t be chained down by anyone except if it was true love.

“So what’s so good about that sort of old bastard?” Li Zhao got more teeth-gnashingly angry the more he thought about it. He felt that it was fair that he’d been rejected, but Song Yucheng shouldn’t reject Chu Rong.

Chu Rong was so much better than Xu Muzhi no matter how you looked at it. Just look at how thoroughly Chu Rong handled the matter with the internet celebrity, and you could tell that he really cared for Song Yucheng.

Even so, they could only spew curses in private and not mention a word of it in public. They also tried their best to get the party mood going, hoping to give Song Yucheng a perfect coming-of-age celebration.

Song Yucheng and Chu Rong cooperated well too, and spirits were high when it was time for present-giving.

What cannot have a definite value tagged to it is sincerity. The monetary values of the presents the youngsters gave Song Yucheng varied, but every one of the presents was picked with care.

Chu Rong’s present was last, but when he put the exceptionally pretty present box in Song Yucheng’s hands, Song Yucheng wrinkled his brow and did not open it.

This size, and this weight… Song Yucheng recalled some details about Chu Rong in the old Song Yucheng’s memories, and very outwardly looked Chu Rong up and down. Sure enough, the necklace which Chu Rong usually wore was missing.

Where did it go? There was no need to ask.

Right then, Chu Rong caught a clue of Song Yucheng’s realisation in his expression, but he stayed stubbornly on course and refused to back down.

Chu Rong seemed nervous, and Song Yucheng could even see the tremble in his eyelashes. Even so, Chu Rong kept staring straight at him.

“You shouldn’t have.” Song Yucheng shook his head but still accepted it in the end.

The corners of Chu Rong’s lips lifted in a smile instantly when he saw that. As he smiled, he reached out to hug Song Yucheng. He said quietly in his ear, “I’m willing to do it.” Those short six words were brimming with joy.

What Song Yucheng had in his hand was an old family heirloom of the Chu family. In conservative times, items such as these were given as tokens to future partners. Though using this method to force the item on Song Yucheng was a bit of an underhanded move, Song Yucheng had still accepted it — this meant that his heart had been moved. So if he just worked even harder, things would get better.

Chu Rong couldn’t help rubbing his face against Song Yucheng’s; his satisfied expression was like that of a kitty who’d stolen some dried fish. He sat by Song Yucheng’s side again and cut the cake with him.

Chu Rong had always looked gentle and elegant, and when he took such attentive care of Song Yucheng… even stone hearts would melt. The docile and obedient way he acted towards Song Yucheng, in particular, was so dang adorable that you just wanted to cuddle him in your arms.
After sipping some glasses of alcohol and getting tipsy, he let himself be held, quite possessively, in Chu Rong’s arms.

This happiness of theirs was witnessed by the eyes of others, and it was like the final straw which drove one person in particular mad.

The internet celebrity had been waiting. Waiting for an opportunity to make Song Yucheng disappear forever.

This was his revenge on Chu Rong, and his revenge on Song Yucheng!

The internet celebrity whispered to the waiter he had bribed, and switched a glass of wine out with a very special glass.


It was time to leave after three rounds of drinking. The youngsters had really let themselves go tonight, and Li Zhao, who had been throwing alcohol back, was blind drunk. Chu Rong saw the state they were in and quickly arranged for transportation to send each of them home.

“Songsong, stay. I have something to say to you.” Chu Rong looked expectantly at Song Yucheng as he held Li Zhao steady. He seemed cautious, as if afraid that Song Yucheng would reject him.

“Okay.” Song Yucheng nodded and promised him right away.

What Chu Rong actually wanted to say was words of confession. The hard work he had put in recently had not gone unnoticed by Song Yucheng, and he knew.

Song Yucheng felt that since his task in this world was to cuckold Xu Muzhi, saying yes to Chu Rong was not out of the question. Besides, this child was really easy to love. Chu Rong was about seventeen now, and only a few months shy of eighteen. It wasn’t out of the question to wait a little while more for him too. He was not in a hurry to leave this world anyway.

But for some reason, Song Yucheng had only just made this decision when a sort of intuition overturned his decision. Song Yucheng felt that what was going to happen in the future was not going to be easy. Sure enough, things did not turn out the way he had expected.

Song Yucheng abruptly realised that a development in the situation had occurred as he’d sensed when he felt an abnormal, foreign desire bloom in his body. This feeling was quite clearly the result of taking a hallucinogen which acted as a sexual stimulant.

“System?” Song Yucheng struggled to stay conscious, and he summoned the System. Chu Rong had gone to send Li Zhao home and he was going to take at least half an hour more to get back. However, he was in quite a critical condition now and it was likely that he would not be able to wait for Chu Rong to come back and help him.

Point was, no matter who had had him drugged, this person must have some sort of high position to be able to make a move in this sort of club. He had no strength left now, and would be easily taken advantage of. At that thought, Song Yucheng finally remembered that mute-like System, and he wanted to check what his current situation was.

And the response from the System was very weird too. Perhaps it was nervousness from not talking in so long, or perhaps it was some other reason, but the System’s voice came out all garbled.


Song Yucheng didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry, and his heart was weary.

He could not count on the System, but he still had to think of a way to save himself.

Song Yucheng thought that the most pressing matter was for him to find someone to help him out of danger. It was taking a lot out of him to be able to stand right now. He had no clue when Chu Rong would be back, and that person who had set him up must be waiting in the wings somewhere. The first thing he had to do was to get away from this place.

Just as Song Yucheng was doing his best to get himself out of his predicament, a young man appeared unexpectedly and immediately caught his attention.

His classic suit looked like the garb of noblemen, and the young man’s presence was also quite attention-grabbing; he was obviously a person used to the upper ranks.

He would do. Song Yucheng had an idea. However, when the young man drew close, Song Yucheng, who had been meaning to use him to get out of his predicament, was suddenly struck by the young man’s looks.

Song Yucheng felt that this was the first time he’d seen a beautiful man who matched his sense of aesthetics so well. Under the influence of the drug, especially, this young man was even more enticing to Song Yucheng. But for some reason, Song Yucheng had a strange feeling that this man looked a little like what Chu Rong would look like if he was more mature.

And the previously garbled System also abruptly pinged: What’s going on? Did Chu Rong suddenly grow up?

But the consciousness of Song Yucheng in that moment was hanging by its last thread. He had no recollection of what the System had said about Chu Rong growing up. The only thought he had in his head was of the young man before him.

Because this young man was none other than the young Godfather who could make Xu Muzhi tremble in fear. And in this moment, he was an extremely enticing little dessert to Song Yucheng.