Avenge Our Love – The Second Breakup – Part Nine, 1 of 2

World Hopping: Avenge Our Love

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Song Yucheng only saw the man’s face when he got close, and he paused when he did. The young celebrities in the entertainment circles were all good-looking, but they could not hold a candle to this man just by his presence alone. What was more eye-catching was the mole in the corner of his eye. The spot it was in made Song Yucheng want to kiss it.

System: Woah! Hot guy delivery!

Song Yucheng: …

Where was the censoring? ‘Hot guy delivery’ was actually let through the censors? Song Yucheng got a deeper understanding of the limits of his system’s censors then, and he simply blocked it out. He quickly rifled through Xie Qianchen’s memories but did not find any images of this man.

So who was this man? Song Yucheng went on high alert, and the man waiting for him very helpfully introduced himself.

“Hello. Are you Song Yucheng?” The man’s voice was surprisingly pleasant, and magnetic. His accent was charming too. Song Yucheng considered the accent and thought it sounded like the standard accent of a person from City B.

“And you are…?” Song Yucheng made a show of asking though he had more or less guessed who this man was. Xie Qianchen had not met him but a man of this age and this presence, plus how he knew this name of his must mean that he was the powerful cousin of Cao Kun — Lu Mian.

Song Yucheng had taken part in the screenwriting competition to start interactions with Lu Mian, but Lu Mian had come too quickly, too unexpectedly, and too suddenly.

What the man said next proved his thoughts right.

It really was Lu Mian. He had come for one thing, and it was regarding the script which Song Yucheng had sent in.

System: Awesome! Lu Mian down in two episodes! You’re the number one writer! [Winner.jpg]

Song Yucheng: … I don’t want this sort of empty pursuit.

He blocked the System out again and turned to face Lu Mian. “Let’s go up and talk.” Then he led the way upstairs.

Had he been too hasty? Lu Mian wrinkled his brow but quickly followed and memorised the unit number right away. His heart, however, was thumping hard, non-stop.

From the moment he’d seen Xie Qianchen, Lu Mian was sure that he was the man who often appeared in his dreams. The age was not right, and his occupation was different, but he knew that it must be him when he saw him.

Xie Qianchen’s home was very clean. So clean that the floors could be used as a mirror. The only things which seemed to show life was the Doraemon toy leaning against a table leg and a few packets of sour cheese crisps.

Lu Mian couldn’t help glancing over at Song Yucheng with a faint smile on his face.

Song Yucheng was his amusement and explained, “Those belong to one of the kids I’m taking care of. He likes these things.”


So he did like to take care of kids. Lu Mian had some complicated feelings about that, but he didn’t let it show on his face.

This was about work after all, and Song Yucheng and Lu Mian were both very professional about it. When he heard that Lu Mian wanted to know the direction in which the plot would develop, Song Yucheng very generously led him into his study, turned on his computer, and… wrote it right in front of him.


Lu Mian was shocked by how he had gone “off script”. Two hours later, he read the first draft of what Song Yucheng had written and felt like he had uncovered a true gem.

Song Yucheng’s writing had a natural way of drawing people in. Every scene was able to give one the sense of immersion, even without dialogue. It was easy to indulge in his writing. His plot, however, was what amazed him the most.

Suspense writing always tested the ability of a writer but Song Yucheng’s depth of skill was beyond what Lu Mian imagined — wonderful secret rooms, clever investigators with mysterious backgrounds, and villains who were attractive despite being the culprits.

Every episode had climax points. This hair-raising suspense, just reading it, was enough for him to visualise how amazing it would be when filmed.

Lu Mian looked at Song Yucheng, his eyes full of wonder. He felt like Song Yucheng was a treasure-filled chest with no bottom.

“I think we can start discussing collaboration. As for our next meeting, when would be convenient for you?” Lu Mian was anxious to have him.

“You might have to wait.” Song Yucheng was delaying it.


“Because there’s a bit of a problem.” Song Yucheng couldn’t help a small chuckle. He said to Lu Mian, “It’s not a big issue but it will take some time to tie up the loose ends.”

“What is the problem?” Lu Mian recalled Song Yucheng reeking of when he’d come home, and started to get anxious.

“I delivered a menthol balm package to a second-generation heir, so he might want to kill me now,” said Song Yucheng with a laugh. His pretty face brightened with the smile, so beautiful that Lu Mian could not look away.

Lu Mian looked, and looked, and his ears suddenly turned red. He wanted to say that he could help him solve that problem, but this was their first time meeting after all, so saying something like this would be too abrupt.

What was this “menthol balm” anyway?

Lu Mian spent most of his time outside of China and this term was foreign to him. He took note of the term and went back to discussing the details of the script with Song Yucheng. He said goodbye and left with the script after their discussion.

Song Yucheng too, went according to what they’d discussed, and uploaded the draft he had written that night on the screenwriter website.


Lu Mian was in the car on his way home.

He had finally seen the man in his dreams, and he was in a good mood. Even the usual bitter air about him had lessened quite a bit.

After a while, he remembered the small problem Song Yucheng had talked about and asked his secretary, “What is menthol balm?”

“It’s a topical balm used to repel mosquitoes and relieve itching. A sort of household item,” explained the secretary.

Lu Mian understood what it was when he heard the explanation, but he still didn’t understand how using menthol balm would make Xiao Lun want to kill Song Yucheng.

He finally understood when he got home and got the whole story from Cao Kun delighting in Xiao Lun’s suffering. What he heard made him more sure that Song Yucheng was the man he was looking for.

Song Yucheng was the only man in this world who could do something like this.


(Backtrack to when Song Yucheng was done with his mischief and left satisfied while Xiao Lun rolled about in pain in the club.)

Xiao Lun felt that all the dignity he had had been destroyed tonight.

He had never in a hundred years imagined that Xie Qianchen could be so savage. An entire bottle of menthol balm! The mouth of the bottle was very small, so he would have to take some time to empty it out. But Song Yucheng had boldly gone about doing it while covering it up with something else on the surface. He had no idea how he had done it, but an entire bottle of menthol balm had ended up saying hello to his little soldier.

He’d just ejaculated too, as chance would have it, so that vulnerable area of his was dripping. He now felt like he had not just been gawked at by the whole world, but also trampled upon by all the bastards out there.

This swollen pain was not something a person alive could bear. Yan Qi and the others too, whether on purpose or not, were gathered about just looking, and they only called for an ambulance when he was about to lose consciousness.

What the f*ck! There was a hospital just next door! Just f*cking take me there! Bloody hell, it wasn’t even a hundred steps away and they’re calling the ambulance?!

But Xiao Lun didn’t have the strength to curse them out anymore. He had a feeling that he would become an eunuch if he made a fuss.

Five minutes crawled past, and Xiao Lun was full of anticipation of being free from pain when he lay in the ambulance.

What he did not expect was that the hospital was not the beginning of his salvation, but the beginning of even greater humiliation.

When the doctor heard what the problem with him was, a look of contained laughter appeared on his face, soaked in schadenfreude. Xiao Lun was sent to a room for treatment, and some trainee nurses trailed behind the doctor.

“Well, your case is rare, so we’ve called the trainees here to learn from it.”


Xiao Lun wanted to throw a tantrum but the fate of his future offspring and descendants were in their hands. He needed them to save him, so he had no choice but to endure this.

And this was how Xiao Lun ended up starring in a scene in the emergency room, where he was between laughter and tears.



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