Avenge Our Love – The Second Breakup – Part One, 2of 2

World Hopping: Avenge Our Love

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“Ha! This piece of sh*t Xie Qianchen is actually so cowardly.”

“He’s Cao Kun’s dog. Of course he’s a coward!”

“Do you still remember back when Luo Yun debuted? He was bullied by him. He switched over to the Chen family’s management later and finally got popular.”

“Haah, this bastard!” They got angrier the more they talked and one of them, bolder than the rest, went to an emergency box next to them. She took the little axe from it and chopped viciously at Song Yucheng’s main door.

Ear-piercing alarms rang in the empty corridor but the stalker fans didn’t seem to fear it at all. They laughed more excessively instead and chopped some more at Song Yucheng’s door.

“Hide then! Keep hiding!” Sharp insults filled the corridor.

At that moment, the lift doors opened and the police came rushing over. The stalker fans were apprehended immediately.

“Hey! What are you doing?” The girls were startled. They were young after all, and the police still cowed them quite a bit; they dared to damage Song Yucheng’s door but did not dare to act out much against the police.

Song Yucheng opened the door. “Hello, officers. I was the one who reported this.”

“Did anything happen?” The police officer who walked over did his job dutifully, and his first concern was for Song Yucheng’s safety when he saw that the girls were threatening him.

Those stalker fans, however, started screaming insults first. “Xie Qianchen! Do you have no pride? A grown man like you calling the police?”

Song Yucheng did not speak but the police officer could not stand idle any longer. “So what if he’s a man? You are splashing acid and chopping doors here, and he can’t call the police?”

“Well, you won’t dare to arrest me either! My father is Wang Rong. The leader of the stalker fans was without fear, and so rude and unreasonable that she was just short of throwing insults at the police.

The police officers were amused. “Whoever this Wang Rong is, is no use. The country runs by its own laws and your family on its own rules. Your father will have to follow the standard procedures even if he were standing here today. Tsk. To think that City B still has such ignorance. That Wang Rong’s good at bureaucracy but the daughter he raised is insufferable.”

“Take them away!” The police officer couldn’t be bothered to explain it all again, and dragged them all away.

What era is this now? My father is so-and-so? Wang Rong could have got her out if she had not talked about him, but she had, and that meant game over for her. If things went badly, Wang Rong himself would get dragged into trouble by his own ignorant daughter.

As for the stalker fans, they finally realised that they were in big trouble and were starting to get scared. What happened next was something they did not expect.

It had seemed like a normal dispatch of police officers in response to a report, but there were actually several reporters and paparazzi outside in the neighbourhood.

Wh, What was going on?

The police were stunned too. They were surrounded by the reporters in under 30 seconds. The police officers gave simple statements in the end, saying that they had responded to a report about threats, and quickly took the offenders away.

However, this sparse explanation of theirs was, for the reporters, enough to speculate on. Plus, the police officers in the back were gathering evidence and they had an axe and glass bottles in their hands. Judging from the careful way they were holding the bottles, one could guess that the contents of the bottles were definitely nothing good.

It was big news for sure!

The showbiz world was in its hottest era now, and the little neighbourhood where Song Yucheng lived was famous for housing celebrities. If the reporters could dig out information on who these stalker fans had targeted, the person in question could become famous very quickly.

Many reporters were eager to try their luck. And as it turned out, the ability of reporters to pull news out of events was beyond what the masses could imagine.

As for the calls that Song Yucheng had made to the company to arrange to get an informant and the paparazzi, all of that didn’t have to be used. What had happened from start to end was investigated closely.

In just two hours, news related to this incident appeared on Weibo.

# The Horror of Stalker Fans #

More detailed headlines followed closely, and the main focus was not on stalker fans but on the girl who had shouted that ‘my father is Wang Rong’.

It started with criticisms of the girl, and how parents are not disciplining their children and letting them abuse their power by letting them believe they could do whatever they want because of their relationship.

Soon, though, upon closer observation, people found that the girl’s clothing, watch, handbag and sunglasses were clearly luxury goods, and luxury of the highest end.

