Pure love for reading the native language of danmei!

Chinese grammar is ” PERSON -> TIME -> ACTION

For example:
I today go          我今天去
I tomorrow go   我明天去
I 3pm go            我三点去

我 (= I
去 (= go
今天 (jīntiān= today
明天 (míngtiān) = tomorrow
三 (sān= three
点 (diǎn= o’clock (depending on the context, that word has a different meaning)

Important key words
(zài) = explains the location of something/someone
(le) =  explains that an action has already taken place or indicating a change of state in a situation

Now, for today’s post…

First, let’s take a look in details of the grammar structure of a simple Chinese sentence.

Subject + Time + Location + Predicate

[Predicate] : verb, nouns, objects, negation, adverbial modifiers, prepositional phrases, aspect particles….

Examples :

1. 我昨天晚上在我朋友的家看全職高手了。

我 / 昨天晚上 / 在我朋友的家 / [ 看了 / 全職高手。]
I / last night / at my friend's house / [ watched / The King's avatar. ]
Subject / time /  + location / [ verb +  / noun ]

Grenn's translation : 
I watched The King's avatar at my friend's house last night.
Important note : The 了 indicates that the action is already completed in the past.
2. 她在一堆箱子后面看到了一个小男孩。

她 / 在一堆箱子后面 / [ 看到了 / 一个小男孩。]
She / at a pile of box behind / [ saw / a little boy.]
Subject / +location / [ verb +  / noun ]

Timebun's translation : She saw a little boy behind a stack of boxes.
3. 从现在起,我就是罗兰了。

从现在起,//[ 就 // 罗兰了。]
From now starting from, / I /[ just / is / Roland. ]
Time / Subject / [ adverb / verb / noun +]

Roxerer's translation : From now on, I'm Roland.
Important note : The 了 in this sentence meant that there is a change of state in the situation.
When you read the first chapter of RTW, you know that Cheng Yan is the name of the transmigrator
who entered Roland. The initial situation is Cheng Yan being Cheng Yan. Then the 了 in this 
sentence meant that there is a change and Cheng Yan will no longer be Cheng Yan, but Roland.

It's easier to understand with a context, but if taken out of context, it will simply mean that
being Roland is a new state, but you won't know that the initial state was being Cheng Yan.