CGPA – Chapter 114

The Complete Guide to the Use and Care of a Personal Assistant

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Editor: NomNom

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Chapter One Hundred and Fourteen

Tang Xuan had lost too much blood and passed away before the 120¹ arrived. Though Su Yuyang had been injured by Tang Xuan’s knife, the wound wasn’t deep and he wasn’t incapacitated. Ling Miao was the only one who remained unconscious in the hospital.

The doctor said that Ling Miao had suffered a shock, which was why he was unconscious.

As for what shock Ling Miao had received, Su Yuyang was uncertain. Before Tang Xuan killed himself, he had said to Ling Miao, “Ling Miao, do you remember what you said to me last night?” What had Ling Miao said to Tang Xuan?

Two days had passed since they had rescued Ling Miao. These few days, Su Yuyang had kept vigil by Ling Miao’s bedside. In his free time he took out his phone and watched a video.

It was the video Ling Miao and Feng Ji had recorded at the Authors’ Gathering.

“Hey, Su Yuyang.”

At this point in the video, the screen was all black. It was when Ling Miao had rushed onstage. Su Yuyang pressed pause and said to the unconscious Ling Miao, “Xiao Miao, when you rushed up onstage it gave me a huge fright. I thought—Yan Li and I singing a duet and flirting with each other was something you encouraged, so how could you suddenly get mad?”

Ling Miao didn’t respond. His eyes were tightly shut and he slept soundly.

Su Yuyang gazed at Ling Miao. After a long time had passed and Ling Miao still hadn’t responded, he continued the video. A commotion happened, then the video came up in color. Going by the angle, the videographer had switched their filming angle from the side view to the front view.

“Why did you come?” Su Yuyang asked in a panic.

Ling Miao crooked his finger indicating to Su Yuyang to lower his head. Su Yuyang complied. Ling Miao caught hold of Su Yuyang’s head and presented his lips.


“Fuck, what’s all this?”

“The Great Shu’s boyfriend has appeared?”



Su Yuyang paused the video again and grimaced. “Xiao Miao, you suddenly kissed me. If my heart weren’t strong, I’d have fainted.”

“If you faint, I won’t take care of you,” Feng Ji said wryly.

Su Yuyang looked up to see his good friend standing in the doorway. Then he looked back down to check the time. It was lunchtime.

Su Yuyang hadn’t left the ward in the past few days. His meals were all brought by Feng Ji and An Yan. Now Feng Ji held the food out near Su Yuyang’s hand. Su Yuyang took it and placed it on the cabinet to one side. Seeing this, Feng Ji sighed.

“Where’s An Yan?” Su Yuyang looked around and didn’t see Feng Ji’s shadow.

At the mention of An Yan, Feng Ji wilted like an eggplant in frost. He gave a long sigh and complained: “Future mother-in-law is sick. Xiao An got a call and went home. It’ll probably be a week before I see him. Ah, my tragic life.”

“Shut up.” Su Yuyang rolled his eyes at Feng Ji. “At least your Xiao An is still alive and kicking, unlike…” Su Yuyang’s eyes darkened. He looked at Ling Miao and said slowly, “Unlike Ling Miao, who just lies there.”

Feng Ji patted Su Yuyang’s shoulder in encouragement. “Everything will get better. What did the doctor say?”

Su Yuyang shook his head. “The same thing again.”

“What exactly was the shock Ling Miao received?” Feng Ji asked in confusion.

Fire suddenly flared in Su Yuyang’s gray eyes. He tamped down on his anger and grit out, “Remember what Tang Xuan said before he killed himself? I suspect Xiao Miao’s unconsciousness has something to do with what he said.”

Feng Ji said angrily, “Fuck it. That bastard Tang Xuan. It’s fine that he’s dead, but even when dead he doesn’t let us live in peace. Don’t tell me he killed himself at Xiao Miao’s provocation.”

“What he and Xiao Miao said to each other, only they know. Only two people know the truth, and one’s dead and one’s unconscious.”

“Ling Miao!” Feng Ji suddenly yelled angrily at Ling Miao. “That bastard Tang Xuan kidnapped you and you fall unconscious because of something he said. Do you know how worried Su Yuyang is? He forgets to eat and drink because of you. He keeps watching the video you made before you fell unconscious and talking at you. If you really love him, then wake the fuck up!”

“That’s enough!” Su Yuyang called lightly to stop Feng Ji. Feng Ji said, out of breath, “Even if you can’t bear to scold him, I can. I’ll scold him awake.”

Su Yuyang turned to see his good friend red-faced. He said gratefully, “Thank you, Feng Ji.”

“If you really want to thank me, let me take a year’s vacation. I want to travel around the world with An Yan.” Feng Ji didn’t stand on ceremony and directly stated what he really wanted.

Su Yuyang smiled. “You’re the boss. Why are you asking me for leave? Also, did An Yan agree to be with you?”

It hurt.

Su Yuyang had given Feng Ji an arrow to the knee. Feng Ji was grateful he wasn’t standing, or he would have had a fine fall.

“I haven’t confessed to Xiao An,” Feng Ji said in frustration. “I don’t know what Xiao An feels for me either. Until I know his true feelings for me, I won’t confess. If I confess and he agrees immediately, I’ll be even more worried.”

“Did I cast a shadow of doubt in your heart?” Su Yuyang teased.

Feng Ji nodded and said with a serious expression, “It’s all your fault!”

“Pft—” cough cough! Su Yuyang had been eating. At Feng Ji’s scare, he neatly spat out a mouthful of rice.

“Big Boss, I’m saying it now—I’m taking a year’s vacation!” Feng Ji hummed.

Su Yuyang sighed. “Get An Yan to agree to be your boyfriend, then we’ll talk. As for a year-long vacation, if you’re gone, who’ll watch the shop?”

“You and Ling Miao!”

Hearing Ling Miao’s name, Su Yuyang’s eyes which had slightly brightened now went dark again. Feng Ji’s joy was also quenched by Su Yuyang’s desolation. Feng Ji looked at Su Yuyang’s mostly untouched food and threatened, “If you don’t eat anything and faint, there won’t be anyone to take care of Ling Miao.”

“Threatening me is all you know how to do.” Actually, Feng Ji’s words weren’t threatening in the least, but Su Yuyang started eating again.

Su Yuyang swept the dishes clean, but Feng Ji didn’t take the tableware and leave as he usually did.

Su Yuyang looked at Feng Ji curiously. Feng Ji sighed, “Without An Yan, it’s boring in the shop.”

“But weren’t you fine without An Yan before?” Su Yuyang laughed drily.

“You don’t understand this feeling?” Feng Ji retorted.

Su Yuyang understood Feng Ji’s feelings, of course. When you get used to having someone by your side, and then that person suddenly leaves, you can’t get used to it for some time.

The only thing outside Su Yuyang’s expectations was that Feng Ji’s feelings for An Yan ran so deep.

He and Ling Miao had grown their love over time, but Feng Ji had fallen for An Yan at first sight. An Yan seemed to have a little interest in Feng Ji, but it wasn’t certain. All that could be said was that Feng Ji hadn’t succeeded in getting his husband yet. He needed to keep trying.

“Yuyang, tell me, do you think Xiao An likes me?” Feng Ji said sorrowfully. “If he’s straight, I…”

“This is the real reason you stayed, right?” Su Yuyang arched an eyebrow.

Feng Ji laughed drily, then slyly said, “I’ll have to trouble you with this matter.” Then he picked up the takeout containers and left happily, leaving Su Yuyang grimacing alone.

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Translation notes:
[1] 120: China’s equivalent of 911