But with the position that Wang Rong held now, did he really earn that much money?

Many others had the same question once this question was voiced.

The conclusion reached about the girl’s circumstances, after digging deeper, was even more shocking.

This girl’s Weibo page had posts about her giving several celebrities gifts, and the value of those gifts combined was in the hundreds of thousands annually. This did not sound like a terribly large sum at first, but when they thought about it, this was the amount spent by a teen. How could she have hundreds of thousands in pocket money a year? That’s too much!

“Daaaang, hundreds of thousands! You can buy a house in a third-tier city!”

“Ah, it must be nice to be rich. You can have a boy toy from a young age.”

“Hey, stop going off topic @lastcommenter. The main point is: Where did her family get so much money from?”

The discussion started expanding from there, and the relevant departments followed. If things went as they should, then this stalker fan’s father would probably be detained and interrogated.

Song Yucheng read the news, his expression apathetic.

He had no grudge against a father who wanted to protect his daughter, but if this protection meant the destruction of conscience, and of the life of another, then he was going to slap him back in the face. He thought of the past life, of how Xie Qianchen had lost everything, of how debt had plagued him, and of how it had all ended in a jump from the 29th floor, and his heart grew so heavy, so very heavy.

Wang Rong did not know how to discipline his child, so Song Yucheng was going to help him, to prevent this child from causing harm to society when she was grown.

He pondered, and absently switched his computer off.


The first crisis had been averted. Song Yucheng’s small move, however, soon attracted Cao Kun’s attention.

“Xie Qianchen did this?” Cao Kun was surprised when he heard his subordinate’s report, and was a little disbelieving.

Because in all the years Xie Qianchen had spent under him, he had kept a low profile. He had not even retorted when he’d had dirt smeared all over his name. He acted like a dog when they met, he talked about money when he opened his mouth, and thought about manpower when his mouth was shut; Xie Qianchen was the most boring person to Cao Kun. Of all the people whom Cao Kun had had his eye on, Xie Qianchen was the only one he had not touched at all. In the beginning, it was because Xie Qianchen had not let him touch him, but now, it was because he had no interest.

But this incident today raised his opinion of Xie Qianchen a little — he still had fight and he had not been completely declawed.

With that thought in mind, Cao Kun instructed, “No need to bother about this. Let Xie Qianchen handle this on his own if he can.”

He was quite satisfied with how Xie Qianchen had handled this. And Shen Yi had schemed to use this sort of method to retaliate against him too, so he had to be taught a lesson.

Cao Kun wanted to see how long this white rose born of poverty would be able to hold out.

Backbone? What a laughable word. Xie Qianchen had been the loftiest flower with backbone in the industry back in the day. He would rather have his bones broken and be forever unable to work as an actor than to submit. Look at him now — he was just a lackey kneeling by his feet, wasn’t he?

It would be all the sweeter if it all played out without him moving a finger; Cao Kun was waiting for Shen Yi to come crying and begging.

On Song Yucheng’s end, he knew what Cao Kun had decided right away when he heard the message from him. He made his own rules then.

Cao Kun wanted him to train Shen Yi, so of course he was going to train him up to be the most delicious fruit. But, whether Cao Kun would be able to handle it was all up in the air.

As for Shen Yi, the one awaiting training, Song Yucheng had some interest in him too.

This guy had ambition, and endurance, but it was too bad that his methods were too unpolished. This time, though, Song Yucheng just wanted to use him.

He was different from Chu Rong from the previous world, who had been innocent of the atrocity caused. This Shen Yi in this world had been the fuse which had led to the powder keg of calamity for Xie Qianchen.

Shen Yi had known that Xie Qianchen was innocent, but he had put the blame on him anyway. A person like this had to be taught a lesson!

And right then, the System which always got frozen whenever they transmigrated finally regained its ability to communicate. It chirped happily, “Milord, Milord! The main task of the second world has now officially begun! Activating the original’s talent, ‘Look! An Elite Showman. Good luck~ Mwah~’”



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