The First Breakup – Part Twenty-seven, 3 of 3

World Hopping: Avenge Our Love

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Three years passed in the blink of an eye, and Song Yucheng’s main task had ended when he had thoroughly punished Xu Muzhi. For some reason, however, the System had not given him the notice that he could leave.

Song Yucheng was used to the unreliability of his System and it was quite normal for it. He simply didn’t bother about it and treated this time as a holiday after the completion of his task. He used this time to expand Song Crafts and also participated in the competition that the old Song Yucheng’s father had — the International Young Designers Competition. He had successfully entered the semi-finals and had had a nomination. This was also one of the wishes the old Song Yucheng had had.

While working on all of these, he had focused more of his efforts on studying Chu Rong and Ludwig. Unfortunately for him, Song Yucheng was almost certain that what the System had said about them having the same soul parameters was credible, but he still could not figure out how the two of them had become split.


Another month passed.

Country A, the awards ceremony of the International Young Designers Competition.

Song Yucheng sat, waiting for the final results.

The International Young Designers Competition was an award that was most sought after by young designers around the world. Those who managed to win were all excellent people to have contacts with. And Song Yucheng was only the second designer from China to be nominated. The first had been the old Song Yucheng’s father, Song Qingzhi.

This was the most important day of Song Yucheng’s life, and Ludwig and Chu Rong were by his side.

“Don’t worry, it will be okay!” Chu Rong held Song Yucheng’s hand and spoke soft consolation to him. Three years had passed, and Chu Rong had grown into an outstanding young man. Whether it was knowledge or means, he was an elite existence in his circles.

In front of Song Yucheng, however, he would forever be his obedient kitty.

“I’m not nervous.” Song Yucheng patted his hand and made a casual promise. “If I win a prize, I’ll design a villa for you.”

“Sure. Whatever you give me will be my life’s treasure.” The words rolled smoothly off Chu Rong’s tongue.

Song Yucheng was moved. “Chu Rong, a lifetime is a long time. Don’t say such things so casually. You know that it is impossible for me and you to…”

“I understand. But Songsong, you cannot stop me from liking you.” Chu Rong was very stubborn. The closer he had got to Song Yucheng over the last three years, the clearer it had been to him that what Song Yucheng felt for him was not love. Even so, he was not giving up. Ludwig was a very capable man too, but even he had been unable to make Song Yucheng give in.

As for himself, if three years didn’t do the trick, then he would go for five years!

Song Yucheng saw that what he had said made no difference, and he sighed. The awards ceremony started at that moment. Sure enough, the winner was Song Yucheng.

“Songsong! You won!” Chu Rong enveloped him in a hug. His excitement made it look like he was the one who had won.

“Congratulations!” Ludwig showed some rare happiness on his face too.

Song Yucheng, too, was elated. He received the award and went backstage, but was still in disbelief.

Fortune, however, was bound to be followed by misfortune. The development which occurred later immediately gave Song Yucheng a headache.

Whether it was by coincidence or by agreement, Chu Rong and Ludwig took out rings at the same time to propose to him.

So what was he to do now? Song Yucheng’s joy from earlier quickly subsided, and he began to despair. The easily provoked kitty and the Puritan were proposing to him at the same time. The crucial thing about this was that these two could possibly be split halves from a whole. This crazy problem was definitely one with no right answer.

Chu Rong and Ludwig, however, had their own interpretations of Song Yucheng’s hesitation. Ludwig was confident, and Chu Rong’s expression was turning dangerous.

Time went by slowly and the atmosphere in the room grew tense. Song Yucheng had been pushed to the limits by the two of them too. He had to make a choice.

This could also be his chance to solve the mystery.

In their three years of interactions, Song Yucheng had discovered that Ludwig seemed to be the main host of the soul, and Chu Rong the subordinate. If that was the case, then if he accepted Ludwig’s ring and burst Chu Rong’s bubble… Would the truth be revealed?

