Avenge Our Love – The Second Breakup – Part Two, 2 of 2

World Hopping: Avenge Our Love

Translator: translationraven

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He really was a beautiful young thing; his face was very attractive from every angle. Song Yucheng’s fingers rubbed his skin. It looked gentle, but he had put strength in his rubbing, and marks appeared immediately on Shen Yi’s skin. What inspired terror, however, was the look in his eyes. That coldness was like that of a lifeless machine, and it invoked fear in people.

Shen Yi’s pupils shrank right away, and he could not help his body’s trembling. He looked rather pitiful.

But Song Yucheng had no pity for him. His grip tightened, and it was very apparent that he was treating him like a plaything. That domineering stance of his made it seem like he could see right through Shen Yi’s act at a glance.

The skillful ease with which he made Shen Yi such a sorry figure made it seem like Shen Yi was a stray dog which could only cower and beg for mercy.

This humiliation made Shen Yi mad. “Xie Qianchen, don’t you forget that I’m Cao Kun’s person.”

“So what? You were not willing to wait upon him, so you were handed to me to be trained. Pretending to accept it when you actually don’t? That’s all unimportant. You’ve rejected it, so no chance will come your way again. I am a dog, but before you get to any position of power, this dog can humiliate you however it likes.”

“You…” Shen Yi glared at Song Yucheng. His pure and weak act fell away completely. His malicious gaze was particularly piercing — like the gaze of an evil spirit crawling out of hell.

“Ah, much better.” Song Yucheng nodded in satisfaction. “Too bad, but I don’t like you looking at me like that!”

He strengthened his grip as he spoke. “I’m going to teach you a lesson today, Shen Yi. A wise man submits to circumstances. You’d better keep quiet. I’m your manager now, so you either please me or be obedient to me. You won’t get anything good out of fighting me.”

“Get lost!” Shen Yi looked like he was going to lose it, and he struggled more violently. However he moved, though, he was unable to escape Song Yucheng’s hold.

“Cao Kun won’t let you do this!” Shen Yi had lost his sense of reason, and he started rambling. He knew that what he said was foolish too, but he had nothing else to throw at Song Yucheng at this point. He could only pull Cao Kun out in an attempt to use his influence to threaten Song Yucheng.

Such a lie had no effect on Song Yucheng whatsoever.

“Of course he knows.” Song Yucheng laughed meaningfully. “You know what I do too. If he really adored you, why would he have assigned you to me? You’ve been let go. Right now, I’m the one who can decide your fate. If I’m in a bad mood, then there is no difference who I give you to, is there?

“Like the president of XX company, for example. Director XX, and…” Song Yucheng listed one name after another.

Shen Yi’s face grew paler with every name Song Yucheng spoke.

He was a newbie, but he was also in the entertainment circles so he knew that these people were deviants. There was no escaping them once he landed in their clutches.

“You…” The great humiliation made Shen Yi’s eyes redden; he could not bear it.

But Song Yucheng used his strength again, and shoved him violently backwards. He had timed it well, and Shen Yi was forced into kneeling under his feet before he knew it.

“I’m going to kill you.”

Song Yucheng grabbed his jaw from the back and forced him to raise his head. “Stop having unrealistic fantasies. Look at this office. Isn’t it really clean? Do you know why? Every single person who came in here shouted at me that he didn’t want it at first, but ended up obeying anyway. Take a guess — what do you think they all went through?”

“Aren’t you afraid that I would kill you one day when I’m established in the industry?” Shen Yi struggled with all his might, to no avail. He only got himself more pain.

Fine drops of sweat appeared on his forehead. In the end, it felt to him that the arm being twisted by Song Yucheng did not belong to him anymore. He would have no feeling even if Song Yucheng released him.

“Kill me? There are already many in the industry who’d like to see me dead, including those who became famous after leaving the company. There are singers, established movie actors and influential variety show hosts. Any one of them is the best of the best, but look, how many of them are coming after me?

“Shen Yi, don’t think of everyone else as fools. I dare to touch you because I have the assurance to do so. You want revenge? Wait till you actually have become established to do that.”

The mockery in Song Yucheng’s voice grew more intense as he spoke.

“There are many ways to train you. You’re still too young, Shen Yi.”

Song Yucheng’s voice was soft, but Shen Yi was going mad with anger. He glared balefully at Song Yucheng, wishing for nothing more than to tear him apart. Even so, he was overwhelmed and could only do his best to suppress his anger.

However, Song Yucheng seemed fairly satisfied at seeing him in this state. He casually threw a script at his feet.

“Angry? Is it unfair? Do you feel wronged? Remember this feeling…” Song Yucheng said lazily, “Take your things and get out. You’re not needed here anymore.”

Shen Yi looked at Song Yucheng for several seconds with a complicated look in his eyes before he crawled slowly to his feet and walked out. Through all this, Song Yucheng looked like he was absorbed in his work, and did not even glance his way. What’s more, Shen Yi discovered that Song Yucheng had changed into a fresh pair of gloves. The gloves which had touched him had been thrown into the rubbish bin next to him.

