Avenge Our Love – The Second Breakup – Part Eight, 1 of 2

World Hopping: Avenge Our Love

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Why did he have to get Xie Qianchen to do this sort of thing? Anger rose in Shen Yi when he saw this.

Everyone in these circles knew what sort of place the Lucky Cauldron was and Cao Kun was openly telling Xie Qianchen to go to that place and pay the bill. In actual fact, if a second-generation heir were to really have an emergency, it was not likely that a manager like Xie Qianchen would be called to go there on his own. Plus, how could a place such as the Lucky Cauldron be lacking condoms? Cao Kun was obviously mentioning this to remind Xie Qianchen to take good care of this person.

How could he give away a person who had stayed by his side for so many years? Cao Kun was definitely the most bastardly bastard in the industry.

“Don’t go.” Shen Yi couldn’t help himself from stopping him.

But Xie Qianchen coldly pushed him away and picked up his car keys again. “Don’t stick your hands into matters which don’t concern you.” He went off alone, leaving Shen Yi behind.

Left behind, Shen Yi watched as he grew distant, and he clenched his fist in resentment as he realised how weak and powerless he was.

He was an insignificant speck of dust in the face of absolute power. Him, Xie Qianchen, everyone. There was no fighting back.

Shen Yi returned to the dormitories with those thoughts in his head, and his heart squeezed so painfully that he felt like he could go mad from it.


The situation on Song Yucheng’s end was entirely different from what Shen Yi was imagining.

He’d made his way to the Lucky Cauldron and he went to the reception desk after parking his car. He asked for the room number, and walked right in. He’d brought all the things Cao Kun had told him to bring, of course.

The Lucky Cauldron was a high-end club compared to seedy bars, but it had its classiness only because the rich frequented it. How it operated inside was basically the same, more or less.

There were already quite a few people in the private room when Song Yucheng got there. Cao Kun was not there, as expected, but the band of second-generation heirs were all there. Their eyes, when they looked at Song Yucheng, were laden with meaning.

It was the look of a predator sizing up prey. This look had not landed on Xie Qianchen’s body since he had been ruined by Cao Kun.

Song Yucheng greeted them without batting an eyelash.

The person sitting closest to the door spoke first. “Look! What did I say, eh? That Cao guy’s dog is a dumbass, and he does just as told. Look at him! Hah! He really does think we leave the house without bringing cash with us!”

“Hahaha, geeze, lay off him. It’s been years and you’re still doing this? A cornered rat would bite, you know. Qianchen might hit you.” Another person quickly redirected the conversation. It was Cao Kun’s friend, Yan Qi.

“You came quite quickly, and at a good time too since our group hasn’t disbanded yet. Come sit and drink with us. I’ll introduce you to some new friends today.” Yan Qi pulled Song Yucheng to his side and made him sit. He was especially nice to him, but his hand on Song Yucheng had some force behind it, like he was hinting something to him.

Song Yucheng’s eyes met his, and he saw an unwillingness in them.

Come to think of it, this Yan Qi was the only one with a bit of conscience among Cao Kun’s friends. It had been Yan Qi who had pushed Cao Kun to protect Xie Qianchen, back when Xie Qianchen had been in trouble. It was thanks to this that Xie Qianchen had not been held responsible when the terrible news of his two juniors had made headlines.

Yan Qi had always felt that Xie Qianchen was innocent. He was just more good looking than others, and not willing to let himself go, so how had he become the one who’d sinned? Unfortunately, what he said carried no weight in the industry, and he could only try his best to help.

Xie Qianchen had such a difficult life; anyone with a heart couldn’t ignore him.

Yan Qi recalled the suggestive remarks the others had made earlier, and his headache worsened. He wasn’t sure if Xie Qianchen would be able to get through this today.

Song Yucheng sensed the game afoot immediately, and understood that there was a pattern to this. He gave Yan Qi a thankful smile and looked around surreptitiously. He discovered an unfamiliar young man sitting in the corner, and, judging from how he dressed, he seemed to be the same sort as Yan Qi and the others. For some reason, however, his expression was one of disgust, like he thought all of them filthy.

This person was a little familiar. Song Yucheng sifted through Xie Qianchen’s memories, and realised why.

That person was a sort of old acquaintance after all.

This young man was Xiao Lun, the Young Master of the Xiao family. He had had a hand in Xie Qianchen’s junior’s death and was a childhood “friend” of Cao Kun’s. They were rivals, and he often fooled around with minor celebrities. He had taken interest in Xie Qianchen’s junior, and, upon discovering that he was one of Cao Kun’s, he had proclaimed with great fanfare that he would have him.

And the spark which had set off the tragedy was this.