What that thought in mind, Song Yucheng raised his head to look at Ludwig and moved subconsciously to accept his ring.

But at that moment, the notice from the System added complication to the chaos of the situation.

System notice: Task complete.
Main cheat task score – SSS rank
Supporting task, realising the dreams of the original – SSS rank

“Congratulations, Milord. You are the first enforcement officer to reach SSS rank for both tasks. Please work hard in the next world too.”

“Wait, I’m leaving just like this? It’s too sudden. What happens to Chu Rong and Ludwig after I leave?” But Song Yucheng’s consciousness was pulled from the body right after he spoke.

“There is no need to worry, Milord. The World Balance Management Department will do the followup and they will handle it. You only have to worry about doing the task.”

“Then how are they going to handle them?” Song Yucheng couldn’t help asking again. He just couldn’t envision how things would develop after he left.

Chu Rong and Ludwig had been proposing just a second earlier, but they had disappeared in the next. Anyone would be mad if this happened to him. He was upset for Ludwig, in particular. Song Yucheng had jokingly mentioned a marriage where they lived apart in the past, but it was becoming a reality now!

“So, can you confirm that the two of them won’t have any problems after I leave? And that thing about ‘getting what the self wants’ — just what does that mean?” Song Yucheng questioned the System with his heart in his mouth.

But the System’s reply was all garbled.


Just what had the System said that was so explicit that it got censored right away? Song Yucheng suddenly had a feeling that his future was going to be riddled with confusion.

On the System’s end, however, it was worried that he would not be able to adapt, so it tried desperately to convince him how good the next world was.

“You really don’t need to worry any more. We will be sure to handle the aftermath well. Just relax! Oh, and I checked! The next world is super interesting! Um… And there are people there who are even more beautiful than Chu Rong and Ludwig.” The System had seen that Song Yucheng liked beautiful people, so it did its best to appeal to him.

Song Yucheng listened helplessly. He started to wonder just what the System’s image of his was. Maybe he was on the same level of scum too.

He was thinking that when he suddenly felt himself being hugged by someone. An overly familiar voice spoke in his ear.

“It’s not up to you to decide if we’re to live separately after marriage, Song Yucheng.”

It was obviously Ludwig, and what he said next had a tinge of complaint to it. “You lost my other self. You’ve got to find him when you get back.”

What was this situation? Hadn’t he been pulled off to another world by the System? Why could he still hear Ludwig’s voice? And what the hell did he mean about losing his other self?

Song Yucheng was shaken, and he had this very certain feeling that a special power had him in its hold. An even stranger scene flashed by in his head. Song Yucheng thought he saw a man who looked exactly the same as Ludwig, but he was dressed in celestial robes. The man was standing in a shrine, and was looking at the crystal ball in front of him with a very troubled look on his face. Inside the crystal ball were 3,000 mysterious worlds.

When Song Yucheng tried to take a closer look, that man looked up sharply, and their eyes met. He mouthed, “You have to pay me back in the next world.”

“Pay you back? For what?” A sort of feeling formed in Song Yucheng’s subconscious, that this man was an existence on a higher level than that of the Transmigration Head Office. Right after that, however, the visuals and sounds all disappeared suddenly.

Song Yucheng searched about for a while but could not find any definite clues as to what had happened. He asked the System, “Was what I saw just now an illusion, or what?”

But the System seemed to be down. There was no response at all.

The process had not stopped while all of this was going on, and the second world’s information came flooding in. Song Yucheng could do nothing else but put aside his suspicions for now and take a close look at the data.

It really was a paradise of beautiful people — modern showbiz. The role he was playing this time was very interesting too. It was surprising; he would not be an actor or singer but a manager who was called a lackey.

More importantly, he held in his hand the details of all of the scum’s inner court. To put it bluntly, it was information on this scummy top’s “inner workings”.

This was going to be interesting.



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