So he had been abandoned? Shen Yi was dumbstruck. Soon, however, a feeling more disgusting than if he had swallowed a live fly engulfed him instantly.

Xie Qianchen, a dirty man-wh*re who had been played with by who knows how many people, was actually treating him like he was dirty? Was this some f*cking new Hans Christian Anderson tale?!

Shen Yi would not forget this humiliation that Xie Qianchen had visited upon him this day for all his life. One day, he was going to stand at the top and have his revenge!

He was going to make Xie Qianchen kneel at his feet like a dog.

Shen Yi gripped the script tight in his hand as he turned and left. He was no frail flower. This pressure from Xie Qianchen only served to fan the flames of his ruthless determination, and make him want to climb up the ranks even more.

Just as he was about to go out the door, however, Song Yucheng called out to him to stop, seemingly on purpose. He ordered, “Come to my home tonight at eight exactly, or you won’t have to come in ever again. Don’t even think of contacting Cao Kun because you won’t be able to reach him. Even if you do, it will only be at his whim.”

Song Yucheng went back to busying himself with work after he was done speaking. As a top manager, his daily work was still rather complicated even if he had no talents to manage, unlike the rumours of him simply living off others as a pimp. And this absorption in work looked to Shen Yi like he had been dismissed as an insignificant thing.

What made him more despairing was the order which Song Yucheng had given him. Eight in the evening. What a loaded time. Just the words made him feel an immeasurable uneasiness, but his arm which was still bereft of feeling was a persistent warning that he had to do as ordered.

It was because he had no clout to fight Xie Qianchen with. No, it wasn’t just that. He didn’t even have the most basic ability to fight him.

So how was he to preserve himself now? Shen Yi had always thought himself clever, but Xie Qianchen had easily pushed him into a difficult situation with no easy way out.

Xie Qianchen had said that his first lesson was that a wise man submits to circumstances, but Shen Yi felt that the title of this lesson should be changed to “overwhelming power”. Shen Yi’s ability to size up the situation, no matter how good, was no damn use in the face of that overwhelming power.

Shen Yi was very confused and his body shook with humiliation. After some time, he shot a glare at Song Yucheng and left.

Shen Yi decided to take things as they came. He was going to fight if Xie Qianchen really did something in the evening.

On Song Yucheng’s end, however, it seemed like he’d guessed what he was thinking, and he smiled a meaningful smile.

“So is Shen Yi your first target?” The System took that opportunity to shoot Song Yucheng a question.

“No way. He’s one of the accomplices who caused Xie Qianchen’s death. I’m just using him.” Song Yucheng’s tone was ice-cold. Shen Yi looked weak but he had a bit of bloodthirst too, so it wasn’t like he wouldn’t be able to take some manipulation of his feelings. Plus, Shen Yi was the fresh little lamb which Cao Kun was currently interested in. Song Yucheng planned on training Shen Yi well, and feeding this glass-embedded meat to Cao Kun himself.


Shen Yi came to Xie Qianchen’s little neighbourhood at eight sharp. Contrary to what he’d imagined, Xie Qianchen’s neighbourhood had strict security. The stalker fans who had caused trouble for him the last time had only managed to get in by using their connections. After things had blown up, the security personnel on duty that day had been fired, and additional security measures added to the system. Shen Yi would not have even been able to get through the main gates of the neighbourhood if Song Yucheng had not informed the gate guard beforehand.

On top of all that, he also had to have his details recorded before he could walk in.

“I’ve filled in the form. Can I go in now?” Shen Yi returned the logbook to the security guard with his head lowered. The humiliation he forced back so that it would not show in his gaze made his fingers tremble.

He wasn’t sure if he was being overly sensitive, but he felt that the security guard was looking at him oddly while he’d been writing down his details.

Come to think of it, he was coming empty-handed to his manager’s home at a strange in-between hour. He was also going to spend the night. What he was here for was self-evident.

Shen Yi subconsciously grasped at his arm by his side, and held back the impulse to leave. Unfortunately, the security guard was unhurried as he went about his work, and he found Shen Yi’s name a little familiar. He seemed like a small celebrity, so the guard got him to remove his mask so that he could compare it to a photograph.

“Okay, done. You can go in now!” After a long wait, the security guard finally relented.

Shen Yi, nerves stretched taut, walked stiffly towards Xie Qianchen’s home. He went up in the lift, then down, found the right door number, and pressed the doorbell.

Xie Qianchen responded far quicker than Shen Yi had expected. It must’ve been because he was waiting. A response came from inside after just two rings of the doorbell.

“Hold on.” It looked like Xie Qianchen was alone at home. Shen Yi didn’t know if it was because he was more relaxed now, but Xie Qianchen’s voice sounded rather warm right now, and there was no oppressive edge like he’d had in the day. Even so, Shen Yi was still very wary, and he felt that these were all just some hypocritical act that Xie Qianchen was putting on.

He was going to have to fight if he couldn’t take it. If Xie Qianchen really had those things prepared for him…

Panic sparked in Shen Yi’s eyes, but he was struck dumb the instant Xie Qianchen’s door was opened. What he saw dazzled him.



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