If it hadn’t been for Xiao Lun’s insistence of having him, Xie Qianchen’s junior would have had a bright future, especially since his acting skills were recognised. Cao Kun was a rich man’s son, but he was not going to let go of such a catch easily either — he also disliked Xiao Lun. Incited by others, Cao Kun had sent the junior out to be played with, and recorded it. A copy had been sent to Xiao Lun later too, to humiliate him.

What followed was even worse. After that happened, Xie Qianchen had tried to retaliate, and he got this reply when he contacted Xiao Lun.

“He was just a plaything. I just want to see how he’d look like when he got broken. Looks like he’s nothing much now, so why should I work with you when there’s no equal value in it for me? Just because I dislike Cao Kun? Xie Qianchen, have you forgotten your place after selling yourself over and over?

“Little celebrities like you are nothing to us.”

Xiao Lun had hung up right after saying that. Later, the video which Luo Tong had got his hands on through connections later was that same one which Xiao Lun had.

So it had been the right decision to come today. Song Yucheng narrowed his eyes, and his gaze on Xiao Lun sharpened with threat.

The other second-generation heirs grew excited, and one of them, seeing that Xie Qianchen was not angered by Xiao Lun’s presence, threw some provocation out. He pointed at a money boy standing by the door and said, “What are you standing there dumbly for? Why aren’t you spending time with your Brother Xie, huh? Tsk. He’s an elite manager, you know? You’ll be a big celebrity if he favours you.”

The money boy was one who knew how the world worked, and he saw how these people had no respect for Xie Qianchen, so he joked, “So what if I can be a celebrity? I’ll still have to serve you guys.”

“Hahaha! You’re an interesting one!” The heir who had pointed at him laughed. “But don’t say that when he’s right here. Come on, have a drink together as an apology, eh?”

“Of course.” The money boy agreed quickly and went over with a drink in hand.

He had seen Song Yucheng when he’d first come in, and his first impression was that he did not like him, based solely off the way he dressed and the gloves he wore. What was he if not a pretentious prick?

Besides, he could also tell that the Young Masters in the room all saw him as a plaything, and he was no different from the money boys.

His attitude towards Song Yucheng became much less respectful, and he even spilled some alcohol on him when he brought it over.

“Ah, I drank too much and my hand slipped. Please don’t hold it against me, Brother Xie!” The money boy was only above average in looks, but he had a surprisingly good voice. His dulcet tones, though insincere, were enough to melt.

Song Yucheng stared in stunned silence when he saw the money boy’s face.

He looked like him. So much like him, he was practically a replica. The emotions sleeping in Xie Qianchen’s body awoke instantly, affecting Song Yucheng. The despair and helplessness he felt were like a hand squeezing his heart viciously, and his breathing quickened. Song Yucheng swiftly schooled himself to appear unaffected by the strength of sheer willpower.

So that’s what was going on. This money boy who was fairly similar to his junior, and Xiao Lun’s presence… Song Yucheng immediately understood why these friends of Cao Kun had got him to come here today. But they’d have to pay for it if they wanted to see a show.

Plus, these heirs who wished chaos upon his world should suffer a little for them to learn their lesson. Song Yucheng touched his right pocket, where he had a small bottle. He had prepared it for Shen Yi in case he was too sleepy and it affected his screen test, but it now looked like he could give it to Xiao Lun as a gift.

Possible scenarios played in Song Yucheng’s head.

As he formulated responses to deal with them, the second-generation heirs grew beside themselves with excitement. “Hey, how do you think Xie Qianchen’s gonna react?”

“Didn’t Cao Kun say he still has claws? I’d like to see how sharp they are.”

“Yep. It’s not easy to get that Xiao Lun guy to come out even once. I heard that Xie Qianchen went crazy for a bit after that top actor died. He took bites out of a few more other than Xiao Lun, not physically of course, but he kicked up too big of a fuss. He incurred too big of a loss, and he got declawed. I don’t know what he’ll do now, when he’s seeing Xiao Lun again.”

“Enough, you guys. A life was lost that year!” Yan Qi was the only one who could not bear it any longer, and he wanted to call for them to stop. However, he was pressed back down on his chair, unable to move, and he grew more anxious.

“Do you guys have no f*cking conscience? Xie Qianchen owes you nothing!”

“Do you like him or something, Yan Qi? He’s just an actor but you keep speaking up for him — why are you being all sweet on him? Haven’t you also played around a lot with small-time celebrities?”

“You—!” How could that be the same? Yan Qi had, at least, bought most of his relationships, and they had all been willing parties in the transaction. He was different from them, these people who played with the lives of others for their own amusement.

But Yan Qi was not a good talker, and he couldn’t do anything, so he gulped down all of the alcohol before him in the end, as a sort of venting.

As for the others, all eyes were on Song Yucheng. They wanted to see what he would do.

Contrary to their expectations, Song Yucheng did not go crazy. Instead, he seemed even calmer than before, like he had completely forgotten what that face looked like.



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