CGPA – Chapter 015

The Complete Guide to the Use and Care of a Personal Assistant

Translator: Jury

Editor: NomNom

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Chapter Fifteen

Listening to the sound of Ling Miao’s even breathing, Su Yuyang felt a rush of anger—if Ling Miao hadn’t been a busybody and deleted the queued chapter, Su Yuyang wouldn’t have had to waste more than two hours re-editing the same chapter. Even worse, the culprit felt no remorse at all and had even fallen asleep on his bed.

He looked at the sleeping Ling Miao. Ling Miao even had a slight smile on his face.

Su Yuyang radiated discontent. Not only had Ling Miao burdened him with two additional hours of work by deleting his draft, but Ling Miao also had the audacity to sleep this soundly afterwards.

Ah ah ah. Su Yuyang was not someone who easily lost his temper, but today…

Su Yuyang could not understand the situation at all and reflexively tossed the thought aside.

“Ling Miao!” Su Yuyang called loudly, shaking Ling Miao’s body with his hand. Ling Miao retaliated with a slap to Su Yuyang’s face with one hand, mumbling: “Don’t fuss.” Then he turned over and continued to sleep.

Ling Miao’s mouth was pursed, and his pink lips drew Su Yuyang’s gaze. In front of Su Yuyang’s eyes; Ling Miao’s soft lips, the locks of hair beside Ling Miao’s ears. As if possessed, Su Yuyang bent over; their lips were about to touch when Su Yuyang suddenly came to his senses. Just then, Ling Miao rolled over, and his lips brushed against Su Yuyang’s.

Ling Miao did not notice anything out of the ordinary, but Su Yuyang’s heart began to beat furiously. It had only been a gentle touch—it had not been as passionate as his kisses with previous lovers, but the tremors it brought to his heart far exceeded anything he had felt before.

Su Yuyang glanced at Ling Miao lying on the bed. It was unclear what was going through his mind, but it was definitely a struggle. Suddenly, Su Yuyang raised a foot and kicked Ling Miao’s butt, hard. Ling Miao rolled from one side of the bed to the other, then smoothly fell onto the ground. After he hit the ground he continued to roll forward; he hit the wall, bounced back, and was only stopped by the bed in his way.

Ling Miao was jolted from his dreams. He rubbed at the spot on his head where he had knocked against the bed and groaned in pain: “Hss—ahh—”

“You’re awake?” Su Yuyang asked casually, his voice indolent.

Ling Miao was very suspicious of his fall to the ground just now, but looking at Su Yuyang’s suspiciously carefree expression he put aside his own worries. He plopped down on the bed in front of Su Yuyang and asked, “Did the upload go through?”

“Mm.” Su Yuyang’s gaze fell on the laptop screen. “It uploaded at the last possible second.”

Ling Miao could not gather what Su Yuyang was feeling from his words. But Ling Miao secretly celebrated: Su Yuyang is not angry! Ling Miao had had a narrow escape.

Ling Miao worried that Su Yuyang’s mood would suddenly change, so with a ‘heh heh’ he said goodbye and vanished through the door.

“This bastard…” Su Yuyang tapped the table with his fingers, an ambiguous smile lingering at the corner of his mouth. He seemed to be thinking about what kind of lesson to teach Ling Miao.

For the next few days, Su Yuyang and Ling Miao’s cohabitation was uneventful. The month reached its end.

Near dinnertime, Ling Miao was working in the kitchen.

Su Yuyang emerged to get some water. As he returned to his room, he noticed Ling Miao’s busy silhouette and could not tear his gaze from Ling Miao.

Ling Miao looked small and slender; he was only 1.75 m tall (5’ 7”); his shoulders and waist were both narrow, evoking a protective instinct. Lower down was a tight and firm rump, and skinny jeans outlined the straight and long lines of his legs.

After admiring the view of Ling Miao’s back, Su Yuyang’s attention once again turned to Ling Miao’s actions. His gaze lingered Ling Miao’s hands; he saw Ling Miao putting food onto the plates then move to turn around.


The instant Ling Miao turned, Su Yuyang quickly reacted, but Ling Miao had obviously seen Su Yuyang turn away his head.

“Dinnertime,” Ling Miao said flatly. He was not angry.

Su Yuyang was stunned and mechanically called out a response.

Su Yuyang displayed no embarrassment at having been caught peeping. Ling Miao, on the other hand, acted very differently from before.

Ling Miao poked at the rice in his bowl with his chopsticks, and occasionally brought several grains to his mouth. Su Yuyang had finished one bowl of rice and was about to tell Ling Miao to get him another, but his words stuck in his throat when he saw Ling Miao’s face.

The food in Ling Miao’s bowl did not seem to have lessened. Worry began to show between Su Yuyang’s eyebrows.

“Your face is so glum. Is there anything I can help with?”

“That…” Ling Miao looked at Su Yuyang and warmth radiated from his eyes. Su Yuyang met Ling Miao’s gaze without a change in expression, but his heart held a little regret: Ah, why was I such a busybody?

“Su-ge, it’s the end of the month. My salary…” Ling Miao said, then closed his mouth. He was about to continue speaking, but could only swallow the rest of his words under Su Yuyang’s stare.

Su Yuyang sat up straight and said thoughtfully, ”You had half a month of probation. According to our contract, the probation pay is one-fourth of your actual salary. But…”

Su Yuyang stopped, his tone growing cool. Ling Miao had not lost the track of the conversation; he seemed to have anticipated this. He said in frustration, “I’m late to work, and leave early. I don’t finish the tasks you give me, so it’s my own fault if my salary gets docked, but…”

“Since you know all that, then keep eating. I’m going to write.” Su Yuyang threw out these words, then left. His retreating silhouette was slightly abashed, but Ling Miao did not see it.



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