The First Breakup – Part Twenty-seven, 1 of 3

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So according to Song Yucheng, one cuckolding was not enough, and he was going to cuck him another time? Did he take him for a pushover now? Xu Muzhi was so angry that he threw his phone. At that moment, however, he had a flash of inspiration and thought that he could pass this message on to Chu Rong himself.

From what Xu Muzhi could see, Chu Rong was Song Yucheng’s most important business partner right now. If Chu Rong stopped giving him support, Song Yucheng was screwed. After all, Song Crafts was just a small stand compared to family-owned conglomerates like theirs, and had no fighting power. Chu Rong, too, would not accept Song Yucheng having another lover on the side.

So if he told him what Song Yucheng had said, Chu Rong, with his character, would definitely cut ties with Song Yucheng right away and hate him to the core. An enemy’s enemy was a friend. He could work with Chu Rong then.

Xu Muzhi made a call to Chu Rong with that thought in mind.

“Song Yucheng sent someone with a message for me, saying that he was going to cuck me again. Do you know who that person is, Chu Rong?” Xu Muzhi’s tone was nasty but he was fairly excited. He controlled his breathing, waiting nervously for Chu Rong’s response. He had already envisioned Chu Rong’s angry face when he discovered that he had been lied to.

Ha! This was an eye for an eye. Chu Rong had shown no mercy when screwing him over, so he did not hold back in poking at Chu Rong’s wound.

Surprisingly, on the other end of the line, Chu Rong laughed. He said meaningfully, “You really are stupid, Xu Muzhi.”

He hung up. The pity and mocking in his words made Xu Muzhi feel like he was calling him a weak, ignorant child.

Xu Muzhi was dumbfounded, and he snapped; he threw this phone.

Pity? From Chu Rong? Pity, when it was Chu Rong himself who was going to get cucked? And Chu Rong had mocked him and called him stupid. They were in similar situations now, so what right had Chu Rong to look down on him?

“He’s mad. They’re all f*cking mad! It’s like that Song Yucheng cast a spell on Chu Rong.” Xu Muzhi was so mad that steam could come from his nostrils. He decided to prepare well for the upcoming press conference. He was going to slap Song Yucheng in the face this time, and make sure he lost badly!


A week passed swiftly and it was time for the press conference.

It was 10:30 a.m. in the Orchid Hotel lobby. Quite a few of the reports were dazzled by the exquisite furnishing of the place when they stepped through the lobby doors. Many were stunned later, when they saw the promotional video.

Xu Muzhi had really outdone himself. He had hired the best design team, and the best advertising company. The promotional video that had been created had scenes even more beautifully perfect than any artistic blockbuster movie. The rooms, decorated with a fineness not lost in their elegance, and the six-star hotel service were very attractive indeed.

“We dare guarantee that the Orchid Hotel is currently the only resort hotel in the country to be eligible to apply for a six-star rating.” Several reporters were surprised by what the presenter said. China did currently have hotels with equivalent standards to a six-star hotel, but there was no hotel which could really be eligible to apply for a six-star rating.

“So the Orchid Hotel is actually that grand?”

“That’s astonishing.”

“The promotional video was really amazing. There are no great discrepancies between the real shots of it at the end of the video too. It truly is the best resort hotel in China.”

Xu Muzhi sat facing the stage, looking smugly on. He was finally feeling good, like he had recovered lost ground. His delight, however, was short-lived. His subordinate came running in under five minutes, saying anxiously, “President Xu, President Xu! It’s bad!”

“What’s bad?” Xu Muzhi’s heart sank. He hurriedly took the tablet from his subordinate’s hands and to see what it was. Xu Muzhi froze.

It was completely unexpected. While he was in his own hotel holding a press conference, the concept advertisement of Song Yucheng’s guesthouses and homestay platform had made waves on the internet, and even made it into the hot search terms.

As for the six-star hotel he was so proud of, it was rubbish compared to Song Yucheng’s concept advertisement.

The target audiences for a six-star hotel and a guesthouse were different, of course, but Song Yucheng had the advantage of the guesthouses and homestays being more convenient and wallet-friendly and had made that his selling point. He had captured the attention of the public.

What was the guesthouse and homestay concept? It was a way to let yourself stay cosily in a place like your own home while enjoying the different cultures and traditions of different regions. The emphasis was on affordability, and that was what made guesthouses and homestays so attractive.

Song Yucheng’s guesthouse and homestay platform fit this to a T.

It turned out that while Xu Muzhi had been busy building up to his big day, and Song Yucheng had looked like he was keeping a low profile, he was actually leading his team personally in making preparations. Song Yucheng’s first stop had been Dali City.

Situated at the foot of the mountain range, Cangshan, and the coast of Erhai Lake, Dali City’s most unique feature was that it had a simple, quaint atmosphere which could refresh one’s soul.

Dali City was also a place where guesthouses and homestays would be quite prevalent, and that was why Song Yucheng had picked it for his first stop.

The rooms were only a dozen square metres or so, and didn’t need much renovation. Some decoration was added to the balconies, and that made the rooms most suitable to the tastes of young people in the arts who were looking for beauty. Simplicity and elegance was the main theme here.

And his second stop had been on the other end of China, in Tibet.

