Avenge Our Love – The Second Breakup – Part Nine, 2 of 2

World Hopping: Avenge Our Love

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Xiao Lun was so swollen down there that they could not tell what was supposed to be standing up and what was supposed to hang down. A middle-aged man, over 50 years old, was holding his family jewels in his hand while applying some unknown transparent liquid and teaching the young nurses next to him.

“See this? No need to panic if you run into situations like this again. Just use this as reference.”

“The patient will definitely feel pain, but you have to persuade him to cooperate or the injury will be permanent.”

“Right, you have to be thorough with the follow-up care too or it will cause inflammation and ulceration of the testis skin. These are serious complications.”

This very professional, detailed description battered at Xiao Lun’s pride, line by line. It was like he was saying, “Ah! You need to suffer this menthol balm, and if you don’t bear this well you’ll be the end of your lineage, heh?”

Xiao Lun was already in great pain and was suffering great humiliation, and he felt like he had nothing left to live for now. It would be better if he died.

“Oh sh*t! Hahahahaha! I’m gonna die of laughter.” The heirs who’d followed Xiao Lun to the hospital were laughing so hard they almost landed on their asses. Even Yan Qi was unable to hold it in.

“Hehehe, that Xie Qianchen is a real interesting guy! Xiao Lun’s ass got kicked, hard. He’s probably not going to come out for two months. Freaking hell, did you guys see the reactions of those junior nurses? They’re recording it all diligently in their notebooks.”

“Whew. I can’t. I’m gonna die laughing. I’d be impotent if I were in Xiao Lun’s shoes. There’s so many people watching him get his balls cleaned. Just thinking about it is… Hahahahahaha!”

“Enough, you guys. I’m going to give Kun a call. Keep laughing like fools. You guys just had to drag Xiao Lun out! We’ve got a problem on our hands now, you know? Do you think that the Xiao family would let you off?”

“So what? The most we’ll get is a scolding! What should I be afraid of?”

“Yeah, seeing Xiao Lun’s misfortune makes me happy. Xie Qianchen is too cool! When you meet him later, tell Cao Kun to give him to me if he doesn’t want him. I like him.”

It was useless no matter what he said, and Yan Qi couldn’t stand listening to them any longer. He turned away and walked off to give Cao Kun a call.

He more or less knew what Xiao Lun’s personality was like. Xie Qianchen had the short-term satisfaction of revenge, but Xiao Lun would not just let it rest. Yan Qi had to inform Cao Kun about this.

He hoped that Xie Qianchen would be all right.

Yan Qi let out a sigh. He was worried for him.

Cao Kun laughed when he got Yan Qi’s call, as expected.

“Hahaha! Really? That blockhead Xie Qianchen had the guts to do something like that? Nice! The guy’s getting interesting!” Cao Kun was like an overlord wishing for the whole world to be in chaos. His first reaction to what he heard was joy!

He’d been under pressure by Xiao Lun for years, and not because Xiao Lun was capable, but because he was good at pretending to be good. They were both doing the same, playing around with celebrities, and Xiao Lun had just as many people in his history as he did, so why was he the only one being called a wolf in their circles?

He was elated by the news. That guy normally acted like he was some pure person. This incident had well and truly shattered that pure image of his. Having a bottle of menthol balm poured on that part of his could likely end its functionality for life too.

“Heh! I’ll be even happier if he’s ruined for life.” Cao Kun was in stitches. “Okay, I got it. I’ll handle the rest. You don’t have to talk about this to Xie Qianchen either. I know what your intentions are with this call, and I’ll leave you your dignity. I’ll settle this problem for him, this time.”

When he was done talking, he called his family’s secretary. “Transfer a million to Xie Qianchen from my account. Say that it’s because I say so. Well done, but there cannot be a next time.”

He put down the phone and went excitedly to check the Wechat group video, where his friends were live-streaming Xiao Lun having his balls washed.

Meanwhile, Song Yucheng had not yet gone to bed either. He’d just sent Lu Mian out the door when he received a message from Cao Kun’s secretary. Song Yucheng did not even blink when he saw the one million in his bank account. He made a call to his senior, Yuan Yue, the one who had a job as a paparazzi reporter.

“Qianchen?” Yuan Yue had been asleep, and he was surprised by the call.

