An ode to translating faster and its inconsistencies

Translating seems straightforward enough, sit down and pound away at a keyboard, produce a masterpiece a few seconds later. Voila?!

But wait, here’s real life examples of difficult it can be to consolidate translation styles when one goes hard and fast.

Translator 1: While Ning Xi was very drunk, her subconscious mind could feel that the person embracing her at the moment was very warm, and had no bad intentions. She slowly relaxed into his arms and slurred drunkenly as she sat in his lap, “It’s only because I feel it’s beneath me… Otherwise… Otherwise with this face… I could find a… a big leg to hug… You think you can suppress me… I’ll go find one now… right now…”


Translator 2: Ning Xi was super drunk, but people still had instincts even so. She could feel that the person hugging her didn’t mean her any harm, and was really gentle, so she slowly relaxed. She sat on the man’s leg and leaned into him, not struggling anymore. She murmured drunkenly, “This chick here just didn’t care… because… because with my face… I can… go find a thigh to hug… do you think you can hold me down… I’m gonna go find… go find one right now…”


Translator 3: Ning Xi was incredibly intoxicated, but she was still vaguely aware that the person currently holding her had no malicious intent. She relaxed into his tenderness and straddled his legs, leaning into his embrace without further struggle. She spoke drunkenly, “I was just disdainful… otherwise… otherwise with my beauty… do all of you think you can oppress me… if I wanted to… find a backer to latch onto… I’m going to… going to locate one now…”


Translator 4: Ning Xi was incredibly drunk, but she seemed to be able to subconsciously sense that the person hugging her had no ill-intentions. Furthermore, this person was incredibly gentle, so she gradually relaxed, sat on the man’s thigh and leaned into his embrace without any further resistance. In a drunk manner she said, “This lady just refuses to put down her dignity… otherwise… based on this lady’s face… I can find a… a large thigh(sugardaddy) to hug… you think you guys can suppress me… I will go find one right now… right now……”


Translator 5: Ning Xi was really drunk, but since people probably had a subconscious, she could feel that the person hugging/embracing her right now did not have any ill intentions. Instead, he was very kind, so she gradually relaxed as she sat on the man’s legs and leaned in his embrace without struggling. She tipsily muttered, “Laoniang just felt contempt to do so… Otherwise… if I find a thick… thick leg to hug… with laoniang’s face… Do you think you can suppress me… I will go and find one right now… go right now…”


Translator 6: Ning Xi was severely drunk. Nevertheless, her subconscious more or less sensed that the person holding her now had no ill intentions, but was exceptionally gentle. As a result, she gradually relaxed and sat on the man’s legs, leaning into his embrace without struggling any further. Drunk, she spoke tipsily, “This lady doesn’t think it’s worth it…otherwise…otherwise, just with this lady’s face…I’d find a big…a big, fat leg to hug…you think you can keep me under control…I’ll find one right this instant…right now…”


Translator 7: Ning Xi was very drunk, but she still have some consciousness. She felt the person holding her didn’t have any evil intentions but gentleness. She began to relaxed sitting on the man’s laps and stop struggling within his embrace. Drunkly she said, “This lady didn’t think it’s worth of doing…..otherwise….otherwise, just relying on this lady’s face…..I can find a big….big and thick leg to hug….you think all of you can suppress me….I will go find now….go now….”


Translator 8: Ning Xi was extremely drunk, but probably because humans do have subconsciousness, she felt that the person that was currently carrying her did not have any bad intentions, but was actually very gentle and warm. Hence, she gradually relaxed, sitting on the man’s leg she leaned against his chest, no longer struggling. Drunkenly, she started speaking drunk words: “This Ma’am just feels it’s not worth doing…… otherwise……. Otherwise just based on this face of this ma’am…… to find an big…… big thick thigh(sugar daddy) to hug…… You think you guys can stop me……. I’ll go find one right now……. right now…….”


Translator 9: Ning Xi was dead drunk. However, like most people in her state, she would acted subconsciously. Right at the moment he hugged her, she felt that the person didn’t hold any ill-intent towards her, but he was extremely gentle. Therefore, she gradually relaxed and sat on his lap, leaning into his embrace without struggling. While in her drunken frenzy, she acclaimed, “This lady disdain this kind of thing… If not… If not, based of this lady’s face… to find a big… a big leg to hug… you think you all can pressure me… I can go find one right away… go right now…”


Translator 10: Ning Xi was incredibly drunk, but she still retained some conscious thought. She felt like the person currently holding her bore her no malice, and moreover was very gentle. She slowly relaxed, sitting on the man’s lap and leaning back into his embrace. No longer struggling, she drunkenly slurred, “This lady just doesn’t think it’s worth it, that’s all… otherwise… otherwise, with this lady’s looks… I could find a big… big patron to embrace… You think you can pressure me… I will now go find… now go…”