Your Black History is Cuter | 你的黑料比本人可爱


Title: 你的黑料比本人可爱 (En: Your Black History is Cuter) 

Author: 毛球球

Publisher:  长佩 (

Status: Complete (74 chapters + 6 bonus chapters)

Are you a fan of novels where the characters make you laugh? Are you a fan of a friends-to-lovers plot? Or perhaps you’re looking for something lighthearted, cute, and fluffy without too much drama? 

If so, then this novel is for you. 

Don’t be fooled by its brevity because the author does a great job at establishing the main personality traits of the main characters right from the bat.

There is Jiang Ying, an actor who is more interested in collecting everyone’s black history than being a “good” actor. There is his ex-classmate, Qi Zhu, who is a skilled actor with a history of offending people with his straightforward manners. 

Everyone knows that Jiang Ying and Qi Zhu are like water and oil: they do not mix. But one day they start working on projects together and when the entire entertainment industry is holding its breath for an explosion, their fans start to question whether these two are really mortal enemies. 

Be aware that this novel is highly idealistic. The author set out to rot your teeth with fluff, so there is very little time spent on anti-fans ganging up on either Jiang Ying or Qi Zhu and the often used “prove them wrong” trope is barely present. Instead, the author spends their time developing Jiang Ying and Qi Zhu’s relationship and the transition from “frenemies” to lovers is done smoothly and without drama from either side. Their interactions feel natural and they stay in-character even after their relationship develops. 

Give it a try if you’re tired of relationship drama and want something soft and sweet, but still capable of making you laugh.