RDE Webcomic Chapter 6

This was the beginning to Rest in a Demon’s Embrace. We will publish the chapters as they are being made in the future. If you liked the webcomic, then please head over to the novel and read it! The novel can be found here: https://chaleuria.com/rest-in-a-demons-embrace/ The table of content for the webcomic can be found here https://chaleuria.com/rest-in-a-demons-embrace-webcomic/ […]

RDE Webcomic Chapter 1

Okay guys, I hope you liked the teaser that we published some time ago. Now it is time for the first real chapter to be published. Because it has been 3 weeks since last, we will publish three chapters today 🙂 If you like it, please leave a comment or a like, those motivate us […]

RDE Webcomic Teaser

Hello, all our dear readers! Tinalynge here with interesting news. Rest in a Demon’s Embrace is being made into a webcomic! Now that we have had a short break after finishing book 2, and before we begin book 3, we will share what we have gotten with you all. At the beginning, we will publish […]