Avenge Our Love – The Second Breakup – Part Two, 1 of 2

World Hopping: Avenge Our Love

Translator: translationraven

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Song Yucheng had been drinking some water, and he spat what was in his mouth when he heard what the System said. He was more confused when he saw the explanation that came later.

This was actually a very normal talent, and it was related to acting. What was different about this was that Xie Qianchen’s talent was not just in acting but in scriptwriting too. He had two hidden skills which produced pretty good results, and this was also why Xie Qianchen had been able to maintain a good lifestyle even though he had not had great results with the talents he’d managed over the past two years.

For some reason, however, this good skill became quite strange when it got to the System.

“That’s a gross name. Who the heck came up with it?” Song Yucheng couldn’t help asking.

“Me! I spent a loooong time on coming up with the name. I think I’m pretty awesome! [proud.jpg]”

. . .

Awesome. Really awesome. Song Yucheng didn’t feel like talking all of a sudden. The System had thought about the name for a long time? So didn’t that mean most of the day since he’d transmigrated over? So every time the System was slow to answer, was not because it was slow but because it was thinking up this weird skill name? Couldn’t it just give him a normal skill name?

Song Yucheng couldn’t take it anymore and blocked the System out, ignoring its crazy ‘noooo’ whining. He doubted the reliability of the Transmigration Head Office yet again. This System was weird and a minor — Just how had they trained it?

He lay on the bed, feeling weary. Song Yucheng gradually calmed after some minutes, and started to analyse the pros and cons of the skill.

Song Yucheng was very satisfied with the skill he got this time, and felt that this skill was an even better fit for this world and its settings than his skill in the previous world. This was showbiz after all, and he was a manager. This skill would be able to help him a great deal in many aspects.

Also, Song Yucheng was looking forward to his future meeting with Cao Kun, because this was just so interesting. He was the supervisor of Cao Kun’s “inner court” but his task in this world was to cuckold him. How different was this from letting the fox into the hen house?

It got more interesting the more Song Yucheng thought about it. He checked the clock, and felt that it was about time to go to bed. He pulled his blanket over himself to have a good sleep. The meeting with Shen Yi tomorrow was the real start of the battle after all!


Time passed quickly. The first thing Song Yucheng did after going to the company early the next morning was to get someone to call Shen Yi to him.

“There’s no particular reason. Just tell Shen Yi that I’d like to meet with him.” Normally, the first meeting for a change in managers for celebrities would be held in a certain place, or was arranged by the company. This was a long term cooperation after all, so the parties involved were generally more careful.

However, Xie Qianchen was acting very oddly wilful here, as if Shen Yi was not a cash cow he was going to take into his hands, but an invisible wallflower not worth mentioning.

Xie Qianchen’s assistant was hesitant; she felt that this would sour the relations between the two. She thought about what status Xie Qianchen had next, and the fact that Cao Kun had specifically named Xie Qianchen when he’d handed the training over to him, and she let go of her fear. Plus, there was that incident yesterday with the stalker fans. Anyone who knew could tell that Shen Yi had engineered that, and it was entirely normal for Xie Qianchen to want to settle the score.

Even so, the assistant still sympathised with Shen Yi. A newbie with a bright future ahead of him had caught the eye of evil. Who knew what his future would be like?

While thinking that, she lowered her voice and gave Shen Yi a word of advice. “Apologise to Mr Xie as soon as you meet him. He’s not President Cao after all.”

“Thank you, Sis. I got it.” Shen Yi thanked her quickly, and his obedient manner made him look like a good boy who could do no one harm; he was so likeable.

This assistant had worked for Xie Qianchen for a long time and seen uncountable beautiful children, but a child as pure as Shen Yi was a first. She couldn’t hold herself back and went out of her way to probe at Song Yucheng after sending Shen Yi in. “When should I tell Shen Yi’s assistant to come fetch him?”

“Fetch him?” Song Yucheng saw through this assistant’s motive right away, and replied lazily, “He’s come over to me, so all the past arrangements are done, including his old assistant. They’re all fired. I’ll make the rest of the arrangements.”

He waved his hand to dismiss the assistant when he was done speaking.

This meant that it was not likely that he was going to be kind. The assistant understood Song Yucheng’s hint right away and glanced worriedly at Shen Yi, but she still left in the end.

She’d helped him all she could. It all depended on Shen Yi’s own luck now. Xie Qianchen’s place was hell, and the people who came in were lucky if they could preserve themselves.

Shen Yi, too, understood what Song Yucheng meant. However, he was quite surprisingly not nervous like that assistant was, and even looked very calm.

He’d been prepared, even before the matter yesterday had been blown up. He also knew that Xie Qianchen had not called him over for any good news, but avoiding letting Xie Qianchen get the upper hand all depended on what method he would use.

Shen Yi had heard long ago that Xie Qianchen kept a close eye on Cao Kun. He would deliberately hide away any particularly talented newbies he met to avoid letting them catch Cao Kun’s eye, and abandon him, his lackey. It looked like a sort of planning for a rainy day.

And so, Shen Yi had pondered ways to save himself when the incident with the stalker fans had blown up.

His thought was that if he could make himself very attractive to Cao Kun, then he could pose a threat to Xie Qianchen… So would that mean that Xie Qianchen would freeze all celebrity promotional activity for him right away? If that’s the case, then he could take the opportunity to hide himself away and look for new ways out.

As for the incoming trouble of Xie Qianchen, well, it was something which Shen Yi was most eager for too.

He thought over his plan one more time, and envisioned how he would provoke Xie Qianchen. Shen Yi seized the opportunity and spoke first.

“I heard that you called me here.” Shen Yi put on an act, like he had a card up his sleeve, to try to negotiate with Song Yucheng. “But you are being too disrespectful to me. Aren’t you afraid that your job will be in jeopardy?”

“What do you mean by that?” Song Yucheng was unperturbed, and watched Shen Yi’s posturing with interest.

“You’ve been Cao Kun’s dog for many years. Of course you know what sort of person would become your half-master too.”


“It’s as I said.” Shen Yi spoke ostentatiously. “Cao Kun likes me, and I have what it takes to hold his attention. If things go as planned, I will be your future master too, so you’d better be more respectful to me. Don’t forget that even if Cao Kun banishes me, he’s still got to provide manpower for me. Do you think that I really don’t know what’s going on here, or are you playing at pretending to accept me when you actually don’t?”

Shen Yi stared carefully at Xie Qianchen’s face when he was done talking, watching for his reaction. Contrary to what he’d expected, Xie Qianchen was not scared; he laughed, and his laugh was without restraint.

“Aren’t you being too naive, Shen Yi? I entered the industry when I was 18, and it’s been ten years since. I’ve seen all sorts of people. Do you think that this little trick is going to be enough?”

Song Yucheng stood. He pinched Shen Yi’s lower jaw with his gloved right hand, forcing him to raise his head.



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