Avenge Our Love – The Second Breakup – Part One, 1of 2

World Hopping: Avenge Our Love

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The heaviness and tediousness of this dreaming was enough to drive him crazy. Song Yucheng’s eyes shot open and he was almost shocked into cold sweat.

Great. The previous world almost froze him to death when he woke up, and this world was scaring him to death instead.

Song Yucheng felt like he was definitely not some elite enforcement officer. Why else were his beginnings so horrible in two consecutive worlds?!

He had never seen such a room in his life; it made his blood run cold. It was apparent that it had been lived in for many years, but there was no trace of life to it. The room was clean and empty, like… a grave. The empty picture frames hanging on the wall and the black-covered books on the bookshelf looked like pieces of tombstones too. It painted a picture so bleak it made Song Yucheng fearful and apprehensive.

So what was going on in this world? He’d better not find out that the body’s owner was a shut-in or a depressed guy. Song Yucheng summoned the System and pulled up the introduction page, and was stunned by the clusterf*ck of a situation he had here.

The owner of the body in the first world had fallen in love of his own accord, but the owner of the body in this world was a tragic product of forceful seizure of love.

It hadn’t just been taken forcefully, but he had been discarded too after he was ‘broken’.

This was again a modern world with hierarchies. The owner of the body was named Xie Qianchen, a top manager of a company which trained and produced celebrities. He was different from other managers, however. Xie Qianchen had an extra, important adjective after his label of “top manager” — pimp.

It was rumoured that the owner of the body dealt in beautiful children, and every one of them were clearly marked for sale, to be put on stage. In the words of others, how could he be called a manager of celebrities? He was simply running a brothel.

What was most laughable was that Xie Qianchen’s eye for picking out talent was the absolute worst. He kept all the empty, pretty ones, and those “died out” in the scene in under two years. On the other hand, the ones who had not been outstanding in the beginning had become famous after escaping from their living hell. He was simply the greatest joke in the industry.

The truth was different. The people who had left, and escaped their living hell, had been able to do so because Xie Qianchen had deliberately let them go. He himself had been ruined, so he did not want to see others end up like him.

So how had he been ruined? The despair permeating his memory fragment made Song Yucheng’s heart sink. He took a steadying breath, and retrieved the nightmare that Xie Qianchen had sealed, long ago.


Ten years ago.

It was like he was in a mirror labyrinth. The beautiful young man was tied up in a humiliating pose, and he lay on the floor; he was a pitiful mess. The red flush of desire stained his entire body. His sweat wet his thin clothes, and they clung to the curves of his body. He was clearly drowning in desire, in want, but the more his body thirsted for it, the greater the shame in his eyes. He was still too young. He did not know the twisted preferences of those people, and did not understand that his endurance of this treatment encouraged those men to keep their hold on him.

“Remember this ugliness of yours here, in this moment. You feel shame, don’t you? Don’t you feel that you are very lewd?”

“Look at the camera in front of you. Every detail of yours is being recorded. Every person watching you will be looking at you with contempt. You’re not acting right now — you are a real wh*re!”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. How interesting would this be if it gets out? The whole world will know that Xie Qianchen is a wh*re. A f*cking wh*re! Enjoy the night. I’ll come pick you up tomorrow.”

The men who filled him with dread finally left, but the mirrors around him reflected his image back at him. His own face, his expression of desperation, of wanting to be f*cked, made him so ashamed of himself he could cry. Shutting his eyes could not shut it out.

He was undeserving of such calamity.

He had been the best graduate of his cohort, and the first film he had acted in had earned him the Best Supporting Actor award. If nothing had gone wrong, he would have been the next king of showbiz if he polished himself a little more. Xie Qianchen had not thought that Cao Kun, the president of the company he’d signed with, would be such utter scum!

Cao Kun had signed him on with the intention of getting close to him, close to his beastly desires. And because he had been unwilling, Xie Qianchen had had his celebrity promotion blocked and halted. He had not despaired, though, and thought that he would be able to bear it and triumph with his talent.

It was only now that he realised how naive he had been.

Cao Kun had just to say the word to plunge him into despair, like what had just happened. He had begged for help through all of it, but no one had been willing to lend him a helping hand.

Because they were all afraid of Cao Kun.

So much pain… Just give it all up!

The last thread in the young man snapped, and he used the last of his strength to bite his own tongue, to end his life. However, his weak body failed to assist his death. How tragic. Breaking free, for a weak person like him, was a dream. But even if he could not break free, he would definitely not let them get what they wanted…

Despair. Confusion. Fear of his own lust. Song Yucheng’s body trembled with it.

Later, after this experience, Xia Qianchen’s mental state had crumbled to the point where he could not face the camera anymore, and could not stand the touch of a person’s skin on his. Song Yucheng’s heart beat faster.

The ringing of the doorbell interrupted him.

“Who is it?” Song Yucheng forced himself out of the memory fragment and struggled to his feet. He went to the door.

The atmosphere in the living room was much better than in the bedroom, but the plain design and placement of items were still heavy with a lifelessness.

This was no time to ponder these things, however. Song Yucheng looked at the video feed of the security system and saw some young women at his door. They had arrogant looks on their faces and were cursing him.

