Avenge Our Love – The Second Breakup – Part Eight, 2 of 2

World Hopping: Avenge Our Love

Translator: translationraven

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He accepted the alcohol that the money boy had brought over without skipping a beat, and downed it casually. Nobody would have been able to tell that he was on the verge of losing it if it weren’t for the ice in his eyes.

The money boy had been dismissive of Xie Qianchen, but he dared not get close to him now; he felt Xie Qianchen was very dangerous.

An uneasiness spread in the room. At that moment, however, Xiao Lun broke his silence. “People who serve and people who are served are different after all. You’ve been a dog for so long that you can’t stand upright now.”

This was directed at Xie Qianchen. Xiao Lun was no fool. He knew what these people were planning as soon as Xie Qianchen walked in. They had got a money boy who resembled that dead actor, then called Xie Qianchen over — wasn’t this all for him to make a fool of himself in public?

Using such cheap tricks? Who did they take him for? He was the heir of the Xiao family. What could a little actor boy do to him?

Besides, he wasn’t the one who had touched that best actor guy those years ago. Third parties shouldn’t be involved when settling disputes, so Xie Qianchen was not going to be able to pin it on him.

“What a waste of time!” Xiao Lun was at the limit of his patience. He got up to leave, but Song Yucheng stood at the same time to take the bottle of alcohol, and walked towards Xiao Lun.

“Don’t be in such a hurry to leave, Mr Xiao! This was all set up by our President Cao after all. It would mean that we were not welcoming enough if you leave so early, hm?”

“Stop with your tricks.”

“What do you mean? I’m just President Cao’s dog, right? Just a small fry. How about I tend to you for a bit too?” Song Yucheng’s brow was light with a smile. He poured the alcohol in his hand into Xiao Lun’s glass, and lifted it to his lips.

The light amber liquid in the glass was clear in the glass. Song Yucheng’s servile action was also pleasing to the eye, and Xiao Lun felt like he could not refuse.

Xiao Lun sat back down on the sofa in response, and the glass of alcohol was fed to him.

“Holy shit! What’s happening here? Isn’t Xie Qianchen Cao Kun’s?” The onlookers were stunned.

They’d known Cao Kun for a long time so they were familiar with Xie Qianchen too. This guy preferred death over dishonour, and he wouldn’t do such a thing easily even if he’d been declawed.

But what was going on here?

Xie Qianchen was actually turning to Xiao Lun in front of all of them. How was this any different from him cuckolding Cao Kun? This was f*cking insane.

Yan Qi’s eyes widened even more. He had no clue how to react anymore.

Xiao Lun was in greater torment. He never knew that Xie Qianchen could be so alluring.

That beautiful face of his was even more bewitching in this dim environment. His breath caressed his ear, and Xiao Lun’s back stiffened.

“What are you doing, Xie Qianchen?”

“Tending to you!” Song Yucheng brought the glass close to Xiao Lun again. Every breathy word from his lips took on a lustre, a tinge of seduction that made Xiao Lun think certain thoughts, especially in a perverted club like this.

This was too dangerous — just what was he planning?

Song Yucheng was so different from the usual Xie Qianchen that Xiao Lun grew more wary, but his body refused to listen to him. His mind was repulsed, but his body was excited. In the end, a soft chuckle from Song Yucheng was enough to make him hard; a few teasing words and he blew his load.

“Tsk. Looks like you’ve been working hard these days, Mr Xiao.” Song Yucheng did not move; he cocked his head and looked at Xiao Lun. The teasing smile in the corners of his lips hurt his eyes.

Xiao Lun paled.

He’d just realised that other than the alcohol Xie Qianchen had fed him, and the few lines he’d said, he hadn’t even laid a finger on him.

Even so, he had still been entranced… and in front of witnesses too. He didn’t need to look up to know what expressions were on the faces of Yan Qi and the others.

“Xie Qianchen!” The words seemed to have been dragged out from his throat. He glared at Song Yucheng, his eyes full of hate.

He’d never been so humiliated in his life.

But Song Yucheng was unperturbed. “I get it now. You insisted on having my junior back then but didn’t do anything to him in the end. So this is why.”