“I’ve got news for you. Want to hear it?”

“News again? Why?” Yuan Yue’s heart thumped and worry bubbled. He knew his junior too well — he didn’t contact him for no reason, and when he did, it was for something big.

And he was right. When Yuan Yue heard what the news was, he was so shocked he nearly dropped his mobile phone.

Xie Qianchen was way too gutsy! He’d actually dared to mess with someone of Xiao Lun’s status! Even if he had Cao Kun to cover for him, this was just plain playing with fire.

Yuan Yue’s first reaction was to caution his junior, but the plan which Song Yucheng went on to lay out put him between laughter and tears. He failed to persuade Song Yucheng in the end, and was brainwashed into agreeing with him.

“You… Forget it. If anything happens, bro, I’ll be there with you!” Yuan Yue let out a sigh and agreed to it in the end.

He knew well the reason why Xie Qianchen was doing this. It was for his two juniors. The memory of the tragedy made Yuan Yue’s heart heavy with pain.

He was truly sorry for Xie Qianchen. Whether it had ended in death or madness, it was still a tragedy, but the one left alive, and with clear mind, was the one who had to bear all the pain. Yuan Yue understood that Xie Qianchen, left all alone, was the one who was most in a living hell.

Yuan Yue hesitated for a long while, but he ended up saying to Song Yucheng, “Qianchen, I know how horrible it is for you but that incident was not your fault. You tried your best. Don’t make things difficult for yourself.”

“I’m not.” Song Yucheng’s voice was calm. “I won’t be making things difficult for myself. I’ll be making things difficult for those sinners!”

He then went on to give detailed instructions to his senior, and transferred all of the one million Cao Kun had given him to his senior’s bank account.

This dirty money should be used appropriately. Xiao Lun had spent a million to push his two juniors’ scandals to the top of the trending search terms, and to propel Luo Tong to the top. He had also used that to advertise how fair and clean his own entertainment company was. Well then, Song Yucheng was also going to use a million yuan today to put Xiao Lun up in the trending search terms, and rip his hypocrite mask off!

Clean, huh? They were all old hands in the industry. How clean could any one of them be?


It was night, and Cao Kun and his buddies were still chatting in their Wechat group, when a question popped up on a well-known Q & A site, “Zhihu”.

‘What would it feel like if menthol balm was poured on your family jewels? Will you feel really good?’

It was just a regular question in the beginning. It was a little strange, sure, but menthol balm was something that everyone knew something about. Most of the replies were joking in nature. The question gained rapid traction when an actual real-life recording was posted as an answer.

The anonymous person who had uploaded the response was also really bold. There wasn’t even any censoring in the video and everything was shown, clear as day. The start of the recording held spicy content, going to a club to look for money boys.

“Woah, woah! This is scripted, right? If the guy’s so rich he should just have his fun. Why get menthol oil involved?”

“For the excitement, probably! I have to say though, that he’s a real hero. A whole bottle! I’ll call him a man just for one drop. An entire bottle? Man, he’s Iron Cock.”

“Wait, if this is real, then…”

The photo which was released later solidified the people’s desire for gossip. It was a photo of a treatment room.

The angle at which the photo had been taken was great. An old doctor was instructing a group of young nurses, and in the middle of that group was the man who’d had menthol oil poured on his groin, getting his balls cleaned. His face had been blurred out, but his clothing and the way he moved made it clear who he was.

This was solid proof. People could tell for sure that this was definitely not scripted. It was real. Even the hospital name was there — there was no passing it off as fake when there was so much evidence that it was real.

And so, interest in this question skyrocketed on Zhihu. A netizen found it really funny and couldn’t help taking screenshots and uploading those to the microblogging site, Weibo. It started out as just one person who found it funny and wanted to share it with his friends. This post of his, however, ended up gaining way more attention than he’d expected.

It wasn’t just this blogger who was surprised. Even Cao Kun, Xiao Lun, and the others had not imagined that Song Yucheng’s revenge would be so simple. It was already a huge matter for Xie Qianchen to raise a hand against Xiao Lun, but Song Yucheng dared to take it even further.

It was as if he wasn’t afraid of Xiao Lun at all. The second Weibo hot search topic and headline had the same content.

# CEO of Entertainment Company X gets sent to hospital in the middle of the night after menthol balm play with money boy #



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