“Are you a man? Open up if you’re a man! We know you’re in there!”

“Xie Qianchen, you piece of trash! How many people have you ruined over the years? Was that not enough? I’m warning you! You’d better not touch our precious Yi! I’m going to protect him for sure!”

“Yeah! Scum! B*tch! Get out here!”

They were holding bottles in their hands while shouting at him. The liquid in the bottles made Song Yucheng frown instinctively.

This was bad. They had sulfuric acid.

A memory related to what was happening became clear to him when he saw that. This fuss that was being kicked up now was the turning point which had led to Xie Qianchen’s ruin. It had all started with a fresh little lamb which had caught Cao Kun’s attention — Shen Yi.

Xie Qianchen had wanted to quit showbiz two years ago, but Cao Kun had refused to let him go. It wasn’t because he loved Xie Qianchen, but because he simply saw him as a trophy.

After all, Xie Qianchen had been named the most promising actor when he had debuted, but he was now reduced to staying by Cao Kun’s side like a minion, at his beck and call. So when Cao Kun had unwilling people like Shen Yi, he simply threw them to Xie Qianchen to be trained, as a sort of warning. He wanted them to see how bad it would get for them if they resisted.

However, Shen Yi was no pushover. He looked weak, and was not from a family of standing, but he was good at making use of the help available to him; a white rose with thorns.

Of course he wouldn’t be willing to be played by Cao Kun. He objected, so he had made a strong move first to try to blow up the matter and expose it so that it would cause Cao Kun grief.

Something had gone wrong though, and things had indeed been blown up, but Cao Kun was fine. The one who had been hit by it was Xie Qianchen, and the accomplices were these young women.

Song Yucheng paused in his thoughts and looked closely at the young women for a bit. One of them was a little familiar. He was struck by a thought as the shouting outside grew louder, and more vulgar.

“You sh*thead! Xie Qianchen! Don’t think that you can hide away in there! It’s no use!”

“Ha! You put on airs when you bullied our darling Yi, and now you’re cowering like a dog.”

“Dog of a trash master! We’re doing a public service here!”

A public service? They could use words like these? Ha! These kids didn’t look like they’d even graduated from primary school! An aggressor claiming to be righteous, huh. Song Yucheng found this way of thinking ridiculous.

Xie Qianchen had opened the door to offer some kind words of advice on account of them being so young and had been splashed with acid. His face had not been ruined but most of the skin on his entire right hand had been burnt, and he’d obtained numerous small injuries on the rest of his body. Xie Qianchen had taken half a year to recuperate from his injuries.

By normal convention, the viciousness of these stalker fans would be condemned by the masses if this incident were exposed. However, the father of one of the stalker fans had clout in City B. The man had used all sorts of methods to throw dirt on Xie Qianchen’s name in order to protect his daughter.

Rumours had circulated, of Xie Qianchen forcing the young talents under his charge to go off with clients, and he had turned into a man scorned.

In the end, the victim had become the target of criticism and the aggressor had become the hero. There had even been quite a number of deluded teens who thought the stalker fans cool; they had been extreme in their method but they had stopped crime with crime.

Parents like these, who brainlessly coddled their children, were most annoying for Song Yucheng. A bad child had to be given guidance. Children like these, who did not even know the basics of right and wrong, should be shut away and taught a good lesson.

Song Yucheng thought about it, but still had no intention of opening the door. He dialled a number on his phone — the police. He also contacted the public relations department of the company and called up a paparazzi friend he was familiar with.

“Haven’t seen you in eight years, and you’re contacting me first?” The young man’s voice was filled with surprise. “Tell me what you need, then. Your senior here will help you with whatever can be helped.”

This young man was named Yuan Yue, and he was Xie Qianchen’s senior from school. He had studied screenwriting but changed his line of work to be a paparazzi hound, and he was quite good at it too. However, Xie Qianchen was not really close to him. This senior, though, could be considered one of the rare few good people Xie Qianchen had met after entering showbiz. But Xie Qianchen had been afraid of sullying his reputation, and had not dared to act too familiarly with him.

Song Yucheng sighed at Xie Qianchen’s memories. “Senior Yuan, I have some news for you. Will you run this story?”

Yuan Yue was attentive at the mention of news. “Let me hear it.”

“The daughter of a high-ranking official attempted assault on a top manager because of a newbie celebrity.”

“What? Are you okay?!” Yuan Yue was no fool. Song Yucheng had phrased it vaguely, but the main bits of what he’d said had made Yuan Yue realise that something had happened on his end, and he became anxious.

“I’m fine. I reported it to the police and I didn’t open my door to them.” Song Yucheng quickly assured him and gave him a simple outline of his plan. “Don’t worry, I dared to call you over because I’ve got a plan.”

“You punk!” Yuan Yue gave in. Song Yucheng’s ideas sounded pretty solid too, so he agreed to go along with it in the end. Before he hung up, he nagged, “Qianchen, take better care of yourself. Don’t get any thinner.”

“Okay.” Song Yucheng could hear the concern in Yuan Yue’s voice, and he made the promise to take care of himself seriously. He hung up, and seated himself on the sofa in the living room to wait.

Meanwhile, the stalker fans outside Song Yucheng’s door began to get impatient after not getting a response for a long time.



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