Song Yucheng’s stare was malicious. “It hasn’t even been two minutes, and nobody touched you. This is too quick, isn’t it, Mr Xiao? Would you like to have a checkup at Boai Hospital?”

Boai Hospital specialised in infertility, impotence, premature ejaculation and sexual dysfunction. All of City B knew this.

“You…!” Xiao Lun’s chest burned with anger. If not for the earlier exertion, and how his body had weakened from it, he would have jumped up immediately and slapped Song Yucheng across the face.

But he could only glare hatefully at him right now, his eyes red with hate, wishing to cut him to pieces.

On the other hand, Song Yucheng didn’t seem to mind it. He took a small thing out of his pocket, bit the cover off, pulled at Xiao Lun’s waistband, and poured something in.

“A small present for you. Just in case you feel that I didn’t service you well enough.” Song Yucheng took off his gloves and tossed them on Xiao Lun. “Thank you for the hospitality. I’ll settle the bill.” And he left.

This unexpected coolness left all the heirs stunned. They all exchanged glances. This Xie Qianchen was way too different from the usual Xia Qianchen!

The way Song Yucheng acted was totally unlike a guy who they’d called over to toy with. It was obvious that they had been the ones who’d been toyed with. Xiao Lun’s dishevelled state, too, made them unsure of just who’d been played.

Xiao Lun opened his mouth then, and the stream of curses he let out gave them all a fright. They turned to see that he’d fallen over, holding his lower half. The money boy next to him was stupefied.

“Water! Hurry!” Xiao Lun’s words were almost indecipherable. His face was ashen, and veins popped in his forehead.

Xiao Lun didn’t care about appearances when the money boy brought the water over, and threw the water on his trousers right away. He rolled about in the booth.

He had lost all of the haughty arrogance from earlier; he was embarrassing to look at. Snot and tears stained his face, and he wasn’t even coherent. He just held his lower half and rolled about.

“Hey, Xiao Lun, what’s wrong with you?” Yan Qi was a good guy. He wasn’t part of Xiao Lun’s posse, but he hurried over to ask him what was wrong as soon as he came to his senses. Xiao Lun looked like he wanted to die.

That part of his body was just… well. Yan Qi couldn’t touch Xiao Lun’s trousers. He turned to the money boy next to him and asked, “You’re sitting right next to him, so did you see it? What happened?”

“I really don’t know! It’s too dark in this room! Brother Xie came over and he drank some alcohol. It didn’t even take five minutes. Didn’t you guys see it too? It really has nothing to do with us!” The money boy was on the verge of tears too. With Xiao Lun’s status, if anything happened to him here, at this place, everyone present would be held accountable.

The heirs gathered around too. However, they were used to being tended to, not take care of others. Them gathering around was no help and it looked more like they had gathered to spectate.

Xiao Lun’s terrible complexion became worse. He wished for nothing more than to disappear from this space, and he felt like all the sins of his lifetime were culminating in this point of time.

Yan Qi’s sharp eyes spotted a small bottle which had been tossed aside. He picked it up, and was taken aback.

“What is it?” The others saw the change in his expression, and they gathered around to see too. All of them were struck with a chill in their lower halves, and they shared the same thought: Xie Qianchen was f*cking savage.

An entire bottle of menthol balm had been emptied on his little soldier. Just imagining it was enough to draw winces.

“W, We should call the doctor!” Xiao Lun looked like he was going to pass out from the pain. One of the heirs gulped, and stuttered a suggestion.

“Yeah. Make an emergency call, then…” Yan Qi quickly nodded in agreement. He thought for a bit, and added, “Things got a little out of hand here. I’ll let Kun know. I told you guys not to play around like this! You guys forced Xie Qianchen to this!”

Yan Qi glared at them, and ran out to deal with the aftermath.

On Song Yucheng’s end, he had called for a driver to send himself home after leaving the club. He’d just got to his door when he saw the figure of an unfamiliar man waiting for him.

Who was it? Song Yucheng frowned. He could not tell which man was standing in his doorway.



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