Cat K


Cat K

Author: 뜅굴이
Publisher: Bookcube
Status in original country: Completed
Reviewed by: itikky


A spoiled Korean guy from a rich family gets randomly transported to the middle of a forest and promptly gets tricked by an old witch and turned into a black cat. He hates everything about this and escapes into the forest, only to follow a hunting party and become the much-loved pet cat of, oh, just the Crown Prince.

To be honest, there’s nothing really “wrong” about this kind of story; it’s not necessarily dime-a-dozen, but it’s funny how it’s just a huge mess of time travel/alternate-dimension, fantasy, I-got-turned-into-another-thing, adventure, and comedy all smushed together (stg it’s only missing an rpg element). Not that a couple cliches will totally destroy a story. Thank goodness for that. I think I would have been scared away from this if only it was more fuzzy-filtered and romantic. Blegh. Get me away from that historical romance… Well, I’m sure that has to happen eventually in Cat K (it’s BL after all), but thankfully it hasn’t started off with fluff!

However, I can’t lie and say that the title had no influence whatsoever on choosing to translate this story…I CANNOT DENY MY TRUE NATURE OF A CAT FANATIC! Really, I leapt at the chance when I read the title. Ignore the cliches. Ignore the random plot holes. Must. Read. CAT!

Seriously, all this cat business must have accumulated a lot of good karma, because (even though it didn’t seem all that great at first) I love this story to death!

What isn’t to like? Cat. Check. BL tag. Check…that’s it…I guess?


From the two-ish chapters that are out currently (Prologue and Ch. 1), you may not really feel it yet, but take my word for it when I say the narration is everything. This MC. Holy…I cannot express in words how much screaming, cringing, laughing, and in-general freak-out sessions I have experienced while reading this story. But I’m sure my roommate can attest to this (sry @DokuHana).

Plot holes, mashed-up premise, everything just gets blasted out of sight once this ridiculously soft, small, snarky cat (who calls himself “K”) starts talking. Or thinking. Or meowing. He is one shameless kitty, and when I say shameless I mean full-on begging-with-wet eyes, forcing the Crown Prince to wash his hands before giving him water in the middle of the friggin’ road, demanding attention in a very-important-officials conference, and getting himself only the pretty maids. You get the point. The hard part is trying to tell if he was like this before bc of his pampered rich-kid life or if all this being-a-cat business has gotten to his head.

No matter. Whatever trouble he causes next with is fickle, cat ways, we can be sure the next 60 (yes, sixty) chapters will be filled with more hilariously snooty narration and medium-scale drama from who-knows-what (my guess is either that meddling, sharp Simon or a certain owner who finds out our MC’s secret identity/form/???). Anywho, it’ll be a fun ride with lots of laughs and cringes. I’ll be having fun translating this, and I hope everyone leaves comments for me to roll around in!!! (I’m a total comment-whore. Pls leave comments for me to read. I love you all.)