The small city perched four kilometres above sea level and steep, majestic mountains were everywhere the eye could see. There was snow on the peaks of the mountains all year round but the foot of the mountain was lush with greenery. You could experience four seasons on one mountain, and have a different sort of day every ten miles. Homestays in a place like this with ethnic elements were most attractive to tourists looking for mystery and religion.

The third stop, the fourth stop, the fifth stop…

Song Yucheng finally brought his team back to Beijing.

The enclosed courtyard house from the Ming and Qing dynasties had no more of the liveliness of four generations living under one roof, and the years had worn a gloominess into it. However, what Song Yucheng was going to do was to turn time back and revive the little courtyard house’s charm.

And all of the places which Song Yucheng and his team went were all recorded, made into concept videos, and the videos sent to travel-loving netizens.

To put it simply, Song Yucheng’s guesthouse platform was like a link to mutual benefit. Song Yucheng’s company was selling designs, and individuals were buying Song Yucheng’s designs. After buying these designs and renovating their rooms into guesthouses or homestays, these people could also use the platform to rent their properties out. Chu Rong was the operator behind the platform app’s software.

At the same time, the variety show which Chu Rong had worked so long on was officially aired, and the popularity and advantage of having celebrities soon far outstripped the prestige of Xu Muzhi’s hotel.

Their businesses were similar in that they were “selling” beautiful houses and rooms but compared to Xu Muzhi’s six-star hotel, Song Yucheng’s platform concept was much more to the public’s tastes and consumer inclinations.

After all, six-star hotels were nice but the price difference had decided the number of scope of the market. Song Yucheng’s platform concept, too, had a high-end market like the villa rentals. Those were without star ratings but they were not any worse than starred hotels.

Xu Muzhi read the feedback of the netizens and abruptly realised what Song Yucheng meant when he said he would be cucked again. What he had meant was not feelings, but in business. Xu Muzhi had wanted to test the waters in the tourism industry but he had been cut adrift by Song Yucheng. Even the promotion campaigns he had done for his business had ended up propping up Song Yucheng higher.

He shut his eyes sorrowfully, and felt the strength leave his body. He could not figure out just how he had ended up in the state he was in today. He had lost to Song Yucheng.


Song Yucheng and Chu Rong had just finished promoting the platform concept, and were having dinner together.

“Well done. You’ve worked hard.” Song Yucheng looked at Chu Rong’s face, gaunt from busyness, and filled his soup bowl. “You’ve lost weight. You have to eat more.”

“It’s because I missed you.” Chu Rong did not reach his hand out to take the bowl. He drank from the bowl while Song Yucheng held it, and smiled in satisfaction. “Tasty.”

He was different from Ludwig. Chu Rong was young, looked gentle and was beautiful. Saying sweet things like these was not odd at all, and very adorable.

Song Yucheng liked this too. He pushed food to Chu Rong as he ate too, and watched him finish his food before he started discussing business matters.

Work matters were always troublesome, especially the nitty gritties which had to be revised over and over. It was almost ten in the evening when the two of them were done talking. This time, Chu Rong did not make a fuss about going home with Song Yucheng. Instead, it seemed like he had something else to tend to, and got ready to go home after he sent Song Yucheng to his door.

Before he left, though, he said to Song Yucheng, “Songsong, remember to watch the news at noon tomorrow. I have a present for you.”

“What present?” asked Song Yucheng curiously.

Chu Rong had smiled mysteriously, indicating that it was a secret, and drove off. Song Yucheng watched him leave and a strange suspicion bloomed in his heart.

Chu Rong had picked the place to have dinner tonight. It was a coincidence, perhaps, but Song Yucheng had not told Chu Rong about the place before… though he had told Ludwig about it. So was this really just a coincidence? Or was there some connection between Chu Rong and Ludwig?

Song Yucheng felt that his job assignment to cuckold an evil cheater had suddenly become an unsolved mystery of the world.

It was wearing him out a little.

On Chu Rong’s end, he called his cousin on his way home. “Are you all prepared to deal with Xu Muzhi?”

“No problem. Just the Orchid Hotel problems would be enough to make him lose everything he invested. Besides, there are those bits of information too. Xu Muzhi will find it difficult to get out of prison if he gets thrown in this time.”

“Good. Make our move!”

“But Xiao Rong, are you sure you’re going to settle the problem of Xu Muzhi now? Doesn’t Song Yucheng still…”

“He won’t mind. Don’t worry about it and listen to me.” Chu Rong hung up right after he said that.

His cousin was right. Chu Rong did not have to rush to get rid of Xu Muzhi. In truth, Chu Rong could not wait any longer.

He had had direct interaction with Ludwig because of working together on the project. This was why he had become more anxious. Chu Rong could tell that Song Yucheng was still treating him like a child, indulging him. However, Song Yucheng had already started to desire Ludwig.

It was just that Song Yucheng himself had yet to see that he treated Ludwig differently.

So it was best if he never ever realised it. Chu Rong’s eyes were filled with a darkness born of repressed emotions.

There was not much time left. Chu Rong wanted Song Yucheng to completely belong to him before he realised his feelings. He would not shy away from having to use special methods either. This was why Chu Rong felt that he had to throw this disturbance called Xu Muzhi out of the picture immediately, to leave just him and Ludwig in the picture, and see which one of them had the upper hand.



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